Cooking food on a Wood Burning Stove

Long-Term SHTF Food Storage Planning

February 24, 2012 Robert Richardson 33

While food in a short-term survival situation is rarely a priority, when it comes to planning for a long-term SHTF situation food needs to be high on your list of priorities. There really is no one size fits all food plan, but there are a couple of rules that people often overlook…. […]

Cooking Survival Foods

Survival Food – Feeding your family when the SHTF

November 7, 2011 Robert Richardson 42

A year’s supply of commercial survival food can cost thousands of dollars for a single person. Now add up all the members in your family and most people would be hard pressed to find that kind of money just laying around the house. Find out how you can stock up at a fraction of the cost…. […]

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