Wyoming Passes Doomsday Bill to Start own Government and Military in case the United States Collapses.

wyomingWith many people thinking that America is tittering on the edge of Financial Armageddon,  State representatives in Wyoming are advancing legislation to look into the feasibility of creating their own mini country in case the United States Collapses.  They are trying to figure out what Wyoming would do in the event of a complete economic or political collapse in the United States.

House Bill 85 passed by a voice vote on Friday. The Bill will allow for a state-run government continuity task force. The Task force will be responsible for figuring out how Wyoming would handle this doomsday scenario.  The task force will look into issues such as disruptions in food and energy supplies, an economic collapse, and even a total meltdown of the federal government.

Lawmakers are so serious about this legislation that they are looking into the possibility of everything from Wyoming issuing its own alternative currency, to implementing a military draft. The Task force is even looking into how they could acquire a strike aircraft and an aircraft carrier.

The bill’s sponsor, state Rep. David Miller, R-Riverton, said with the national debt exceeding $15 trillion and protest movements growing around the country the State needs to make sure it’s protected should any unexpected emergency hit the U.S.

The bill has to pass another House Vote and then make its way through the State Senate for approval, but when you start seeing States adopting this type of legislation you know it’s time to start taking this serious!

UPDATE: Doomsday Bill Sabotaged and Killed because of Politics

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  1. I’m from Wyoming and I am going to be running for the US Senate.
    Google “Thomas Bleming US Senate 2012,”
    “Thomas Bleming.”
    I am on You Tube and Facebook.

    • Then why are you not out here in Wyoming asking that our 2 US Senators be arrested for Hight Treason against us the Citizens of Wyoming . If these 2 skunks do not pay for their Crime against us all here Wyoming . Then we are just saying go a head , walk away , yous are not guilty of making the up and coming civil war that is about to be fall our nation . They are GUILTY OF HIGH TREASON ., Which IS PUNISHABLE BY DEATH IN THE MILITARY ., And by the ELECTRIC CHAIR for Civilians .

  2. we wouldn’t be in this predictament if we never gave money to all the nations that we did. hillary clinton gave millions to restore a pyramid. what a joke. why do we have to be the ones to bail out all the trolls who are broke.

  3. It’s kinda funny that their was no media coverage (or articles) of this major event.(not even the wyoming tribune!)You guys seem very convincing(Hell,I sent it out to my entire Mailbox)I guess,I wont be referring to your “news” section anymore.(unless,I need a good laugh!!!!!)

  4. Opine
    Tenn has similar legislation working thru committees.
    Local small villages already have Town Council Meetings on this and other similar subjects.
    The word is out, and the US Electorate is responding.
    Semper FI

  5. Wyoming acquiring an aircraft carrier … Is this story from the Onion? lol – Although “WSS Buffalo Bill” does sound pretty cool! Launch it in Lake Alice so I can fish for trout from the side.

  6. I for one will support our Wyoming Legislators on anything they do for us citizens of Wyoming . After all when they gave everyone here Wyoming the ( RIGHT ) to pack a weapon with out a gun permit back in July of 2011., The our legislators ( SAW THE HAND WRITING ON THE WALL , ) It sure is nice to know we have legislators who care about us here in Wyoming ., Which I may does not go for the rest of our fellow Americans nation wide . It appears to me that those states do not give a damn about their citizens . I would like to also point out that our two Wyoming Senators ( VOTED a long with 84 other Senators to throw out our American Constitution and our bill of Rights – CIVIL RIGHTS ., Their making ( ALL OF US AMERICANS ) Enemies of the state . But here is the best part that everyone fails to ( SEE ). The Declaration Of Independence ( THE ARTICALS OF LAW ) which protects every Federal Agent, was also TRASHED by these TREASONOUS TRAITORS THAT WE THE PEOPLE ELECTED TO OFFICE . I would hope to SEE our Wyoming Legislators issue arrest warrants for ( HIGHT TREASON AGAINST US CITIZENS OF WYOMING . IF LET THESE 2 US SENATORS FROM OUR STATE GET AWAY WITH THIS CRIME AGAINST US ALL ? We should not even think about how long we all got to live., As their a LOOMING CIVIL WAR in our country because of the these 2 US Senators DID TO EVERYONE IN AMERICA .


  7. British Columbia, Washington, Oregon,Idaho,Wyoming and Montana are discussing options to consolidate their resources to form a new nation in the event of a US collapse, this group of Governors started plannibg this in 2005. Good for wyoming for having the Balls to start the Ball rolling, I believe Oregon will pass the same type of bill, if Obomber retains his throne!

    Cascadia is the proposed name for a bioregional political entity located within the Cascadian bioregion of the Pacific Northwest of North America. Proposed boundaries differ, with some drawn along existing political state and provincial lines, and others drawn along larger ecological, cultural and economic boundaries.
    The nation would be created by secession of British Columbia from Canada, along with Oregon, Washington and portions of other states from the United States. At its maximum extent Cascadia would extend from the coastal Alaskan Panhandle to the north, extending into Northern California in the south, and inland to include parts of the Yukon, Idaho, Wyoming and Western Montana.
    As measured only by the combination of present B.C., Washington and Oregon statistics, Cascadia would be home to more than 20 million people,[citation needed] and an economy generating more than $750 billion worth of goods and services annually. Its largest city, Seattle, itself has an economy slightly smaller than Thailand, but larger than Colombia and Venezuela.[2] By land area Cascadia would be the 20th largest nation in the world, with a land area of 1,384,588 km² (534,572 sq mi), placing it right behind Mongolia.

    This movement is growing because of our out of control government on the East Coast, who does not care how they screw up everything we have accomplished in the Northwest States!

  8. I also support Wyoming (from Ohio)…seems crazy till it happens…shoe bomber, underware bomber,Troops being shot by their allies in Afghanistan. SHTF should be on all of our minds and how to survive as well as unite!!!

    • At least they are thinking ahead of the rest of the country. Not going to seem so stupid when the country collapses and China or Russia comes for our Carriers.

    • Every single one of you people asking “where is Wyoming going to put an aircraft carrier” I have a question. Does it honestly hurt being that stupid???

  9. How much of the U.S. Constitution is still intact? It is all but publicly burned. At best, it is simply ignored.

    There are some in government who still see the Constitution as being merely an inconvenience, rather than to be actively trampled.

    But the Constitution isn’t the problem. The Constitution is just fine. The problem is owned by the people that have been elected into power, them that have been appointed by those elected, and those who have the most to gain by more centralization of power in DC or the Federal

    It’s somewhat like the war profiteers of WWI and WWII, but goes far deeper. Whatever gives them a profit or protects their power is defended at our expense.

    To them, it is “liberty be damned”. And they persuade many of us to accept it.

  10. WOW!!! REALLY?? And the U.S. Government considers preppers a possible threat because we have more than 7 days of food, ammunition in a waterproof container, etc. etc. Well what would they consider Wyoming then? Way to go Wyoming.

      • it’s called “big stick diplomacy”…… in a post SHTF situation when the federal government collapses and leaves us to fend for ourselves. A carrier makes for a mighty mighty big stick!!!! We’d be able to secure trade with other countries for ourselves and our domestic allies with navigable portage.

        If and when this goes down. I’d be proud to volunteer to serve. Spent 10 years of my life on a carrier. I’d have no qualms about service to a government that was actually actively giving a rats ass about it’s people!!!!!!

  11. somehow it would be difficult if the USA closed its borders with Wyoming and place high tariffs on both exports and imports with this proposed “nation”. And, what would be the exchange rate with the US Dollar to the Wyoming currency? Is the Jack-Alope going to be Wyoming’s National Mascot? Are there going to be border controls at the frontier… Interstate 80 can be International 80. I want Wyoming to separate from the Union … let’s see how well a landlocked country could operate … I can see Lesotho offering diplomatic recognition on the day of Wyoming Independence.

    • Dose 2+2=11 in your world??

      None of this is about separating from the union. It’s about what we are going to do when the union falls on it’s face and effectively disappears. Are you suggesting we just stuff our heads up our arses and hope it doesn’t happen??

  12. Don’t delude yourself into thinking the CIS’s hands are clean in regarded to the deteriorating world situation there “comrade”……

    As much as the world claims to hate the US it’s a wonder that something on the order of 60% of the planet desires to live in this country. At least until the current regime set about shredding the Constitution in order to forcibly subjugate us into living in their reformed socialist “utopia”…..

    • Personally my position is to be in a situation where I can care/protect/provide for myself, my family, my community and then everybody else as time and resources dictate. In that order. And by “community” I mean people willing to work and do the same as I am doing for them. I am not big on charity. I have compassion and a willingness to help those who CAN’T help themselves. But I have no remorse, pity or time for those who WON’T help themselves.

      • Continuing to provide for those who refuse to provide for themselves is pointless, detrimental and a waist of time. All it does is breed a population of self entitled lazy lay abouts…… just look at the US…. I mean Obama basically got elected because he promised those people he’d not only provide for them but give them more. And he said it in such a way that he tickled the fancy of politically correct liberal do-gooder hypocrites. Who all get whipped into a frenzy over eradicating social woe’s so long as it really isn’t going to affect them personally….. But when it comes down to those very same people would scream bloody murder if you informed them they are going to have their electricity cut of for 6 hours a day because Mein Furer Obama wants to give free electricity to his wellfare state so they keep voting for him….. That is until his anti-American party abolishes the vote right under our complacent noses because they know how we should live properly.

  13. It seems to me that the Powers that Be have done thier job quite effectively. They have us fighting amongst ourselves while they effectively steal the country out from under us. And yes, I do mean BOTH “sides”. We have been lied into wars, lied into fears and lied into taking “sides” when in Truth,,, BOTH parties are responsible: two diseased wings of the same SICK bird. These talking points here prove my case. Everyone is so quick to blame the “hippies” or blame the “rednecks” or blame the “lefties” or the “neotards”…. yep…divide and conquor folks. See how well it works? We had better learn to leave our PERSONAL agendas aside and come TOGETHER as communities. Everyone has something to offer, but as long as we continue to divide ourselves we are doing the work FOR the bastards that want us to fail. WAKE UP!

  14. With everything going on in the world around us, not just in Wyoming,I am in shock over most of these comments. What happened to respecting everyone’s opinions? Since when as Americans Citizens(who are being stripped by BOTH sides of the govt)did it become ok to tear each other down? Sad indeed. I know everyone has a different view, but come on, the name calling, state slamming and down right vicious attack on each other is not helpful! Why do we turn on each other, when that is all we have left? That is what makes this country great, the different people, views and ideas! Don’t let them(govt) succeed in doing one of their many objectives here, by turning the entire country against one another! THEY have taken enough away from us! Be kind to one another, respect each others views,get to know and help your neighbor! Again, WE the people are all we have left, fight for that, not with each other. Sorry for butting in, but I felt I needed to. Thank you for reading my post.

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