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Ham Radio – Emergency Communications

When it comes to Survival Communications, HAM Radio is the way to go. It has a number of advantages over CB, GMRS, FRS, and other radios; and will allow you to listen to, and communicate with people throughout the world. […]

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Trump in Mask

Trump Announces Military to Distribute Vaccines

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I know there are a lot of sheep that will follow idols from both political parties off the cliff, but when government officials, including the President, start talking about the military distributing the vaccine you better wake up to what’s coming! […]

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Prepper FAQs: How To Get Started

Preparedness: Preparing for Emergencies and Disasters

Prepper 101: Your Survival Guide to Getting Started

January 30, 2019 Comments Off on Prepper 101: Your Survival Guide to Getting Started

If you are just getting started, or even if you are a seasoned prepper, we know making your way through all of the information online can sometimes be overwhelming. Even on this site, we have […]

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