Zombification of America: Adults Playing Pokemon Wander into Traffic, Getting Robbed, Accidents, and Trespassing

Yesterday I wrote about the growing problem of synthetic drugs and how people throughout the country are turning to these designer drugs in an attempt to escape reality. Well, just when you think you’ve seen it all comes the attack of the grown American male wandering the streets of America, playing Pokémon Go.

When I first started seeing reports come in, I thought it had to be media hype to help sell the new idiotic smartphone app. But last night, I saw firsthand how far this country has fallen into the realm of idiocy.

In a matter of about an hour, I witnessed 50 grown men – not kids, GROWN MEN – wandering around the park that I was fishing at. None of them were actually watching where they were going, looking to see what was around them, or even noticed the fishing pole they almost got smacked with as they walked right into me. No, they were literally squealing like little schoolgirls as they found some stupid digital character on their phones.

Pokemon Go is now the biggest mobile game in U.S. history. The game  features an “augmented reality” experience in which players are able to find and catch Pokémon characters in the real world.

In a matter of 48 hours, Pokemon Go has turned millions of Americans into virtual zombies.

What else would you call them? They may not be the Walking Dead, but I’m really not sure how else to describe a bunch of full grown adults wandering the streets of American looking for a child’s cartoon character.

Police Departments across the Country Issue Warnings about Pokemon Go

You really can’t make this stuff up.  Police departments from around the United States have been forced to issue safety alerts after being inundated with emergency calls as a result of the game.

New York driver crashes car into tree while playing Pokémon Go

Guy Drives into Tree playing Pokemon

Hours after area police issued a safety alert, a 28-year-old man drove right into a tree while searching for Pokemon on his smartphone.

Armed Robbers Using App to Lure People into Traps

Pokemon robbers

In Missouri, armed robbers used the game’s “lure model” to attract solo gamers to an isolated location.

Using a geolocation feature that allows players to send high numbers of Pokemon to a real-world location for 30 minutes, police say the robbers lured victims by putting a “beacon” at a location to draw in players.

O’Fallon Missouri Police Department arrested the three adults and one minor who were taken into custody on Sunday.

Trespassing and Breaking into Private Property

On the scarier front, people are so obsessed with this game that they are actually breaking into private property, showing up in people’s backyards, and trespassing in National Cemeteries; all to find a digital character.

Boon Sheridan discovered that he was living in a Pokemon gym when dozens of strangers began to pull up outside his Holyoke, Mass., home starting Saturday.

Accidents Everywhere: Police Issue Highway Alerts

Police throughout the country say they are responding to a large number of Pokemon related accidents. Police departments are using social media to warn drivers; in some areas, they have actually started using highway patrol signs to tell people to stop playing while driving.

Two Men Fall Off Cliff While Playing ‘Pokemon Go’

Two men, who were in their early 20s, fell off a cliff Wednesday in San Diego’s North County while playing “Pokemon Go,” the Encinitas, California Fire Department confirmed.

The two men ignored signs posted in the area that warned the bluffs were unstable and choose to climb over a security fence in order to find a Pokemon character. Both men were rushed to Scripps La Jolla Hospital. The extent of their injuries was  unknown.

Pokemon Go Leads People to Hotel With More than Forty Sex Offenders

In Phoenix, police had to put out an alert to parents after the app sent children to a hotel that 43 registered sex offenders were living at. The hotel, which housed the offenders, was a beacon inside the game.

Phoenix Police advised parents to check state sex offender registries for areas their children will be walking in while playing the game.

Arlington National Cemetery Issues Warning: Stop Disrespecting Troops

Despite warning players that it’s a violation of federal law to play “Pokemon Go” at U.S. Military burial sites, national cemeteries throughout the country are being used as beacons or “designated as PokeStops” inside the game.

Man Breaks into Pflugerville, Texas Police Parking Lot to Find Pokemon

The Pflugerville, Texas police posted a warning on Facebook earlier this week after officers spotted a man playing the game in a section of a police parking lot where the public isn’t allowed.

According to Assistant Police Chief Jim McLean, the player had to pass keep-out signs, and go over a fence or under a gate to reach the area.

“I’m not sure how he got back there, but it was clear what he was doing,” McLean said. “He was playing a Pokemon game with his phone up in the air.”

A NATION OF ZOMBIES: A Real Look at Grown Adults Playing Pokemon

Police offered the following advice to Pokemon Go players:

  • Don’t play the game while driving a car or bicycle.
  • Don’t trespass on private property just to “catch” a Pokemon.
  • Avoid staring down at your phone and be aware of hazards like roadways, drop-offs and waterways.
  • Be cautious of who you share your location with.
  • Don’t travel alone.
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  1. I’m moving to the South Pole! I can’t take this stupidity for another second. Had one of these phychopaths throw a fit yesterday after my boss kicked him out of our office, apparently we are a poke spot.

  2. This is the result of women working:

    When a man supported his wife and children, a woman was in the house and she was able to interact with her children. Now, T.V. Addiction and other additions took some mothers out of their children’s lives. And some mothers allowed their children to watch television while they cleaned and prepared dinner, like a built in babysitter. But many, if not most, mothers would not permit this. The children participated in chores and set the table and helped prepare dinner in anticipation of the return of the King, the breadwinner, the Dad.

    It is time to realize that women staying home, cooking brownies, we’re doing more than meets the eye. They were preparing a citizenry to accept the responsibilities of adulthood.

    It seems to me that what we have today are adults raised without a mother or a father; addicted to an electronic babysitter.

    • B: I have no respect for zombie freaks addicted to smart phone gaming. Many of these idiots are single men who reject marriage because their loser parents were divorced. People who do this are idiots gaming in public, need to be in their homes not on streets. Women need to work today to help with bills unless they have a rich hubby- this ain’t mid 20th century. My mom like many back then, stayed home. This is 2016 and who the H can afford to raise kids now anyway? not me and others I know, younger than me. Plus many divorces force women to work and good for women to have a work history anyway as anything can happen. It takes money and a job just to keep up. Blue collar couple (retired) S.E. Ala.

    • Navy vet: Neither do I, plus I no longer drive at night and run errands early in the day. This phone crap (gaming), like texting has caused many accidents incl fatal. I have really really given up on mankind more after reading this article. Very few lack common sense today at any age. Even retirees act like morons, setting poor examples. Hubby and I are social recluses for many years.

  3. pokemon go for life! Ill catch pokemon til the day i die. You should all be thankful Im catching Snarlax’s before they can find and kill you

  4. You know, it’s a fun game. So I gather anyway– my husband plays. Sometimes.

    This last week or so, I’ve actually seen kids. Outside. Playing. Together. It was… nice. Even if they were chasing virtual characters.

    I wondered how long it would be before reports of people being stupid popped up everywhere. How long it would be before nasty-minded criminal people picked it up and used it for, well, crimes.

    I’m not surprised.

    One has a difficult time imagining that these are unforeseen consequences.

    I’m not a perfect mother. I wouldn’t use terms like “monarch of the cradle” or “jewel in his crown.” God help us, knowiing as I do that I am in fact training tomorrow’s adults. My kids STILL do not own smartphones.

  5. .. I will admit I have it on my phone, and my wife has it on hers.. and I have played… a little.. mostly I hand the wife my phone and as we go somewhere she catches them on both phones, but we do not divert from our original route just to catch Poke’mon…

    however with the three Missouri gangbangers luring people, I will be sure to inform the wife to be leary, and alert, since people can lure you in, as she has gone for a walk to find them.

    it is interesting, and somewhat fun, but the developers really should have gotten OK’s from several properties before making them hotspots or gym locations. and also kept poke’mon OUT of certain areas that are not for public access.

    with all that said, I have seen people out about and walking and even hitting “hotspots” while staring at their phone for these virtual creatures.. not safe.

    of coruse we also know certain “offenders” are around as well as we did a search prior to moving into the neighborhood. our child isnt’ outside without adult escort, and if i’m the escort it’s OC armed escort.

  6. Fellas who of you play Pokemon GO? Incredible game, yesterday i caught rare pokemon Aerodactyl using pokebusterbot !

    No ban so far, still using it. You should too.

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