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Teardrop Camper Trailers

Teardrop campers, once popular in the 1920-40’s, have started to become very trendy again. Besides looking cool, they are also a great option for those looking for a lightweight camping trailer. Tear drops are inexpensive, self-contained, easy to tow, and they provide enough room for two people to comfortably sleep inside.

While there are a number of companies that manufacture and sell these teardrop campers, their popularity is largely due to the fact that they are extremely easy to build and customize. In fact, over the last couple of years, there has been a resurgence in the customization of vintage teardrops. People from around the world are buying up old vintage teardrop campers, and restoring them to their original condition.

Although Teardrops are small, most have more than enough room for two people. Most teardrops campers feature:

  • A sleeping area that can hold a queen-size bed
  • A storage area for your gear
  • A sleeping cabin that doubles as a cargo area
  • An outside rear kitchen area with storage and cooking space

Vintage Teardrop Campers

Here are some vintage teardrop trailers from when they were pitched to the public as, “A streamlined home on wheels that’s light and easily towed”

Vintage Teardrop Camper

Trailer for Two Teardrop

old teardrop

Modern Teardrop Trailers

adventure teardrop travel trailer

cozy crusier trailer

T&B trailer

If you’re a fan of these Tear Drop Trailers, and like the minimalist way of living, check out The Tiny Home Movement.

16 Comments on Teardrop Camper Trailers

  1. Now there is an idea I hadn’t thought of…

  2. Todd

    Add some tubing, bigger tires, and you have a nice off-road tear drop :)

    In the past I saw on a site how to make your own tear-drop! That may be a fun rewarding project for some too.

  3. Robert Floyd

    I have one and I pulled it from Texas to Alaska and back with no toubles. It pulls effortlessly and is a very safe place to sleep in bear country. Actually, some of the Canadian camp grounds will not let you stay in a soft wall camper because of the bears. The back “chuck wagon” kitchen is cool also. When it rained, the door was very helpful in keeping the rauin off of me while I cooked. IKt pulled great behind my Jeep and I still got almost 16mpg pulling the camper. It is also a head turner. If you get one, be prepared to show it off because every where I went someone wanted to check it out.

  4. claudia

    Looking for some one to build me a tear drop

  5. Maria Swift

    I want a teardrop. Please email me if anyone knows where there is one for sale. I am in eastern PA. Don’t want to have to drive across the country to get one.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Bobby


  6. slim rudy

    ready to hit the road after i build my dream!

  7. mountainspirit

    would love to have one of these, but i cant tow it using a kia rio… cant tow anything with a kia rio.

    • Off Grid Survival

      Not sure what your tow capacity is on your car but some of these teardrops weigh less than 700lbs. I’ve actually seen cars as small as a VW Bug and a Mini Cooper towing some of the lighter weight teardrops.

    • spookiewon

      My 400CC motorcycle can pull a small teardrop. I KNOW your Kia can.

  8. Matt V

    I like the size efficiency and that an ordinary 4 cyl automatic could probably handle one with some semblance of fuel efficiency. Dorky as hell looking, but think of the cars that used to haul them and it has a cool art deco minimalist or whatever appearance.

    Drawbacks-one might be that it is an attention grabber. mostly though, single axle trailers SUCK to back up with. Vs. this, I’d just take a pickup bed camper. Or a late 70’s decommissioned Meat Wagon turned into off road shaggin’ wagon

    • David Jaycox

      Or learn to drive either one works.

  9. Sarah Robinson

    I’m thinking a big bear had better not see it or it could become his Winter home. LOL It’s really cute.

  10. Esko Woudenberg

    I am thinking of using some of the teardrop concepts to create a “mini-toy hauler.” Basically a 4×8 utility trailer that can double as a camper/mini rv when not transporting quad, bike, etc.?
    So far the main problem with my design is that leaves virtually no room for built in cabinets, etc unless I go wider than 4 foot.

    • Johnny walker

      you could build the cabinets on the back door and make it hinge on the side and put a small pull out ramp on the floor then get a coleman folding table for a counter. You could take it one step further and using 2x8x8 to build your sub frame so you can store extra gear.

  11. Mike Gaines (teardrops and tiny travel trailers) is a great resource for information on history and specifically building teardrop trailers. you can find everything from classic designs to ultra-lightweight ‘foamies’ and links to resources for parts, trim, materials, and plans.

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