World Economic Forum Pushes Internet Shutdowns & Blackouts to stop ‘Cyber-attack with COVID-like characteristics’

CYBER POLYGON - cyber-attack with COVID-like characteristics

The same group that has been breathlessly pushing for the Great Reset, using the COVID crisis to fundamentally undermine Western-values in an attempt to crash the world’s economies and rewrite history, are now attempting to push COVID-style shutdowns for the web to stop a so-called “Cyber-War with COVID-like characteristics”.

These people are absolutely out of their minds and are attempting to wipe out the world as we know it!

Even before the so-called “pandemic” hit, we warned about groups like the World Economic Forum. Once the manufactured crisis hit, The World Economic Forum went into full swing pushing human tracking, vaccine passports and the Great Reset. While the mainstream media would like you to believe it’s all a conspiracy theory, it’s all out there for the world to see – in fact, they are openly promoting the Great Reset and how they can use COVID to get rid of things like property ownership, individual freedoms, and basically make you a system dependent slave.

Hell, even the “Royal Family” is pushing the agenda on social media…

Are they planning an internet killing, COVID style Cyber Attack as Phase 2 of the Great Reset?

On Friday, July 9, 2021 the Cyber Polygon cyber-conference, hosted by the notorious World Economic Forum Centre for Cybersecurity, will look at what they say is a “cyber-attack with COVID-like characteristics”.

Again, these people are bat-shit crazy, but you better start paying attention to the agenda because two years ago if we told you they were going to crash the world with a fairytale pandemic, and that more than half the world would willingly submit to an experimental vaccine, allow their businesses to go bankrupt without a fight, lock themselves indoors for over a year, and wear fabric masks 24/7 you would have said we were nuts!

But here it is right from the horses mouth: they are trying to push the same COVID type shutdowns in cyberspace!

We believe the groundwork is already being laid out. Just like into the lead up to the so-called COVID pandemic, when the Chinese, with help from their allies in the American Media and Big Tech, flooded the world with fake videos of people dying in the streets from the fairytale pandemic, we are now seeing the same thing happen with a series of cyber-attacks that are supposedly taking out entire sectors of our economy.

Remember these stories?

And what is the endgame?

The End game is complete tyranny — an end to people being able to dream and live life in the way they see fit.

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    • not sure if you noticed but they already have “brought it on” and we are sitting here doing nothing except pissing our pants cause of how the big tech and big gov have been rounding up charges to everyone that was at the capitol on Jan 6th, rather then doubling down.

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