Finding the Ultimate Bug Out Property or Survival Retreat

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When it comes to buying a survival retreat or bug out location, location really is the key. Here are some of the top considerations that you need to keep in mind when looking for the ultimate bug out property.

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Bug Out Location Checklist

Distance – If you’re purchasing a piece of property to serve as a bug out location, then you really need to consider how far that property is from your current home. Unless you have a good refueling plan, property that you can’t make it to on a single tank of gas should really be reconsidered.

If you’re looking for a full-time survival retreat, distance isn’t really a problem. In fact, I would think the farther you can get away from the major cities, the better off you’ll be during a major collapse or SHTF situation.

  • How far is the land from your current location, and are you able to safely make it there during a crisis?
  • How far is the land from high density population areas?

Water Sources – A good reliable water source is one of the most important considerations when choosing a bug out retreat. From fresh water springs and rivers to underground well water, the need for a clean and renewable water source is the number one factor to consider when looking for survival properties.

  • What water sources are on the land?
  • Are they renewable and will they be there year round?
  • Is the property graded in a way that allows for a pond or cistern to catch rain water?

Concealment – The ability to conceal your site may become necessary during a SHTF Bug Out situation. Having a place that provides adequate resources to conceal your living quarters might be another factor in choosing your location.

  • How easy would it be for someone to wander on to your land during a bug out situation?
  • Do the natural features of the land help conceal and shelter you, or are they an obstacle to using the land? This will be a difficult balancing act!
  • Can you easily secure and defend the land?

Self-sufficiency  – Picking a location where you can sustain your lifestyle is another important consideration. From having enough sunlight to support a solar system, to picking a location that provides a good amount of firewood to heat your home, the ability to sustain your lifestyle needs to be one of the top concerns on your BOL checklist.

Natural Resource – Another important factor in choosing your property is the area’s natural resources.

  • How easy is it to grow food on your land?
  • Does the area support a decent size population of wild animals for hunting?
  • Can you easily raise livestock on the land?

Cost of Living – Unfortunately, the country is setup in a way that guarantees you never really own your property. From the government seizing homes over zoning issues, to having to pay taxes on a property that you already own free and clear, it seems our government always has its hands in our business.  When considering your location, the cost of living needs to be factored into your plan. Property taxes, cost of local goods and your ability to keep up with your payments are all things that must be considered.

Zoning Issues – As we mentioned above, the government at every level has a way of really screwing with your plans. Make sure you thoroughly investigate local zoning ordinances and find out exactly what you can and can’t build, what permits are needed and how much trouble local zoning officials have been to local residents.

Population Density – During a crisis situation, areas with the highest population densities will experience the most crime, the most social unrest, the highest likelihood for epidemics, and the highest death tolls due to lack of resources and sanitation.  When choosing a bug out location or survival retreat we suggest staying as far away from high density population areas as possible.

Natural Threats – From tornadoes and hurricanes to earthquakes and droughts, natural weather patterns and environmental threats need to thoroughly researched before deciding on a property. Make sure you know exactly what threats you will be facing and how the local climate will affect your ability to grow food, hunt and obtain resources throughout the year.

  • Look at the areas historical data to better get an idea what the location might look like in the future.
  • Take into account things like droughts, flash floods, tornadoes and earthquakes.

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  1. Jon Beatty says:

    Sounds like a perfect description for the mountains of western NC, where I live.

    BTW I also am a Realtor…………..:)


    • Robert says:

      Jon, I too have a nice property in the area. going to list it soon…drop me an email so we can talk…
      17ac, full time creek, secluded, good sun, soil, game. Oak cabin @200k $$ 90 miles from Charlotte

      • Frank says:

        Robert…did you ever list your home? the wife and I may be interested.

        • jeff says:

          have 5.5 acres in Pamlico county nc across from river very secluded and round house elevated with full shop underneath 1500 sq ft well and septic 800 foot gated drive cant be seen from rd

    • Mayda says:

      Hi Jon,

      Please email me your realty website. I will be in western NC in May looking for property.


    • Rick says:

      Sorry, but I have a cabin in that area as we’ll and it’s probably one of the worst places for a bug out location, as it’s basically in to the “Smoky Mountains” region! Why is that region called the “blue ridge or the Smokey mountains”????? Because it’s the perfect environment for trapping harmful gasses, biological, or nuclear fallout, etc. if any city south or west of here is attacked, the fallout will drift to and settle right over your secluded bug out shelter as you breath in that fresh mountain air!

      • Daphne says:

        Rick, I am currently living outside of Spartanburg, SC but have been looking for a piece of property either in northern SC or western NC. I am trying to make sure I understand what you are saying. I understand that nuclear fallout blows to the east and have looked at all the nuclear plants in the area and 50 mile ranges which leaves very little area to consider. I would appreciate any guidance so that I do not make a bad decision. Thanks in advance.

    • david says:

      jon can you reply to me before 8-13-14 I only have this at work and will be in your area by sept. to look for properties. reply to e-mail
      thanks david

    • marvin bradsher says:

      Hi Jon,
      I’m looking for a small piece of land in that part of the state. Good running stream would be nice as far away from people as I can get. looking to go completely off the grid.

    • The Guide says:

      I have 64 acres in Graham county western NC, at the end of a dirt road 4000ft elevation boardering 10,000 acres of remote national forest. This is probably one of the most remote spots east of the mississippi.
      The population density is very low.
      I have been at this for 30 years.

    • Adriana says:

      Can you please email me your email address.
      I may need your services for a property I own.

  2. Ty Moore says:

    Sounds like just what I’m looking for in the NC mountains.

  3. J Campbell says:

    I have 58 acres for sell, great survial place…Ozark mountains, Arkansas~

    • Kim says:

      I am interested in hearing about the property you have for sale in the Ozarks.

      thank you

      • Evan says:

        I have 30 acres for sale in Hot Sprngs Arkansas National Park area. One road up the side of the mountain and maintain by the county. This property has an old building 40 by 240 feet long where they cut whetstones for sharping knives. It has the old pit mine that would make a great shelter for you and alot of your friends (include me). PS. The radiation is coming !

        • Daniten says:

          How much do you want for it?

        • Len says:

          What’s the MLS? Or is it in Craigslist?

          • Jimmy says:

            If you are looking into the Ozarks as a refuge then you may want to consider that it is located very close to the New Madrid Seismic Zone. google it. Admittedly it was my first thought for BOL since I have family ’round ’bout there. However if Yellowstone were to go then New Madrid would most likely follow suit. It all depends on what event will take place.

    • William Terry says:

      Interested in the 58 acres!

    • doug bushong says:

      where is your land located

  4. says:

    gps mappingdevice become a nomad constantly on the move become aquianted with great areas know your land the government cant seize or scruw with u do huntin dont use highways if possible by horseback crosscountry far from people

  5. With respect, people, you should be looking for a bolthole outside your own country. I have written two short posts on my blog with the title “Looking for boltholes”, about my own options, and they don’t include anywhere in the US. It’s really not too, too radical a solution, I think

    • Late but catchin up says:

      When the SHTF, how can anyone be SURE of getting out ? Plane flight, train’s, buses, will all be shut down. Think about driving across the border, I’m sure we’ll be welcomed with open arms, well maybe ar’s, ak’s, or the like !

      • chrissy says:

        Hi there. I’m looking for a survival place with some source of water year round it will be used to live in,looming for something with owner finance as I will. Not deal with the banks. Thank in advace

    • Just Spitballin here says:

      Gordon, I like the idea of fleeing of fleeing to another country if the situation occurs that ours is simply unfit for survival. My only hang-up is that if the crisis is worldwide, all cultures and countries are historically (and even presently) inclined to blame “foreigners” for many of their problems: Roman Palestine, Nazi Germany and the universal immigration issue. So I would conclude that IF you are able to safely escape to a foreign country, it’s imperative that you are able to COMPLETELY blend in

      • timber says:

        going to another country blind don’t seem like a plan. how about a remote summer getaway,under 100mi. away you can develope

  6. rev. dave says:

    Thinking in print here…. It seems that no matter where you are, the more remote you are the better off you’ll be in a crisis. Government is not likely to commit big numbers of men, equipment or dollars to go out in the country where they are easy targets, and where their targets are widely dispersed – especially when the ‘control bang for the bucks’ are in the cities, as well as the biggest need for control.

    Also, think about the notorious guys who successfully hid in mountains – Eric Rudolph is one, hiding in NC for about 8 years. And that Serbian guy – Mladic was it? – he hid in the mountains basically in open sight while merely keeping a low profile.

    Gordon – I think your idea about boltholes is worth considering, and I read your posts. But I think there is a limitation on that idea, as would be true of most ideas. It seems to me that an out of country hideout will only be of real value if you face a crisis in your country that isn’t everywhere – or if you’re in a place like you are where you don’t have options to lay low because you stick out or because of the small size and difficulty of getting away unnoticed.

    In the event of a world wide crisis however (banking crash, oil supply crash, NWO takeover attempt, pandemic) if you are able to have an ‘in country’ remote location prepped, you may be better off. First, because if it’s a world wide problem, it will exist wherever you go. Second, you’re still a ‘local’ even if from far away, as opposed to someone who can’t speak the language or is of an obviously different race or culture – so it should be easier to ‘fit in’ and not be noticed by any authorities.

    Those are my current thoughts. What do you folks think?

    • Mike says:

      I would concur. Fleeing to another country, while it may sound like a good idea to become an ex-patriot, there is no assurance conditions will be any better wherever you migrate to, and unless you have lived there for years you would still be considered an ‘outsider.’

      Additionally, if you were to fly to your foreign location and your timing was off, if the event had resulted in an EMP, you and everyone on your plane would become a statistic.

      I certainly would not want to be deep inside a metropolitan area; the outskirts would at least be better than midtown, giving you a head start before the masses congest the exit routes.

      Hide in plain sight, keeping a low profile, have an appearance of a non-combatant or otherwise not an individual to be considered will most likely be the condition to get by on. Be ready to respond if conditions warrant, but a complacent outward ‘appearance’ may be your saving grace.

    • Mike and Dave: Being an outsider in a Police State might have some advantages, in a worldwide crisis. Outsiders would not be perceived as a threat to the establishment (they virtually never are, in Police States), and a bit of judiciously placed cash might buy favours that it wouldn’t do in one’s own country. I don’t want to come across as a heartless cynic, but we are speaking of a world in which civil conduct is turned upside down.

      Prior exposure to foreign countries and cultures is important, of course. I really do recommend that US residents check some places out before the likely SHTF event.

      • rev. dave says:

        Gordon – more info please. I’ll buy that some cash might buy favors, and coin or jewelry might buy more. I might (maybe) even consider that you’d be less a target of the police state.

        But what makes you think that your outsider status wouldn’t at the same time make you a ready target for the locals to rob, kidnap, or whatever? As you say, civil conduct is turned upside down. It seems to me like breaking even on protection vs. crime is your best bet this way, and you’re out the cash. Staying ‘home’ with a low profile in a remote area is to my thinking equally safe.

        • Dave. The main target of robbers will be preppers with food. In a seriously chaotic world, actual cash money might lose most or all of its value.

          Also,I used to “travel poor” – though more in my youth than later (read the travel-tales on my blog), and even now I exude an aura of ineffectuality rather than of wealth.

          Our son has never lost all his hippy ways, and ten years ago lived for a time in a tree-house with his girlfriend and her baby. Later, he lived on the streets of a major town. Nobody ever thought to kidnap him for his parents’ money. Maybe he and we have just been lucky. We’ll find out soon enough, I guess…!

          Finally, you have to consider my age. At over 70, I don’t have as many years to survive the chaos as you probably do.

          • rev. dave says:

            Thanks Gordon. I don’t have those experiences myself, so I wouldn’t have that view of things. Which means I’ll accept your explanation and try to integrate it into my thinking for the Hegelian synthesis it’ll produce.

            It sounds as though your experience is that a ‘low profile’ helps more than I expected, though I am in agreement about low profile. I suppose one could do prepping quietly, in small increments, and keep it hidden somehow to avoid being a target. And not looking too well fed, clothed or armed is apparently one way to keep it hidden, based on your comments. That doesn’t mean ‘un-‘ any of it, but merely that one be discretely so. Is that a correct understanding, or is your point more that one only needs minimal anything to get by? (I would agree with that too.)

            As for age, I’m 63. But I’m trying to set things up to offer safe haven to the kids and theirs, and also just to be sure I’m not a ‘casualty’ of the event simply because I did nothing to avoid that status. You know, choosing to NOT BE an easy victim of events or people.

          • mortarman11c says:

            There are two ways to travel in the first few days of a SHTF scenario. First is to travel with very little so that you look like a waste of time to mess with. Second, is to get any and all of your prepper friends together and move as a single unit armed to the teeth. If you have a group of 30-50 depending on who makes it like I do that target is too big for most roving bands in the beginning. I would like to move to my BOL with 30 of my closest friends armed well. just a thought

    • Ragnarocker says:

      I am part of the NWO and we don’t want to take over so much as just lol at these comments. Worry about a Mexican invasion, oh wait, it is going on…

      • J.J. says:

        Right now as I write this a wall is being built on our southern border with Mexico. Do you think it is to keep out the Mexicans? Or maybe to keep us in? Get out of the USA my fellow Americans. The USA has been targeted for termination because we are the only country still standing in the way of the NWO. The southern hemisphere looks good to me.

  7. Midknight says:

    Guys, I see some of you guys own good property, but I don’t have the money to be able to rent out or buy the land. What would you guys suggest?

    • Trenton says:

      Find someone who needs help and time invested in their property and make an agreement.

      • Crikeythecowsareout says:

        I second that. People who need the man hours will probably repay the favour in kind. Labour is so expensive and any hours and trade you can offer will be an asset.

    • mortarman11c says:

      Most people with land will need others to make it work. If you can help with the buildup in the beginning and offer skills they dont have that will work for you. You can also offer to help with security during the SHTF. Nobody can make it alone

  8. Grannylou says:

    If someone lives in a rural area on 90+ acres, ponds, woods and fields, 5 to 10 miles from a town of about 300 population. Place is paid for, pretty good start on prep however house frontage on main county road, 30 miles from larger town/city, large family nearby, plenty of hunting, fishing, local gardens, would you guys recommend leaving for an isolated bugout place or just hunkering down?

    • rev. dave says:

      Grannylou, there are a lot of variables to consider, and many are based in your own preferences and confidence. You sound pretty well set for long-term living already, so it’s mostly the crisis situation you’d need to worry about.

      My first thought is whether your 300 pop town is between you and the bigger one, or on the other side of you from the big one – any trouble coming from the bigger one might be mitigated by the smaller town if it’s between you and the big one.

      You can do ‘landscaping’ to make your home more secure. Cattle guards in the driveway for warnings, thorny hedges along the road – set back enough to let them grow big and ‘wild’ and look like there’s nothing behind them. Roses climbing flimsy arbors on your porch, or under your windows – flimsy so no person can climb them. Hawthorn trees, cat briar, thorny locust, etc. are good hedge materials. Look at the european style of building hedgerows too. Check local / state laws – you may be able to unroll some barbed wire in the hedges too. If you have weapons, you can landscape your place to direct any unwanted visitors into areas with no protection for them but good visibility for you to defend yourself.

      Can you afford or do you have some animals? Guinea hens and geese are pretty noisy and territorial. Several small dogs are good alarms too – and harder for intruders to hit, kick or shoot (my mini-dachs rescue dogs are VERY defensive of their homes, eat little, and can bite like a dog 3 times their size – I know because they are rescues and I have the scars to show).

      With 90 acres, you could create a ‘bunker’ home of sorts back where it’s entirely hidden from view, and in the event of a crisis just move there. Make sure your stores are there, not in the main house.

      So there are lots of options, and you’ll have to think of what works for you, in which kinds of situations they will work (not all crises are going to require shooting, not all are going to require heading to the hills, and is some you might be ideally situated to help local folks and make a big profit too), and how much you’re willing to invest now in planning for an uncertain event.

  9. Omegaman says:

    Check out the FEMA nuclear target map posted on the “resources” page of It will make you think harder about where you may want to live…

    • Mr M says:

      From what I know from military friends, it seems much more likely there is going to be a double or triple attack. I’d guess a man-made tsunami similar to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsumani and the more recent 2011 Fukushima event. Both have irrefutable evidence of sabotage. Joe Vialls wrote about the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami before he met an untimely death and could upload Part 2, but recently ex NSA contractor Jim Stone has done a fantastic job with the Fukushima evidence. Seems it was a matter of nuclear sabotage because of a pending uranium deal with Iran for energy purposes. His blog is still up at if youre interested.

      In any case, aside from 1 or more unnatural disasters, it seems there is much training going on for a bio attack. THere’s been a blatant censorship of the many anthrax, swine flu, synthia, & even the plague epidemics that are currently going on throughout the US & Western Europe. I’d keep this in mind as much, if not more so, than a nuclear threat. If there is a nuclear event, I’d imagine it would be an EMP attack from altitude, and/or an “accident” at another reactor.

      • NOLAPREP1 says:

        There’s a reactor in Taft, Louisiana that would effectively close down the mouth of the Mississippi River. There are numerous oil field refineries there also. It would make it impossible to move barges or ships into the Gulf of Mexico. It’s not too far from New Orleans where we flood over a little rain. Not a good place to be.

    • John says:

      …You realize that if even 1/3rd of those targets were ever actually hit it wouldn’t matter where you are? Unless you’re in a bunker 1000s of feet behind solid granite for about 170years. Herp derp. You got water for like 3 months?

  10. Andrea says:

    I live in Central Florida, it’s rural and only takes 5 minutes to find yourself deep in the woods or surrounded by acres upon acres of cow pastures. While I hate the Florida climate, it provides for a never-ending growing season and we have never had the need to heat the house in the winter. Plenty of wildlife, if you don’t mind the occasional gator steak. Some of our surrounding counties are very laid back with their code enforcement. Seems that you can pretty much do whatever you want on your land. Solar panels are the best way to go – it’s called the Sunshine State for a reason. Drilling a well is a piece of pie, you’ll hit water after only a few feet.

    • John says:

      Florida will not exist as the ice caps continue to melt. You can stay there, but you might want to consider making a house boat.

      • J.J. says:

        John, A house boat won’t work because of the Great Earth Changes that are coming. Perhaps a submarine would. Every year we see The Global Super Storms increasing getting larger and larger. Mother Earth is tired of these fleas that keep biting her in the back…soon she will shake these fleas off by rolling over on her axis. Are you prepared for mile high tidal waves?

  11. Schwenkydave says:

    I wonder about the diversity of areas & populations in this country. What will the masses do? What will the government do? Specifically as it pertains to city / urban, suburban, rural and ‘wild’ areas. I worry that every city and suburban dweller is goingto rush to the mountains and I wonder to ehat extent the govenment will try to contain populations in rural and suburban areas. What do you all think?

    • Off Grid Survival says:

      Prepping for a flood of people from the cities is definitely something you have to keep in mind when choosing a location. In my opinion the farther you can get away from a densely populated area, the safer you’ll be. While I think a lot of these people will “head for the hills.” Most of the don’t have the skills or the planning in place to get very far.

      • Echo says:

        my kids and i have been speaking of this lately. i have told the kids that even tho we are at the edge of the smoky mountains here in tn i would feel better about it if we were all in the mid to western states because of population density. the ozarks sound mighty good as an area to move towards. less population, water sources and hunting opportunities.

  12. Schwenky. I think “the masses” will sit tight and rely on handouts from the authorities; think “the proles” in Orwell’s “1984”. Relatively few will head for the hills, where their main enemy will be shot preppers with guns. Those who somehow survive in the countryside and become self-supporting in spite of everything – well, think of how the European settlers in America dealt with the natives with smallpox-infected blankets. Think diseases, deliberately spread.

    The sociopaths in charge of the US (and other countries) have studied history; they know what happened in Cambodia and Soviet Ukraine. They also know what is happening now in Haiti and Palestine. Both urban proles and rural refugees will be sitting ducks for the authorities’ gangs.

    Two recent blog-posts of mine tackle the topic of bolt-holes. The posts offer only the most general and superficial of comments – far, far, inferior to stuff in this Offgrid site – but they might not be a bad place to start.

  13. evone says:

    I live in northern az and we have no way of digging in so to speak as we are on a mountain. If you can dig 3 ft it would be a miracle. I am very concerned as to where to take refuge. Just thinking here that even if you have a small dwelling out in the woods they can scan and find a dime on a side walk from space. I think we should try and find a underground dugout, but again we are out of luck there. I was also hoping for a cave but believe it or not there are no caves… ahhhhh very frustrated does anyone have any ideas how to be safe here?

    • Jay says:

      Evone, I live in Flag. Perhaps we should meet and discuss things.

    • J.J. says:

      evone, follow the lead of the Hopi Indians, they are going underground. But the problem is you can’t stay down there forever. When you pop back up the air will probably kill you, just look at the Chem Trails over your own head now days.

  14. Joker says:

    I have a plan that i am comfortable with for when SHTF. Granted i don’t own any property, but i do plan on going very far away and starting over. My question to all is. During the inital phase of total chaos, do you think the military will play a major role in trying to keep people locked doen to the local areas?

    • Camron says:

      If at all, not at first. I am in the military, and i know it takes a few days to mobilize the regulars. as to the national guard, i do not know.

      • J.J. says:

        There is no where to run to really. Satan knows he has lost the war with God, but he is so stubborn he says “if I can’t have it, nobody will want it”. He plans to destroy everything. Armegedon is just around the corner…so there is no where to run to, no where to hide. This is it, this time of the end that the Mayan Indians wrote about thousands of years ago. We have been living on borrowed time since December 21, 2012

  15. Bret says:

    I live in East Nebraska and am having problems finding an affordable piece of ground – finding the perfect spot as described is not in the budget so I am trying to find some ground that is 1) secluded 2) wooded 3) relativley close to water all the rest I will just have to deal with. I have been looking but can’t find anything……..any ideas or help?

    • Scott grimes says:

      Is it still available.

  16. madelyn says:

    Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places by Joel Skousen takes every U.S. state rated on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 the safest. Answers all the questins here and more. Also l hr. video on youtube.

  17. Brian Schmuhl says:

    Good plans when you have the money. But what about budget BOL I have a 60×20 concrete garage on my property that my kids and grand kids will bug out to if needed. I would like to know how people are setting up their bunkers to survive SHTF senarios or post some bunker layouts to help others with their BOL bunkers for new or seasoned preppers

  18. Loretta says:

    I know of a perfect spot for a medium group for a retreat, if you are interested let me know … It is located in Bridhewater, Ma. and it has acres of land A hugh house perfect for group, and I could even send the wevsite for you to see
    Hope to hear from you! Loretta

    • EZ says:

      Hey Loretta,

      I am interested. Please let me know how I can get more details from you.


      E Z.

  19. Dan Carroll says:

    We have a 100’x100′ property in the town of Butte, NE pop.326 with a 1978 20×66′ 3B/R, 2 BA MH on it. Utilities in, 2 car garage, shed min.20×20′. MH sits on 20×66′ concrete basement with approx. 8′ headroom. Tons of potential. Can send pics.

    Asking $24,500. 2012 taxes $217.

    • Rick Strickland says:

      Is your property still available?k
      I currently live near Kansas City.


    • Rick Strickland says:

      Is your property still available?k
      I currently live near Kansas City.
      If property is still available would you please e-mail me.
      I’m looking for remote property within 200 miles of Kansas city.


  20. Denis Dufrenne says:

    Anyone have any thoughts on buying a small log cabin kit? Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places by Joel Skousen suggests a location east of Lubbock, TX. Anyone know of land 30+ miles east of Lubbock? We have a local vendor that makes some of the best cabins in the US.

  21. Brenda Stickney says:

    Google properties in Andover Maine and on Craigs List. Its at the end of the road!

  22. jack-of-all-trades says:

    I live in a small country in the northern part of Europe, called Denmark, the entire country is only 5 million squaremeters, the entire population is 5.2 milllion people.
    And even though we are almost half the population of we have more than 20 different dialects.
    To the east of Denmark, lies Sweden. I have less than 20 miles to the Swedish border, og approximately 100 miles due south to the German border.
    The swedes I can understand, its almost the same language, give and take, but they would know instantly that I’m a Dane.
    The germans too, but this time its a completely different languages, the only goodside is that our languages originates from latin, and therefore, possible to make one another understand.
    Where I’m going with this, is that you guys, as Americans have a huge country, loads of space, different environments, and possibilities to stay, in your country, maybe not your county, but still…. the language barrier wouldn’t be a problem.
    Unless TSreallyHTF and you have to head north.
    Would you be able to change the American HUH, to the Canadian EH ???
    Just kidding ;-)
    I believe that if you stay clear, of the big cities, your survival chances are that much higher, and that moving to another country, to speak a different language , and try to fit in, will only help for so long.
    Because when all comes to all, we tend to care for our own. And if you’re not it, youare left worse than before you migrated.

    • Terrie says:

      But there are so many little villages seperated, which could help in buying some time. And I don’t believe, Scandinavian countries are on a high TSHTF list. I know my second home is in Sweden, however, being able to get there if or when TSHTF, here could be a major problem.

      I’d think for you, Sweden, would be the better option due to the language. German, to me is sooooo different. :)

      Yes, here we have much more land, but most live in highly dense areas, and getting away from those dense areas can sometimes take hours.

  23. anyone looking for partnership? says:

    Have a property in rural northern pennsylvania. Still have a mortgage and looking to partnership with someone to get mortgage down but share as a bug out location. Plenty of water and natural resources. Well hidden and nestled within a very respectable township community.

    • Jerome says:

      I am looking for a bugout location.Would love to have a partner

      • J.J. says:

        Jerome, I believe Ezekiel was the only one who got away from Earth. He may still be zooming around the Universe in that UFO? A pardner won’t help. You need to look into the eyes of a wolf…there you will see your own soul…hope you like what you see. Instead of scurring around like a bunch of mice knowing the cat is gonna get us..lets get right with God first. I don’t mean to preach just stating a fact. After all this is the bottom line isn’t it?

  24. Evan says:

    I have 30 acres for sale in Hot Sprngs Arkansas National Park area. One road up the side of the mountain and maintain by the county. This property has an old building 40 by 240 feet long where they cut whetstones for sharping knives. It has the old pit mine that would make a great shelter for you and alot of your friends (include me). PS. The radiation is coming !

    • Jason says:

      Evan, I’ll be in Hot Springs next week, can you email me directions so I can check out the property? JasonBellJr at gmail dot com

  25. tim says:

    130 acres in central west Virginia. One hand dug well, tested good water, two natural springs, not close but are on the property. Just started the cabin. Working on solar energy, wind or something that takes me off the grid. heat is wood stove I built. Came a long way, but seems to be a long way to go.

    • EJ says:

      Hi Tim! How are things developing in W Virginia? I had a similar interest in building a bug-out home in W Virginia. Any tips?

  26. Len says:

    What’s the MLS? Or is it in Craigslist?

    • Anthony says:

      Not on market yet with Realtor. Best of both worlds. Ultimate WTSHTF survival retreat w/o being a 2-3 day drive from East Coast or so secluded that you’re bored out of your skull. Henderson County, North Carolina Mountain Retreat. 3 private acres with flat growing area for greenhouse or garden. 3 sources of water (including running stream and deep well on property), 3 sources of heat, 8KW Generac generator, 500lb. propane tank in ground, sited in to be nestled with a ridge protecting the North & West sides of the home (think Nuclear blast) and to maximize sunlight in home to the South & East. 6 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, 3 fireplaces, over 5,000 square feet, oversized garage, 2 level custom home built in 2008 (all new) with great storage space. Within a 1 day drive from most cities but not too close. Highly defensible property. Gated to prevent vehicle access when you want or need this. Asking only $950,000 (will negotiate for a cash offer). Divorce causes sale or I’d keep the home forever. Call Anthony at: (828) 489-1940 for more info.

  27. David says:

    2000 sf. log home 3/1/2, 20 miles outside Fairbanks AK on 5 wooded acres with a well where you can still legally burn wood in a fireplace or stove without getting a ticket like on the rest of the west coast. You can buy/sell firearms without registration and carry open or concealed w/o a permit…welcome to freedom. $125K

  28. Larry says:

    I live in illinois across from St Louis, Mo. Not sure where a good place to hide living here. Any ideas?

  29. tdusmc says:

    looking for remote area in pa. if anyone has any for sale or tips where to look please feel free to point me in right direction

  30. patricia dankiw says:

    I have a 121 acres in southern Vermont on the side of a mountain. There is a stream that borders the property. It has a logging contract, but it can be bought out. I would like a 150,000.00 or best offer.

  31. Dwayne says:

    highly defendable end of road property. outsider vantage point 7 miles away.560 acres+- 400 deeded 160blm lease.180-200 tillable acres. 3 good deep wells,1 with operating windmill and storage.3200 sq.ft.home 1600 living and 1600 heated garage, 800 attic easy convert to living. 3200 sq ft. steel building for storage. 10k propane generator, 800w wind turbine and battery bank w/6k inverters.plenty of wind for expansion. 2500 gal. propane storage. 4types heat, wood stoves, pellet stoves, propane, and heat pump. home 9 years old… perfect permanant bug out for larger fam. high desert se wyoming. 307-331-4496 serious only 800k.for info.

    • jennifer says:

      the number listed abouve is no longer in service .. any serious inquiries please call 307-331-8388

  32. Jesse says:

    Montana, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine. Great gun laws in all four. Rugged terrain and great rivers in all four states no hurricanes, tornados, great soild for growing. Low population densities. Tough winters for the unprepared so most people will head south. During a disaster. In fact VT, NH, and Maine are far enough from urban areas but close enough for occasional visiting. Ocean and large lakes nearby. Lake Champlain in VT connects to the ocean in both directions. Plus numerous islands and same with NH and ME.

  33. Anne says:

    I will try this again. Our family is stuck in Kissimmee Florida. We have no means to leave this place for a safe haven. We have started food cache.

    We can’t leave here because of my husband job, at times I get the attitude from him and he does not understand the dangers he is putting family in. When it happens, we have no firearms or nothing, no bug out place. I have to tell you, I am so darn scared of what is going to happen when one of these idiots pushes the wrong button and emp where we are then? No lights, water, protection. I refuse to go into a fema camp. That from what I have been reading would be a death sentence.

    What can I do to make it safer, where in Florida would be a safe place to go. I believe in what you are all doing and couldn’t agree more.

    Thanks for your time.


    Have you ever read anything about free unclaimed land?

    • Ane says:

      Sorry about the grammar issues, it was hard putting my fears in print. I just don’t know where or what to do from here. It looks like all the things I am doing for my family will got to thugs on the prowl, who didn’t prepare. The out come scares me.

      • J.J. says:

        Hi Anne, Try not to worry. It only makes things worse. When you worry you can’t think straight. Are you worried you might die? That’s a worry we all have because we don’t know what is beyond death. I have died and got to come back because my work was yet not finished. You know it is really nice over there. Heaven was so peaceful I didn’t want to come back here to this reality as it really is hell to live this life. Know that we don’t die, only our body dies. Our spirit lives on. When we die, we just go home that is all there is to it.

  34. Dennis says:

    Very defensible remote 80 acre former cattle farm in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (Keweenaw). 100 yards from Lake Superior, 1/2 forested with pine, mixed hardwoods, sugar maples, birch. 1/2 cleared. Wild strawberries and blueberries everywhere – you might have to fight the bears over them! View of lake possible with selective tree trimming. Property is catty corner to large swath of state wilderness which has been basically untouched for 75-100yrs. Old farmhouse and out buildings on the parcel are not safe for entry but the possibilities for refurbishment are plentiful. Modern well (plus old well) in place might need attention. EXCELLENT hunting, fishing. Michigan has good gun laws. Tough winters, shorter summers but growing seasons can be plentiful if you know how and there’s always ice-fishing! Excellent area for wind turbines (US windmaps will confirm this). Asking $115,000, serious only. Look on for: 41036 Red Rock Rd, Lake Linden, MI 49945 for more info.

  35. K says:

    Any property in Oregon…anyone?

  36. Joyce says:

    Anne from kissimmee. No problem. Hurricans,need to store food and water for emergancies. Kids, join boyscouts,girl scouts or campfire girls. Need camping supplies for kids. Look up home made bows out of pvc for project for kids groups. Survival training for kids, haa. Don’t tell husband your plan. I live several hours from u. Hunting, fishing excellent in your area. Get copy of florida state parks. Its free. Use google earth to view large open areas to camp fish, ect.. Get whole family involved in the out doors. Camp eq can be found garage sales, thrift shops and cheap. U can prepare as a family and yo ho husband will not have a clue!!

  37. Jim B says:

    Great article. I live in Omaha, Nebraska. Based on this I am screwed. However it appears to be a pretty good list of things to consider for a BOS. On second thought, I can see how this is even useful for me. Hmm.

  38. DonnaInVegas says:

    Looking for peppers in the Vegas area. I am alone, disabled, 59 with a therapy/service pet. Looking for others who are like minded about bugging out, getting off the grid, hiding in plain sight….just getting into prepping…could use some help.

  39. Mark says:

    I have 200+ acres for sale near winnemucca Nevada great location

  40. Mark says:

    I have 200+ acres near Winemucca Nevada, roads have been cut, great location lots of potential. Priced to sell !

  41. Le says:

    Does anyone know of a good area to buy land for a bug out location in georgia? I’m from Atlanta and have been reading your posts lately and you make a lot of sense. Can you help point out two locations?
    1. one location that I can drive to with one gas tank from Atlanta? that has good resources
    2. another location good for survival as well a few hours away from Atlanta for long term survival?

  42. Allen Guiton says:

    Scott, sounds great, would like pictures and more info on this property if you would please. Thank you. Allen Guiton
    member “Oath Keepers”

  43. Beth A says:

    Scott We have been looking around your area for property with water access and forested acreage. Would like more information on your property and fixer upper. Also is the additional acreage available in adjacent parcels. What is the winter weather like at your locale.

  44. Anthony says:

    Not on market yet with Realtor. Best of both worlds. Ultimate WTSHTF survival retreat w/o being a 2-3 day drive from East Coast or so secluded that you’re bored out of your skull. Henderson County, North Carolina Mountain Retreat. 3 private acres with flat growing area for greenhouse or garden. 3 sources of water (including running stream and deep well on property), 3 sources of heat, 8KW Generac generator, 500lb. propane tank in ground, sited in to be nestled with a ridge protecting the North & West sides of the home (think Nuclear blast) and to maximize sunlight in home to the South & East. 6 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, 3 fireplaces, over 5,000 square feet, oversized garage, 2 level custom home built in 2008 (all new) with great storage space. Within a 1 day drive from most cities but not too close. Highly defensible property. Gated to prevent vehicle access when you want or need this. Asking only $950,000 (will negotiate for a cash offer). Divorce causes sale or I’d keep the home forever. Call Anthony at: (828) 489-1940 for more info.

  45. Anthony says:

    Not on market yet with Realtor. Best of both worlds. Ultimate WTSHTF survival retreat w/o being a 2-3 day drive from East Coast or so secluded that you’re bored out of your mind. Henderson County, North Carolina Mountain Retreat. 3 private acres with flat growing area for greenhouse or garden. 3 sources of water (including running stream and deep well on property), 3 sources of heat, 8KW Generac generator, 500lb. propane tank in ground, sited in to be nestled with a ridge protecting the North & West sides of the home (think Nuclear blast) and to maximize sunlight in home to the South & East. 6 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, 3 fireplaces, over 5,000 square feet, oversized garage, 2 level custom home built in 2008 (all new) with great storage space. Within a 1 day drive from most cities but not too close. Highly defensible property. Gated to prevent vehicle access when you want or need this. Asking only $950,000 (will negotiate for a cash offer). Divorce causes sale or I’d keep the home forever. Call Anthony at: (828) 489-1940 for more info.

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