66% of New York COVID-19 cases are in people who STAYED HOME! So why are we staying home again?

As the brainwashed democratic minion flood social media yelling at people to stay home and using their perceived power to turn people into Facebook and call the police on their neighbors for having one too many people in their backyard, it seems the stay at home or your gonna kill grandma mantra was just a bunch of bullshit. In fact, it looks like there was never any actual science or data used to back it up.

Today, it was reported that in New York, a city that added almost 4,000 people who were never tested to the so-called death count, a majority of the coronavirus hospitalizations that are being seen are people who were deemed non-essential workers and have been staying at home following orders like good little serfs.

In a study of some 1,000 new patients admitted to New York hospitals over the last week, 66 percent were staying at home. More than 80 percent of the new hospitalizations had not taken any form of public transport since the stay-at-home order began in March and that number rose to 90 percent in New York City. These people are staying home, following the “guidelines” and the ARE STILL BEING INFECTED!

I know this is where a bunch of irrational brainwashed drones are going to attack us, repeating their favorite Fake News mantra because they can’t come up with an original thought of their own, but these numbers are not coming from me. NOPE, they were released during the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo’s press conference.

Stay at Home numbers
They actually released this during the press conference. Notice how they are still pushing the STAY HOME scam on a slide that literally shows it does not have an effect and does not SAVE LIVES.

On top of that, if you are a healthy person you probably have nothing to worry about since the study also found that 96% of the hospitalizations had underlying conditions and 73% were over the age of 51. Almost 20% were coming from nursing homes – you know a place where people are so ill already that they require 24/7 NURSING CARE!

96% of the hospitalizations had underlying conditions!

None of this was ever about stopping a virus!

We have gone from we need to flatten the curve so hospitals are not overwhelmed to hospitals that are so slow they are laying off people and now the new lie is we need to stay at home until we have a vaccine.

The truth here is this was never about a virus. This was about taking control and pushing an agenda. They have used a bunch of panicky millennials and lazy ass people that don’t want to work to help push the lie.

It’s beyond sad how many weak-minded people are willing to hand over their freedom over a virus that still hasn’t hit 2017-2018 flu levels.

They don’t care that frontline doctors are saying this virus is NOT as bad as we’ve been told, and that hospitals are laying-off healthcare workers left and right. They have pushed this propaganda so hard that 40% of the country now says they may not leave their houses even if the so-called pandemic ends! Hey who needs to go back to work when you can make more money sitting on your ass collectin COVID funds and unemployment than you would make actuall haveing to work?

Hey, who needs to go back to work when you can make more money sitting on your ass collecting COVID funds and unemployment. These people are actually making more money sitting at home than they would make actually having to work.

They have declared War on Hard Working Americans and American Business Owners

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  1. There are a lot of interesting things on your site but this Anti-Liberal Conspiracy Theorist non sense is moronic and makes you look like a wannabe cult leader that is trying to recruit impressionable disciples.

    Health Workers are being laid off because elective surgeries make up for more than 80% of all hospital profits, despite the fact that ER departments are completely swamped and would require all of those nurses and doctors, Hospital Admins still want to save money amidst a Global Pandemic.

    The people that stayed home and got infected are individuals that were exposed to the Virus before taking the Quarantine Order seriously, New York was experiencing a full fledge outbreak and the parks, public transits and public spaces were still seeing a full force of people and commuters. Shit got out of hand pretty quick especially when everyone is on top of each other.

    If you think that all of this is a Scam and an attempt of mind and freedom control by an alliance between the Democrats and the Lizard People, show us that you are a Man and go camp in a Covid-19 Ward in a Hospital for a day or two, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about, right?!

    • you did see the investigative report where they showed empty freezer trucks and empty ER’s in New York, New York alone right?

      you know, that place that was so hard hit by covid?

      and we is no one suddenly dieing at the usual rates for Cardiovascular disease? car accidents? flu? or other underlying medical conditions?

      why is the actual total death by communicable disease under the projected if this covid is so bad?

      why are YOU so afraid of a virus that you would sacrifice liberty (freedom) for the veil of security ( IE FAKE security)

    • Oh the virus is real. Fauci sent over 3 million to China in order for them to create it. And, yes, it was used to push an agenda. One that the Obama’s failed to realize but tried with all their might to.

  2. ALso, you dumb fucks, everyone that has ever died in human history has had an “existing condition.” If you have diabetes and get hit by a car, you would’ve still been alive if you hadn’t have gotten hit.

    Stop trying to make excuses. Your dumbass president fucked up.

    • IDPH press release, go watch it, i’ll quote the bitch verbatim ” even if there was a CLEAR ALTERNATIVE CAUSE OF DEATH, you would still be labelled as a Covid 19 death.”

      she also says if you where in hospice already dieing of something and given two weeks to live and contracted it on the last day and tested positive, BOOM covid 19 death.

      whereas if you had diabetes and got killed by a car crash your death cert would say automotive accident, if you died in a car crash and had covid, your death certificate would say COVID.

  3. God I hate all the communists in the world. You wonder why they even come here if they don’t like having their echo chambers disrupted. I wonder how many were paid to come to sites like this to spread pro government propaganda? At this point I am done trying to reason with them, to all the communists reading this I’ll see you on the battlefield and let my gun do the talking.

  4. Semper fidelis, Sic Semper Tyrannis

    may my rifle join yours brother, and may our enemies ever be so easily recognized.

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