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I made this site as a resource for people who are interested in survival topics and Off Grid Living. Feel free to look around, and make sure to come back often. We update the site on a daily basis so there is always a new article or piece of information that will interest you .

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Gear Reviews:
Our policy is that we only put up reviews on gear that we use and like. We will not put up a review for gear that we do not use.

I want our readers to know that all the gear reviewed on this site has been field tested and has held up to the standards we feel are necessary for survival gear.

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Hello My name is Rob and I run OffGridSurvival.com

I created this site as a resource for people who are looking for information on survival and Off Grid Living.

Off Grid Survival’s main purpose is to provide you with the knowledge you need to survive in any situation. Knowledge is the key to survival, without it you don’t stand a chance!

About Rob:

  • Avid Hiker & Backpacker with over 20 years of wilderness survival experience.
  • Emergency Communications Specialist & Licensed Ham Radio Operator.
  • Emergency Preparedness Consultant
  • Trained in Martial Arts & Tactical Self Defense.

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