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Every good emergency kit should include some type of emergency candles. Candles are the perfect survival tool, and have been used throughout time to do everything from lighting a room to providing extra heat in an emergency.

Why Candles are an important item to have in your kit:

  • They are great for providing you with hours of light, and are more dependable than any flashlight on the market.
  • Candles in a small room or tent can help provide extra heat. They can help you stay warm in a winter emergency.
  • Cooking – Believe it or not, a good candle can actually provide you with enough heat to cook or boil a small amount of water.
  • Lighting Fires –  It’s a lot easier, and safer to use a candle to light your fires than it is to hold a lighter or match.

Emergency Candles:


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  1. Randy Cone says:

    After years of teaching survivial as a Boy Scout leader and going on “survival” camp outs. One little trick I’ve learned is to pack a small box of those “trick” birthday candles. The wick is infused with magnesium. Get it started and you can walk around in a wind storm and it will come right back.

    • pepper says:

      I really like that idea. I make my own dipped matches, and emergency heating canisters. I had never thought of trick b-day candles! Kool, Kool. Thanks

  2. Sherry Beeson says:

    I keep small candles and a metal coffee can in my vehicles in the winter. If I get stranded I will light the candle and put it into the can … the can will warm up and keep the inside of my vehicle warm. I also have a thick hot pad to place the can on so it doesn’t burn my flooring.
    I also have a small grate, just a little larger than the can. I can put snow into a heavy cup (always keep one of these too) and melt the snow to make tea, instant coffee, soup or hot chocolate.
    I keep dried fruit mix in the kit so when I get hungry I will have something substantial to eat that isn’t just wasted calories.
    Just my two cents worth …..

  3. Sam Howard says:

    I have used tea lights in place of the messy UCO candles, in my UCO Candle Lanterns, for 15 years, to heat up my breakfast and make very hot tea! I use a cleaned cat food or tuna tin inverted over the metal candle holders, it fits perfectly. Put 1-3 tea candles on that, light, close the lantern, place a grannyware mug on top, cover, and within an hour I have extremely hot water or a cooked cereal.

    Just now made a grilled cheese sandwich using one tea candle and a grannyware plate on top. Time: 15 minutes. Obviously you can speed things up by using 2 or 3 tea candles.

    • pearl says:

      Hi Sam,
      Like your idea for substituting tea lights for the candles – I want to try that. What size tins do you use to cover the metal candle holders? Our UK sizing may be different.


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