Military & Law Enforcement to Train for Zombie Apocalypse

Last week, we posted an article about how the Department of Homeland Security was using tax payer dollars to dress up as zombies and run mock scenarios of the Zombie Apocalypse. Now we learn, from the Military Times, our military will be running mock drills  in “preparation” for the Zombie Apocalypse.

zombie pandemic

You really can’t make this stuff up!

zombieIt seems the Zombie Craze, that took over the gun industry, has now found its way into our country’s military training drills. In partnership with the HALO Corp., over 1,000 military personnel, law enforcement officials, medical workers, and state and federal government employees will be taking part in a five-day mock zombie apocalypse drill. The zombie drills are all part of the Halo Corp’s annual Counter-Terrorism Summit in San Diego.

HALO Corp. is a security firm that trains the military and federal agencies in counterterrorism, security protection, emergency response, disaster management and now the Zombie Apocalypse. The firm employs former military special operations members as well as former intelligence officers and national security experts.

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  1. People prep all the time for the “Zombie Apocalypse” and other catastrophes and they hate to be ragged on for it. Yet, these same preppers (many of whom are Facebook fans of OffGridSurvival) are ragging on the government for preparedness?

    • Its one thing if individual people want to spend there money on it. But the government wasting money that everyone pitched in for on stuff thats not essential is a completely other story. Im sure most of the tax payers would want their money spent on other things..

      • i guess thats how they’ll convince ‘them’ to kill ‘us’, jus say we’re not real, we’re not human, we’ve been ‘contaminated’, thats so fuktup!!

  2. I think this is a good Idea. This shows the fun side of Law Enforcement Officials. Much of what we hear about LEO’s is negative we rarely hear about the good they do or how nice they really are or can be. This shows that there People too not just controlling Dicks. I would have like to see them ask for assistant like from the Zombie squad volunteers. But I’m sure the officers will have fun dressing up like zombies and I’m sure the Community will enjoy watching it too.

  3. Well, come on. They don’t just ‘do’ things like this. There has to be a reason. I don’t really believe the possibility of a ‘zombie outbreak’. But maybe it IS just a way to have fun and potentially make money at the same time. I think the Z.A. is used for this often. And it should be. If the gov wants to tell people to prep for Z.A. and they ended up having what they needed for an ACTUAL emergency. Good deal. Its not all a bad thing.

  4. Zombies is what we called survivors of a nuke strike, with horrible injuries, and enough radiation dosage to guarantee that they would die no matter how much medical treatment they received. Triage required they be shunted aside with no treatment, food or water. No scarce resources were to be expended on them, not even a bullet to take them out of their misery. Seems nothing has changed in the past twenty years, except public awareness of the horrors of nuke war.

  5. ZOMBIES……ok…….the walking past dead….look people the only way I can see this is simple….the govt. is training for crowd control they know the system is near failure they know the economy is fixing to open your brain…..THINK….what happens next…hordes of hungry people…when the infrastructure stops….the food trucks stop the food stops being delivered…the masses will heard ..yes heard together and search for what ever they can find to eat…when this dumb fxxks can’t find a big mac..they are going to do just as the Donner party did THINK ABOUT IT…..there’s your so called zombies……..this rich fxxks that run this country aren’t as stupid as you believe …they know what man is capable of….get ready it coming

  6. This is just a way to get the younger generation interested in preparing for disasters of any kind. It makes it fun. It could have been a stuffy video of a government official explaining the need to be prepared, either way would have cost money. Not always a hater of the government. They are required to protect and inform the citizens. Should be the number one goal. So why come down on this very tiny little thing? By the way this has been out for a while on the CDC website:/ Thought the kids were joking:)

  7. Practicing how to react under different circumstances is something that most of the “preppers” already do (or should), so they learn what mistakes can and do occur. Why should the government be chastised for practicing a theoretical scenario through role play?

    To RC’s perspective related to ‘fallout’, maybe they are preparing to handle the aftermath of a dirty bomb event. There have been a number of events toward our Embassies globally, but it has been awfully quiet on the home front; almost as if it could be ‘the quiet before the storm.’ Maybe they ‘know something we don’t.’

    As church states “when the infrastructure stops” the sheep will resemble Hollywood portrayals of hordes of zombies quickly (not that I have EVER seen a real zombie ;O) ) and the crowd control tactics learned will be necessary. IMHO, that would be the time to hunker down or already be at your BOL fortifying; you would not want to be huddled into the masses during those conditions.

  8. BOL ???? Means ?
    I am new to this prepping, but not to my gut feelings that I have had for some time with our infrastructure failure. Don’t want to really say any more.. I have questions to what was just witnessed .. living close to military bases.. is there anyone I can trust to ask?

    • I would suggest you follow your gut instinct and go with that. If you are anything like me, whatever the internal feeling is, the instinct can’t be too awful wrong. Even if it is wrong, if you prepare for ‘the worst case scenario’ and that does not happen, then you still come out ahead.

      As for “what was just witnessed…” Not sure what was witnessed. Living close to military bases, most people have no idea what is going on, including the majority of those on the base; they just follow their normal routine and do what they are told. Those that do ‘know something’ most likely will not say anything to anyone anyhow.

      As for asking someone you could trust, that is a whole different situation. Personally I have my own group of people we have all been working together, and if they are not immediately family members (adults) or long time friends, there are very few people I would trust discussing logistics. The expression “Lose lips sink ships” aka OPSEC is very important. The less other people know what your preparations are the better it is for you.

  9. I think it’s very valuable training for the military that they probably wouldn’t ordinarily get. They are constantly trained to help victims of a pandemic, however caused, but what happens when it becomes too much and the military is in serious danger of being swamped by the number of casualties and have to adopt a protect what we have left mindsight, one they have never trained for. After all, we don’t negotiate with terrorists, so why allow something terrible like a disease to engulf our nation raher than nip it in the bud straight off. I for one think its worth training our military for every evntuality, yes, even using popular culture referneces when there has never been an actual event. If we had been prepared for every eventuality perhaps the terrible events of 9/11 may never have happened.

  10. while the banner “zombie apocalypse” is entertaining for some, the fact that so many alphabet agencies will participate is another issue altogether… then consider the mercs that are providing the training… this is not a light-hearted, “ozzie & harriet” moment, kiddies, and if that’s what you’re thinking then you might as well line up at the camp gate now and save yourself the embarrassment of being taken away in plastic cuffs

  11. Actually, they’re training in case of a massive crash to the American way. If the crap hits the fan they need to be trained to gun down starving civilians who will do anything for food.

    How else do you train for masses of weak, desperate people charging you?

  12. It is here in Maitland Shores 32751, almost the entire complex is participating. They are rooting people, I dont know how, but it is absolutely out of control. They are reading your relaxed thoughts and forcing unwanted images in your mind. These are so sad, its people from other countries doing it to people that are trying to tell on them.

  13. Deaths are out of control, people are getting into fights, and they think this shit is fun or funny. That guy that ate somebody like a human carnivore, had it too. I seen people taking they close off, and tripping, its crazy sad. They are following people around messing with them. Where in the fuck is the military and why arent they doing shit. They need to go door to door, and make people stay in the house. All they got to do is ride by your house and you can et it that quick. I am witnessing this mess with my own eyes. They are tapping into your third eye, but is controlling it somehow. Its not human. Its a zombie like feeling, and then you see dead people, people getting killed, its weird.

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