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Survival Weatherproof LighterEvery good survival kit need to have a couple different fire starting tools, but one of the best tools to carry is a good old fashion lighter. I recommend having at least two lighters.

While some stubborn survivalists think lighters are for the inexperienced, I think they’re actually very smart. Why would anyone go through the hassle of using matches, flints or other fire starting tools? You’re not trying to look cool here, you’re trying to survive.

In a survival situation, the easiest tools are often the best choice. Lighters are very easy to use, can start thousands of fires, and they’ll work even when wet.

Get the most out of your lighter; Turn it into a Mini EDC Survival Kit:

A Lighter wrapped with Duct Tape and Fishing LineBefore putting any lighter in my kit or pocket, I take a couple of minutes and turn it into a mini survival kit.

  • Wrap your lighter with duct tape. In a pinch you’ll be able to remove the tape and use it for whatever situation may present itself.
  • After Wrapping with tape, I put 2 fishing hooks one side and a bit of cotton and a few sewing needles on the other side.
  • Next, wrap everything with about 50 feet of 20lb fishing line. The line can be used for fishing, repairing gear or making snares and traps.

You now have a mini survival kit that you can carry with you anywhere.

Survival Lighters:


  1. Mike
    June 14, 2012 at 9:51 pm

    The problem with lighters, especially the refillable butane type shown in the post, is that they run out of fuel only to become a ‘disposable’, and some of the ‘good’ ones can run more than $35 – $70… sure, they are cool and it’s a neat novelty item to flip out there and say ‘here you go ma’am’ possibly sparking a newly kindled interest (pun intended).

    I’d rather spend that money on other fire making tools that will last much longer, like an additional firesteel or two, a fire piston, a couple dozen Bics, Fresnel lenses, cordage for bow drill, steel wool and battery…

  2. Mark Jachniewicz
    October 5, 2012 at 5:20 pm

    Being 71 and on blood thinners–I would NOT put muself in a survivalist situation.From the younger days when I mountain hiked–If you are doing things in threes you are doing good–Start with three good well equiped friends-Lighters per person 1 gasoline lighter[you can get gas anyplace]-2 Self striking matches dipped in wax 3-Cheap throw away butane lighters.The best designed lighter is no longer produced but sold on eBay it is the Scripto UV lighter works on LIGHTER fluid.1-Can be operated with one hand and is made into one piece-not two so you can loose parts.2-Uses lighter fluid.3-It is transparent so you can SEE how much fluid you have left.4-Has a place for extra flintstones.-The fluid does not evaporate-you have to press a valve when the lighter is upside down to wet the whick.I would like to see them manufacured again more sturdy with a stainless steel non magnetic top-stronger tighter cap-and a eyelet for a chain or rope.–What a well thoughout piece of engineering.They used to sell for $4.95 40 years back.The best pocket knife has to have an excellent can opener .It is the US army SS knife.You are a predator because you have forward vision therefore you have to eat canned meat-not Granolla bars–as Schwartzenager would say that is for Girly men.

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