Zombie America: 70 Million on Mind-Altering Drugs

It’s not the walking dead you have to worry about; it’s the 70 million Americans who are now taking at least one mind altering drug.

American ZombiesWe’ve touched on the subject in the past, but according to an article released today by World News Daily the problem might be even worse than we thought. According to WND, over 70 million Americans are now taking some sort of mind altering drug. The number, which includes both people taking illegal “street drugs” and legal “therapeutic prescription drugs,” highlight the real trouble we are in.

What was once thought of as an inner-city problem, that primarily affected people using illegal street drugs, has morphed into a monster that has received very little attention. The problem is so bad, that there’s a pretty good chance you have encountered at least a dozen people today who were taking some sort of mind altering medication.

When we covered this topic last year, 1 in 5 Americans were taking at least one behavioral pharmaceutical drug on a daily basis – this didn’t take into account the staggering 22 million Americans, nearly 9% of the U.S. population, who use illegal street drugs. With the legalization of marijuana in a number of states, and the push to legalize it on a federal level, the number of people attempting to escape reality is likely to skyrocket even higher in the coming years.

A Nation of Zombies

When writing articles for this site, I look at everything from the perspective of emergency preparedness. When it comes to this issue, I think we are witnessing a ticking time bomb.

What happens to these people during a disaster?

With so many Americans now utterly dependent on these drugs, what happens to these people when they aren’t able to get their medications? In my opinion, our society is just one disaster away from total collapse; when that collapse happens, I think we are going to have a lot to worry about when it comes to people taking these types of drugs.

Besides the fact that many of these medications are incredibly dangerous, and create a variety of side effects — including psychological symptoms like anxiety, agitation, crying spells, irritability and aggressiveness — what happens to an person who suddenly stops taking them is even scarier.


Abruptly stopping common psychotropic medications —particularly antidepressants, SSRIs, benzodiazepines, or atypical antipsychotics—can trigger something known as discontinuation syndrome.

The syndrome can produce a wide array of troubling side effects, including suicidal thoughts, violence and mania.

These drugs are not to be taken lightly. In fact, according to another WND study from 2012, almost 90 percent of school shootings over more than a decade have been linked to a widely prescribed type of antidepressant called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs.

We are literally seeing a sort of Zombie apocalypse play out before our very eyes.

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  1. Very scary stats. It is pretty sickening how many people feel the need to take this crap. And I believe the legalization of Marijuana is only going to make the problem worse.

    I know a bunch of people seem to think it’s harmless but it’s far from harmless. I know so many people including myself who have extreme anxiety from years of smoking that crap. It changes your brain and not for the better. It’s exactly why this country is falling apart. Between that and the prescription meds I truly think they are drugging us into submission.

    • i didn’t even read the article but clearly you smoked too much ganja and buy into the paranoia. try meditating and not abusing a perfectly natural plant substance. there are endless benefits of using psychoactive substances and if you disagree you are wrong. i agree prescribed anti-depressants are horrible and addictive and obviously it is a problem but don’t blame marijuana or legalization for that matter, as it will benefit the economy in a number of ways as well as allow competition for prescription meds.

      • Legalization of marijuana is not going to help the economy, you do not have any idea of the debt the country has! Please Google U. S. debt clock and sit there for just ten minutes and see how much ten minutes adds to the debt.

        There is no way marijuana will help, it just may add more to the debt with future health problems.

        • Explain to me how it will add more debt? Or documented health problems as a result of use? Smoking does produce carcinogens but there are multiple ways to use it without smoking. It is an untapped billion dollar a year industry, renewable resource and actually have proven(fda) health benefits. Do some research! You really sound like a sheep.

          • P.S. you will need people to run that industry which
            will create countless jobs. Wont help the economy? Moronic thought process! The main reason it is illegal now is not due to health related issues (cigarettes alchol perfectly legal) but legislation facilitatec from big corporationsin order to reduce competition so they could expand profits. I guess you think competition is bad for the economy too….really – wake up….it is a friggin plant!

          • The only reason pot is not legal is because it does not take any major process to grow and cure,cigaretts,booze,and legal drugs all require lots of time and equipment. Anyone can grow pot in their back yard and the Gov. can,t control or tax it.

      • one way that it does not benefit the economy is in the utilization of natural resources. The drain on the water supply and energy to grow it is significant and from my perspective i want to be able to buy water at a reasonable price since I need water to actually survive rather than smoke or eat something to help me forget.

  2. Good article! Drugs are not the only problem we have to contend with, it’s technology as a whole. Everywhere you look you see adults and children constantly fidgeting with their I-phones, tablets, smartphones and other like devices.People are loosing skills, that 50 years ago, we once took for granted. Kids and some adults cannot even sign their name, use an actual dictionary, much less spell and form legible sentences, etc…
    When the grid collapses, it will be a terrible sight to see.

    • Amen…preach on brother so the pulpit may see the light in the dark. I could not have said that much better myself.

  3. I work at a doctor’s office, and daily call out refills for controlled substances such as sleep meds, ADHD meds, and pain meds (hydrocodone and stronger). People get pretty mean if you don’t get these refilled RIGHT AWAY for them; it will not be pretty if these drugs become unavailable.

    • I agree to a point. There are alot of abusers out there and they make those of us who need them look bad. I have severe medical problems that cause unbelivable pain and yes, I can hardly move without something to help the pain and would probably be pretty grumpy without it. But, I feel for you dealing with even those of us whose problems merit these drugs as I’m sure after a while it would be at the least frustrating. just please try to be patient with especially us older damaged ppl. :)

  4. I have to agree with rich. Marijuana will not only benefit the economy but it is a natural plant. Which means it grows in the dirt. I dont think a collapse is going tohave a major impact on dirt(just saying) also a natural substitute for some of these drugs that wowon’t be available in such a collapse. Do a little research so you don’t sound ignorant. Sounds more like blame for personal failures is trying to be placed other than where it belongs, which is the true root to our problems in this country as a whole. I can personally attest that I used(not abused) marijuana for several years, graduated college with a degree and have sustained a very good career. If its not available there are no severe side effects or thoughts of robbing somone to get more. When you talk about man made synthesized science lab products then I couldnt agree more with your argument, but demonizing a plant is just stupid. A little food for thought before I end my rant..have you ever encountered an alcoholic trying to come off the sauce or dealt with an individual who is drunk? If you want to attack something truly dangerous you may want to get your facts in order first so you can give strength to your argument and cast blame in the appropriate direction.

    • Before white men set food on this continent, the Indian people used plants like marijuana, poppy, and other plants for medicines. The Europeans, Russians, and Oriental people used Opium and many other plants for medicines and pleasure. Before you start talking about drugs bringing down societies then do some homework on the Oriental nations where bi-sexuality is not back door taboo( not meant as a pun but funny lol), prostitution is overlooked, and recreational use drugs are controlled and not condoned. Amsterdam is much the same way with drugs controlled and not seen as taboo.

  5. I have to take psych meds for bipolar disorder. Trust me, I tried for years to live without them. I finally found a great doctor which is hard to find in psychiatry. He straightend me out with them. I was suicidal on a daily basis. Extreme depression, anxiety and major mania. It took years to find the right meds. I too am scared to death to not be able to get my meds. I am no danger to anyone but myself. I tell ya, getting off of one is like a severe flu. Sweating, shaking, crying, and my brain felt like it was bouncing around in my head. The headaches were so severe, I couldn’t get out of bed!

  6. from December 1975 thru 2 years ago I have had over 35 serious surgeries, 3 heart attacks, stroke, lost lung, rebuilt both feet, knocked out a eye & it’s back in me. high chloresterole, blood thinners, etc meds…
    2 years ago (January 2012) I stopped all meds (COLD TURKEY) they were killing me…I feel fine now, take absolutely nothing, no meds of any kind in my house,cars etc;
    NO CRUTCH meds for me—mind over pain..
    I walk every day, some pain –so what.
    I am completely drug free & hope to stay that way till Death,

  7. Amen brother…My belief is prescription drugs are designer drugs as well. I think they are designed to have side affects to make people keep taking them or another drug to conquer that side effect and that drug gives the person another side effect and so on and so on and so on…mo money mo money mo money. I take Prozac ok not a serious drug but when I don’t take it I get very easily angered and upset but if I were to smoke a joint I become calm once again. Most paranoia with drugs stems from knowing that it is condoned and can cause a person to be locked in a box because a government can not figure out how to justify legality. Also I don’t hear people blowing up about all the chemicals they dump in their bodies from the plants and animals that we eat that are harmful to us. Nobody wants to say that what they have been teaching the next generation is actually wrong now.

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