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Economic News: Financial Preparedness Alerts

Red Flags Everywhere: U.S. Economic Collapse and Social Unrest Storm Ahead

October 4, 2023 OFFGRID Survival 7

America stands on the precipice of an economic collapse. Unaffordable homes, surging bond yields, an unprecedented rise in credit card losses, and a surge in bankruptcy filings are all clear indicators of the storm ahead. As if this weren’t enough, our cities are in chaos, with rampant crime, looting, and lawlessness becoming the new normal. Dive deep into the shocking statistics, from the U.S. government’s rampant borrowing to the surge in debt, and understand why now, more than ever, preparation is key. […]

Economic News: Financial Preparedness Alerts

Homeless Encampments Exploding In Size All Over U.S. as Economic Crisis Moves Closer to Collapse

The United States is currently facing a crisis of epic proportions as the economic situation in the country continues to collapse. Since the end of the so-called COVID crisis, cities throughout the country have been taken over by gigantic homeless encampments, a disturbing trend that is indicative of the more significant economic problems facing the country. […]

Economic News: Financial Preparedness Alerts

The U.S. Banking Crisis: Why You Should be Preparing for it to get Worse!

Are you concerned about the state of the U.S. economy? You should be. The current banking crisis is a ticking time bomb that threatens to rock the entire financial system. From soaring inflation to steep interest rates, there are a numerous of warning signs that we can’t afford to ignore. […]