Wyoming’s Firearms Protection Act: Wyoming Proposes Jail time for Feds who Enforce Gun Laws

wyomingWyoming legislators are telling the Federal Government that their Unconstitutional Actions will not be tolerated in the State of Wyoming. In response to the coming Federal Gun Control Proposals, Wyoming Legislators are proposing the Wyoming Firearms Protection Act (HB0104)

The Legislation, sponsored by Rep. Kendell Kroeker, attempts to nullify all federal laws made after Jan. 1, 2013 and states that they will be unenforceable within the borders of Wyoming. If the bill passes, it will allow Wyoming Law Enforcement to criminally charge any federal agent who attempts to take away a Wyoming resident’s 2nd amendment rights.

The Proposed Legislation states:

No public servant as defined in W.S. 6-5-101, or dealer selling any firearm in this state shall enforce or attempt to enforce any act, law, statute, rule or regulation of the United States government relating to a personal firearm, firearm accessory or ammunition that is owned or manufactured commercially or privately in Wyoming and that remains exclusively within the borders of Wyoming.

It then goes on to say that any Federal Agent who attempts to go after a Wyoming Citizen’s 2nd Amendment right, will be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction, will be subject to imprisonment for at least one year. The proposal tells the federal government that Wyoming will not allow them to Ban or restrict ownership of a semiautomatic firearm, and they will not comply with any attempt to register any state residents under a federal firearm registry.

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  1. AMEN for those that have the gumption to do so.I hope all states adopt Wyomings beliefs and enforce it.. However, my system carries a stricter sentence than jail time. I will enforce mine just the same and those that try to take my guns,whether it be by force or legistlated law will pay a severe price for their arrogance!

    • We desperately need more leaders like those in Wyoming to take a stand. The United States of America and freedom as we know it is at risk. If we don’t take a stand, we are going to lose everything our forefathers fought so hard to create for us.

    • Bigred you are so correct every state should do this before the white house passes anything. Every person that reads this should be calling their Reps and telling them to pass such a bill or face us on re-election day.

    • Amen, the government needs to leave us and our guns alone and I agree all state need to make sure they adopt this same legislation. Go after these mentally unstable people and get them the help they need before they lose it and start killing. Honestly it is the governments fault all this is happening, they are greedy beyond belief and take, take, take everything they can possibly get out of us and it is sending them off the deep end and this is the result, MASS MURDERS AND SUICIDE ALL IN ONE BIG UGLY PACKAGE. IT NEEDS TO STOP NOW.

  2. Thank you Wyoming, surely other states will follow if someone takes a lead. I cetainly hope Georgia is one who will. The more controlling our government becomes the more I sense firearms are a neccesity.

  3. I love it, thank god there are still Americans that have some balls! The government is trying to rule us not represent us. If my father wasn’t in poor health right now I’d sell both my homes and move to Wyoming in a flat second, build me a cabin back in the woods and live free!

  4. It’s about time that the People and elected officials of a State are putting their foot down and stating, unequivocally, that they will not tolerate violations of their 2nd Amendment rights. I hope more states follow Wyoming’s example and send Washington a clear message that the People will NOT allow ANYONE to strip them of their Constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights.

  5. I hope there are many more states that have the gumption to stand up to this tyrant. No one believed before the election what his intents were. Only now are some beginning to see the light. Thank you Wyoming. I hope other states follow your lead.

  6. way to go Wyoming keep up the good work. i wish more stats had more balls and stand up for your rigths. the place wecall home has lost trust in us and it’s up to us to gain it back. i always said it’s not guns that kill ppl it’s buttets and nuts that kill ppl.

  7. Love my WY brothers! Being originally from MT I moved to Minneapolis so my kids would have more educational opportunity. I feel so persecuted for my “Western” beliefs! I recently got laid off and returned to school needing post grad certification taking 1 year to complete. This will allow me to make a good living in any small town. Then I’m gone!!! WY, ID or MT

  8. This entire problem is caused by the ignorant, brain washed, fools who gave the tyranical boob four more years. Now we all get the shaft. Thank you fools………..

  9. I commend their actions, however if they go thru with it I am afraid all the government will do is have BATF revoke all firearm dealers license in Wyoming. This will in effect prevent them from buying any new firearms from outside the state of Wyoming. No distributor will risk losing their license to send firearms to a non-licensed dealer.

    • Do you remember Prohibition? Perhaps not. I don’t either, but there is a ton of information showing it didn’t work. So, prohibit guns? Don’t make me laugh.

    • the arms dealers will not need outside manufactures. thell just start making the guns in state. ive made an ar-15. took me three days and that was my first one. not hard at all. with a cnc i could whip out 30 a day

  10. While I support this new law and hope the legislature will pass it. It will however, be largely symbolic. The US Supreme court has expanded commerce clause of the US Constitution far beyond its original intent (IMHO) and the statute if passed would surely be overturned as in contradiction of that provision. Weapons exclusively manufactured, sold and possessed in Wyoming may be might pass muster but I suspect there are precious few that would qualify especially when you consider that even guns assembled in Wyoming would probably have many parts actually manufactured elsewhere.

    Furthermore the supremacy clause does not allow state law to directly conflict with federal law. The Federal law is the “Supreme Law of the Land” and state law such as the one proposed by Wyoming would also run afoul of that principle.

    Sorry to rain on your parade but it is important to understand how thoroughly the US government is entrenched in your everyday lives.

    • Wishful thinking, but all firearm transactions through dealers are regulated by the federal government and state law cannot make federal law less restrictive, nor can they punish federal agents enforcing federal law.

      • Sorry retard any state can do what the hell they want! no one has to obey the federal government or agents! if local law enforcement wants to arrest a federal agent they can! states rights idiot. i see a civil war coming soon

      • Watch what will happen..for your sake, I would keep the lily white where your at..with that attitude..you would not even survive the weather in Wyoming, let alone an all out conflict to protect the rights of Americans..All you who question this..stay where your at, we don’t want your kind.

  11. ” Wyoming’s Firearms Protection Act: Wyoming Proposes Jail time for Feds who Enforce Gun Laws ”


    Provision should be:

    ” Wyoming’s Firearms Protection Act: Wyoming Proposes shoot on sight for Feds who Enforce Gun Laws ”

    Americans, stick to your guns!

    Supreme Court of the United States said so on June 26, 2008:
    District of Columbia, et al. v. Dick Anthony Heller
    No. 07–290

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