Is living off the Grid now a crime?

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Apparently living off the grid, off the land, and without government assistance is now a crime that can land you in jail, and cause you to lose your home.

Off-Grid Home in Los Angeles County, California

Government officials across the country are forming so-called “nuisance abatement teams” to intimidate people into giving up their land, and force off-grid home owners to conform to the government’s demands and hook back into the grid. Counties across the country are actually jailing people for choosing to live the off-grid lifestyle.

Living off the grid declared Illegal in many areas of the Country

In the deserts around Los Angeles County, California, Off-Grid residents are being targeted, arrested, and intimidated into to hooking back into the gird.

I was alerted to these videos by a reader, and was troubled and sickened by what the poor people in the California Desert are being forced to deal with. From being threatened with jail time if they don’t hook back into the grid, to being thrown in jail because the county didn’t like the look of their homes or land, the people in the deserts of Los Angeles County are being terrorized by their local government.

Instituted in 2006 by Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich, the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors’ Nuisance Abatement Teams have been targeting and jailing residents for victimless misdemeanors and code violations.

Code enforcement teams have been hitting unincorporated areas of L.A. County hard, leaving local off-gridders unsure of what the future holds. Local residents are freighted that they may lose not only their homes, but their freedom as well.

It’s a sad day when living off your own land becomes a crime. Please spread the word because cases like this are increasing at an alarming rate.


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  1. Dean Weber says:

    After watching the movie Garbage Warrior, the doc on the earthships, it makes you wonder how government gets anything done.

    • zac says:

      why dont you look at the violations the people that run this have in there home. bet they cant win em all

    • Vicki Lemke says:

      So where are the people’s RIGHT’S ? How is this the legal ?

      • Enter your name... says:

        Most likely they want them moved off the land so corporations can build mega shopping centers. The best way to avoid this from happening is to let the utilities put in the electric pole. The land owner can still live without electric. Just unplug and don’t use it. That’s the way to skin the cat to keep it off your back…!!!

        • Dan says:

          NOT so fast spanky! They will charge you a base fee for hooking up and a base monthly fee even if you “unplug”. they got ya

        • Ishka says:

          They will also charge you for bringing the electricity from wherever it is to your property and to your house. This can be very expensive.

        • Slavepit66 says:

          You are so spot on. I couldn’t say it better myself. It’s refreshing to know there are real human beings left.
          Thank you.

        • Slavepit66 says:

          You are so spot on. I couldn’t say it better myself. It’s refreshing to know there are real human beings left.
          Thank you.

        • Slavepit66 says:

          Obviously, the “reply” option does not do what it’s supposed to do. My reply was for “Enter your name” My point is, forget about laws and what
          local/ state government says. Its about being human. What happened to understanding and helping our fellow man?
          Just “live and let live” Something government doesn’t understand.They put us 16 trillion in debt. Now put that against this topic.

        • Enter your name...vicky says:

          Illinois allows rain barrels , the water dept was selling them.
          You are given a tax credit for solar power and wind energy and any extra the electric company must pay you what they would charge you .
          If your home is outside the city limits they came come with a well & septic system.
          So I just don’t get these states charging for rain water , telling you that must use their power system , sounds like China or Russia back in the day

      • Trish says:

        There’s more than one way to skin the cat. The land owners can let the utilities install the electric pole. Then they can pull the plug when the utility trucks leave. A simple way to get the cat off their back and still live the way they want…!!!

        • my name here says:

          this would not work here. our electric company charges $39 a month to have a meter, even if you don’t use any power. If you have them pull the meter (to stop the $39 charge) they would report you to the zoning admin, as living without utilities.

          • James says:

            Just don’t pay the bill. They will shut you off and that’s the end of it.

      • Vic P says:

        Im in support of people that want to live off their land. Im also a Republican business owner. I like to find balance and see things from both sides. The problem is, a lot of people think/say they “just want to be left alone and live how they want”. Im all for it. But that should mean REALLY living off the grid. That means fighting your own fires and policing your own property. You cant say you dont want to be bound by building codes, yet expect emergency responders to risk their lives to save your “off grid” property. Most of these set-up lack sufficient Fire surpression, water pressure, etc needed to fight fires and other disasters. Id like to see situations where certain áreas are designated for off grid áreas with volunteer emergency responders and such.

        • Michael Sanders says:

          Those services are paid for by property taxes. The choice to live off-grid doesn’t eliminate the county’s responsibility to provide those services to land-owners. If it did, then, those land-owners shouldn’t have to pay property taxes.

          • jasonEnter your name... says:


        • Vanessa says:

          No offense but I have not heard of ONE case where people living off the grid wanted nor needed police and business type hospitals. Theyre very happy policing their lands lol and if there’s a broken bone they HAVE to go to a hospital then they drive themselves. Most hospitals take cash for broken bones so it’s not like a “grid” thing. Is more of a public duty and service they provide.

        • Miztivin says:

          A lot of off the grid people work… And pay taxes that way too. They are still a citizen. So all welfare people shouldn’t be able to use any other government services either?
          If anything, the government should be thanking them for going green and helping to reach the environmental goals America has proclaimed for itself with the Kyoto Protocol.
          Australia sends off the grid people checks in gratitude for helping the environment.

          This is just America doing what it always does, saying one thing, while doing absolutely anything to nickle and dime us.

          • Miztivin says:

            Oh dammit I didn’t mean Kyoto Protocol
            That’s Japans
            America’s is called Climate Acton plan.
            Either way lol they still need to quit being so contradicting.

    • mike says:

      daniel 2:44 in any bible teaches that all gov’s of this world will be destroyed by our creators new gov. that will last forever.
      the ancient hebrews lived off their land with no pesticides or chemicals for thousands of years and were healthy and the enviroment stayed clean.
      now the greedy gov’s and corporations take and destroy lives and the land for money,which was never part of our creators(yawaw)plan. MONEY WAS NEVER TO BE PART OF LIFE!
      let yawaw be the judge and as his word teaches,he will destroy anyone that is part of the world.

    • nicole says:

      have you realized yet that they DON’T ?

    • mark says:

      with stupid people out there blaming government for everything it is a wonder that we have a government at all and our country isn’t run by a corporation.just remember corporations care about profits not people . there just sucking the government in to there way of thinking.

      • Paul says:

        Our Government is ran by corperations.

        “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozled has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.” – Carl Sagan

  2. moonglow says:


    • don says:

      just what can poor people do get a lawyer , can;t get one no money ,

  3. A Discerning Fellow says:

    I think one of the biggest problems all people face is people believing so strongly on any particular issue that believing and/or living any other way but their way is unacceptable to them, and people who think that way believing they have to do something about it rather than just living their lives the way they want. Live and let live and individualism seem to be ideas many people cannot accept. However, it is my belief until individualism and live and let live become dominant ideologies, perhaps even the foundation of law, then nobody will ever be truly free because someone else will always be trying persuade, force and/or otherwise make their beliefs and ideologies dominant and superior to those of another.

    • Wil says:

      Naive. Freedom is a relative term.

      • daniel says:

        really? to say its relative is nihilistic. perception is the only thing that is relative. freedom in a societal context is being able to exist without the imposition of anothers will. Imposition of anything upon anyone instantly nullifies freedom.

        try reading a book sometime

  4. morris momii says:

    This really strange, the video. I live in Lincoln NE and here we have a city/Fed Gov project called Antelope Creek project. The city uses eminant domain to get business’s and home owners to move. Expensive project, and on this newly aquired land, city park, multi-story insurance building and parking garage. Privately owned buildings torn down and replaced with city parking garages, hotel/apts. No votes, no city counsel approval, just said and done by a few individuals. Something is rotten here and may out in the desert too!

  5. qwerty says:

    I feel bad for these guys because they have been there for so long and are now getting harassed. But for all you new off the grid people, keep this in mind when buying your property keep out of Blue Democrat states they like to regulate and control you and your property. Republican states are a lot friendlier to off the grid living.

    • Char says:

      Have you been to Florida? ????

    • Seth says:

      Texas is a republican state and they banned off the grid living.

    • E. Gagliardi says:

      The democratic and republican parties are the same evil. They use these divisions to divide and conquer the people. Only when we unite against tyranny can we be free.

      • Michael Sanders says:

        Americans will never unite in any meaningful fashion. As long as they can get their morning cup of coffee and watch their favorite TV shows, they couldn’t care less what happens to their neighbors. If it ain’t in their back yard, they don’t care. Besides, most people are too lazy to live off-grid. Many just cannot envision the long-term benefits because they are too short-sighted. I’m glad that the government is bullying people off their land and into submission. That’s the way it should be. Only the strong should survive. Obviously, most Americans are satisfied with (or, just don’t care about) such behavior from their government. If they weren’t satisfied (or, they did care), it would stop. But, let’s get real: it won’t stop until the problem has reached critical mass. Only then will you see change.

      • Tom says:

        You, I like you. I agree whole heartedly, however, most people don’t care about any of this as long as there is food on the table and some sort of meager paycheck every couple of weeks, they wont rock the boat. I think the majority of people are to lazy to live off the grid and don’t care about the the government or corporations intimidating people. I would FUCKING LOVE to see people take to the streets, but that XBOX aint gonna play itself!

    • NorthWoods says:

      Have you ever been to MAINE? NH? VT? Methinks your statement is a little too broad to be accurate.

      • Peace to all says:

        We are all sheep. No one likes to hear it but we are, we need to be led by something (religion, media, money ect) shit I’m a sheep to this dispute, if there wasn’t a conflict happening I could get myself involved in, I’d just be looking for the next thing to be led by.

  6. deroche says:

    Republicans? as in the people who.are for war?, guns?, not being able to have rights for your own body and unsupportive towards same sex marriage because they believe in so strongly in something that isn’t there? Its funny how I read on comments of “supporting” off grid yet half of you people commend the Republicans? That’s even more funny then how I.sit and think that the only real people who should be complaining are the Indians who owned this land and respected this land long before the real immigrants (greedy English settlers) came here! Its insane to think that all this mess was in fact created by the blood lines of english settlers! And I commend the Indians who didn’t mouch off their land. They actually traveled and in doing so replenished the earth.

    • Rolanda says:

      well from the perspective of a Mi’kmaq who is more likely to vote republican than democrat in the presidential election I have to say we are really choosing between the lesser of two evils. I hate war and don’t think it’s any of our governments business who pairs up with who, or what we do with out bodies. However, if you try to see through all the smoke and mirrors you’ll see the real issue all of america needs to combat is the size and scope of our government agencies. We lock up more of our people than any other nation on earth.Our poor, meaning those who can’t afford to pay thousands to lawyers, have NO rights in our judicial system. We the people keep paying more and more out of our paychecks, in addition to our groceries,and to keep our homes and vehicles, while our politicians are busy making more laws.
      Speaking as a native american that yearns to live in a world that respects Mother Earth and allows men to live free of the soul crippling fences we have established at every turn and every decision OUR government is too big. Whatever smoke and mirrors they want to wave around us please do not be deceived. We can love whom ever we want to and the republicans are not going to stop it.

    • don says:

      blue democrat states do you mean communist states that is what democrats are to me communist

    • DPend says:

      Yea, it was George H. W. Bush that signed the code into law that allows this in the US and Bill Clinton ratified the update. Between greed and Hubris we’re all in deep poo.

  7. Raul says:

    Zoning regulations are powerful means of controlling how structures in an area look. And neighbors do not mean adjacent neighbors. Anyone can complain about anything when it comes to Zoning ordinances. Clearly, there is an interest in clearing private property of undesired structures which is using the law against poor people. Clearly the land owners cannot afford to change and that is the weapon. The land owners should find a clause (loophole) that allows them to remain as they are. Maybe they can be called caretakers of their land instead of residents because they structures are not recognized as homes.

    • hayhay says:

      I like your idea, i find it smart.

  8. TheBoze says:

    Everything is going up. Oil increases rapidly which accounts for increased inflation. Off the grid is the way to go. It is getting cheaper and cheaper to remove yourself from the grid. No one wants everyone to know its possible so they are making sure people are not off the grid. I live in Africa, and we are being forced to be on the GRID. Even if you move off they will charge you for serives you don’t need and can take your property away if you dont pay. There are standard services we all have to pay for. If you dont use them you still have to pay.

  9. peck says:

    Let’s see, “team” starts with a “T”, and so does “terrorist” and “target”. I shoot targets, I will shoot terrorists, and I will shoot “teams”, no matter what costume they are wearing if they trespass on my property and I feel threatened.

    • MeHoff J says:

      I respect the fact that you say you will shoot any “T” member, in any costume.
      But, in all reality, when the come knocking, and your standing behind your door with your AR……you then realize that they are all around you and you cannot risk your family’s life, in the other parts of the house

      • E. Gagliardi says:

        But you do have the right and the moral responsibility to defend yourself against these threats.

      • Tom says:

        You may not win, but they will know you were there. Also, I like that you said “costumes”. It drives home the point that everyone is just a human. So, they have no more right to be on your property than you do theirs.

    • Texas Cal says:

      Hear hear!

  10. Rolanda Aden says:

    California is not the only place this sort of police state activity is being reported. In Chicago IL our political system has just squelched a committee designed to investigate police brutality along with multiple reports of torture to get US citizens to confess to crimes. Everyday I read another article, usually buried on the last page, about somewhere else that some aspect of the US government is trampling the rights of the people. I’m not one to buy into conspiracy theories, nor one to jump on the band wagon of every sob story that comes along. That said, evidence is everywhere that our free country has been turned into a police state. In my personal acquaintances I encounter a man that is now serving time in prison for hunting raccoon. This poor man was injured, taking a bullet to save someones life, and lost his ability to work. He turned to the only thing he had left to care for his family which was hunting, now he’s in prison and four kids don’t have a dad. It is absolutely insane that we the people, at least the majority, are doing nothing. Is this really all just craziness? My own daughter, a very conservative young lady, has told me she wants to move out of the US when she graduates from college…Is there really anything we can do?

    • Onestar14 says:

      First off write your friend in prison and give him my sincerest apologie he is locked up for killing a raccoon, but having hunted raccoon before I know them to have one of the foulest meats on the planet so I’m forced to assume he didn’t intend to feed his family with his kill.

      Second off tell him, if he didn’t break the law, he would not be incarcerated. Plain and simple.

      Third, where were you when this man was so destitute? It appears you are right YOU the people are doing nothing, except blame everyone else for not helping you or you friend with our tax dollars.

      Give me a break people, quit whining and become a productive self sufficient person. Quit blaming the government or the so called police state, quit breaking the law.

      I’ve been a cop going on 16 years and the only people I have ever met who complain about law enforcement are those who have been arrested, had family arrested or knew only the arrested persons side of events when they made their mind up. Grow up people

      Take responsibility for your own actions for once in your pathetic lives

      • Wil says:


      • don says:

        i knew when you open your mouth that you are one of them that are or worked for the communist state , i bet that you brake the law all the time by speeding and i bet that you will lie , make up shit to make it harder for some one to get out of jail , and i bet if the communist do ban guns in this country you will be the first one to break the constitution that you sworn to up hold

      • CW says:

        I agree, that if you break the law, you should not complain about the consequences. But I also know that, not all laws are enforcemed e we equally. And being that the people breaking the law are human and therefore imperfect, so are the people making the laws, and the officers enforcing them. So to blanket every situation with the same reply, without knowing, is short sited, and closed minded. This world has and is changing. This change maybe good, but not without a lot of pain, death, and destitude first!

      • Tom says:

        How is off the grid not self sufficient? Also, a day of tending garden, chopping wood and taking care of chores is pretty productive. better than sitting in an office for 8 hours. Or being a glorified hall monitor. (police)

      • Miztivin says:

        How is taking care of yourself off grid not taking responsibility for our “pathetic” lives.
        Boy I sure hope your not really a cop…

        Also I believe we are making a difference now, by talking about it. Awareness.
        I feel a sens of relief when I read most comments.

      • Enter your name... says:

        Those people who are NOT complaining or whining about the “police state” haven’t dealt with the police to really know how crooked the “police state” is. You have been trained to protect and serve and this doesn’t mean protect and serve Yourself! I can’t tell you the last time I saw an officer in my community serving or protecting! I vote, I work full time, I’m a mother, wife, sister, and aunt. I pay my taxes. My family is poor and we don’t get any assistance from any government agencies. I can’t buy clothes, school supplies, and let’s not even talk about food! Which, by the way, we have to have to survive! I’m by no means complaining, I’m stating facts. I wish I didn’t have to drive to work everyday, I wish I could own a house, hell land even! I’m a college educated woman, never been arrested or in jail! This is the story of a lot of Americans. Some have served time some not. My point behind all this is: LAND OF THE FREE, HOME OF THE BRAVE!!! Hah! What a bunch of bull! How can we be brave if they won’t let us have our land?

  11. lil says:

    This makes me so mad! anyone should be able to live off THEIR OWN PRIVATE land the way they want (as long as they are not doing harm to others, like real harm, not just being a ‘nuisance’ to ‘neighbors’ that are ten miles away. that’s bullshit right there)even if their own private property is in the middle of a fucking city! I have been dreaming of going off grid and i feel like more people should. we need to get the government out of our private lives. seriously, if people are not harming others than we should be able to do whatever we want on our property. this pisses me off…especially how the government is coming onto these peoples properties with force and showing their guns to frighten these people into submission

  12. Wil says:

    Wow….I love reading this crap !

  13. Matt says:

    The biggest terrorism and “terrorists”, that have ever been, have always been a large centralized government! America is taking these known characteristics!

  14. Wil says:

    Reading these comments is hillarious, and equally frightening. Living off the grid should be legal.
    That means not connected to a power company grid.
    But, the paranoid and delusional ,comments from the fringe weirdos, that mention things like FEMA camps, agenda 21, EMP blasts, total choas and breakdown, government conspiracy, collapse, nukes,and others… is just nonsense, and ridiculous. Did these people forget to take their medication before they clicked on submit ? This crap reads better than “The Hunger Games”.
    Is everything a government plot?… Maybe if people were less delusional, with utopian views and psychotic anger, the concept of off-grid living would be better accepted by the masses. Reading the comments is an eye opening experience. It is utterly amazing that humans can reach these viewpoints, given the opportunities we have at our disposal: the internet, lessons of history, ethics, and law. Here, there is much to glean…and screen.
    There is no universal consensus here, only random rants. It is fascinating to imagine what the bloggers look like….what people they contact frequently, think about them, or what a live conversation with them would be like.
    The best part is that it is free….and entertaining. The worst part of it is accepting the fact that people think like they do. It is really scarry. The content here could be the basis for a great made for TV movie.

  15. sanjosemike says:

    This is another reason to vote for Romney. The Socialist agenda is openly practiced,selected and promulgated by Obama.

    I’m NOT advocating illegal tax avoidance or avoiding property taxes. There are so many ways to LEGALLY reduce taxes, it is insane to try to do it illegally.

    But we have a RIGHT to live unbothered by Government as long as we pay our bills. If we select a geographic area without CC and Rs. then we are governed by local ordinances.

    We must politically fight against intrusive ordinances. A way to do this is to NOT vote Democrat, picket local Governmental agencies and hire lawyers to assist us.


  16. TED BLACKWELL says:

    Remember Masada. They believed in their freedom enough to die as free men. The government has no control over the dead and they pay no taxes to Caesar.

    • Wil says:

      Okay….mass suicide….W/T/F!

  17. Lorena says:

    So I guess it is wait till things finish cracking down where I am at then go off to government land in the forest and use camo and do your thing from there. I see and have seen for awhile things that have shown me the signs of whats coming. Government control and prisons or death for those who will not conform. I am sitting here learning survival skills including things that will have a value when things are at it’s worst.

    • Wil says:

      Hunger games ?

    • Wil says:

      Okay Lorena….so, you are going to squat on National Forest or Park Service property, “use camo” and hide ? You think the ‘Government’ is going to control you, with prison camps and death?
      Instead of survival skills, why not seek counseling; to sort of…you know…approach reality…it will be okay. There are really good medications now….unlike years ago. No,no,no….the maryjane is just going to make things worse….Have you seen the movie “What about Bob”?…Baby steps…you know, like Dr.Leo Marvin suggested.

      • Jeff says:

        I love it…….here, pour chemicals down your throat. That’ll make it better. What a schmuck.

  18. jeremy paul hansen says:

    change the name from washingTON to washingNONE!!!

    estrogen soy milk for vegan punks…. that soy that turns to pesticide in your gut… in the school lunch line

    “no I dont have adhd.. i am just a fuzzy bunny”

    • Wil says:


  19. jeremy paul hansen says:

    facadism bares the traumatic experience of an alter… what are you trying to prove.. that your the worlds mightiest enemy? what have you got to die for? what have you got to live on….. what are we doing here? watching our friends die

    • Wil says:


  20. jeremy paul hansen says:

    bb you wanna come bring me a cloudy day?

    • Wil says:

      whutt daaa faackk….

  21. jeremy paul hansen says:

    they want me to drink the soy milk… turn down the porn… and pick up testy pills… oh yah.. and keep taking my ritalin?

    • Wil says:


  22. georgie says:

    Fortunately, in Arizona, you’re allowed to live off the grid. Three of our northern counties have lots of people off grid. It’s a bit tough for them when they go to put a manufactured home on there because those are regulated by the federal gov’t, but after it’s installed, owners pretty much do what they want. The county building dept’s and small town leaders have generally been there a long time, so they communicate with those folks a bit differently than city and town folks. But then most of Arizona natives are against heavy regulation of anything. It’s the transients to this state that screw everything up, like from California who try to make Arizona into another California. Probably why most AZ natives are NOT Cali fans. If you haven’t heard, us Arizonans are a bunch of gun toting wild west red necks from the OK Corral. I guess I could say that I resemble that remark! I do love my state, it’s the goobers here I question.

  23. Georgie says:

    I forgot to comment about the video. I find it apalling that they have not rpovided anything in writing as to why they are doing this to residents. It’s pretty clear that it’s harassement to get people to sell their lands for development. I completely agree with that assessment. When leaders don’t communicate honestly and openly, they leave stakeholders and constituents to only assume that there is a hidden agenda.

  24. 14/88 says:

    Let. The. War. Began

    • Wil says:

      What deee frickkk…..Began?…as in past tense?
      So….you want war? Who would want war? WWWWWWWWWWWWWTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!

      • Wil says:

        Okay…what part of crazed fringe weirdo, doomsday predicting, war promoting, off the wall(grid)…off the planet, out of touch with reality, etc….are we not getting?…Again, I repeat…WTF?

  25. Clearwater says:

    3 words: Follow The Money.

    • Wil says:

      Good….an intelligent response, and a move in the right direction…..

  26. pking says:

    Where in the hell is the ACLU? This is exactly what they exist for!

  27. Alex says:

    I am an American because I was born in this country, and I truly believe that this country belong to the people of the United States. With that said the government can not force people to live where they tell them to, or to be part of their society. The Declaration of Independence, states that if the government fails the people, then it is the peoples right to take back the government. So, I will leave you all with this: If the day came that I had to go into the forest, woods, or just leave society I would like to see the government try and stop me, or even try to arrest me. I am an American, and I will fight for my freedom at what ever the cost.

    • Wil says:

      Alex: You are right….unfortunately, if you break the law you will be arrested or worse. Who in the government would tell you where or how to live ? Be specific. Cite a legal statute or locality. Define society. Freedom is a relative term. Whose forest or woods will you be going to ? National Forest or Park?…Save yourself. Work within the system to make it better. The government IS the people. The national forests belong to the people of the USA, true. But, you cannot run there and live there….it is illegal. Now if you own some nice woods to escape to, that would be okay. What is worth fighting for…and losing?

  28. kc says:

    They are stealing land,so they can make money for themselfs.I hope that more people can ban together and protect their land.

  29. Onestar14 says:

    While I’m not off the grid yet, I’m working at it. From another view point, I’m in law enforcement and have. only seen places (homes) like this being condemned by the GOV as you say when it becomes a health and safety’ issue. Usually this involves children living in such filthy conditions to cause health concerns or a location of such poor repair as to cause an immediate threat to their safety. No water means no hygiene, and no drinking water (essential for healthy life). As far as electric goes, Most all cities have or ordanances requiring electric to be tied into the grid. Butt most all counties and states just require you to have electric power. We have tons of off gridders in my jurisdiction and most of them are great, but some of them shame the off grid movement with their bullshit like this story.

    What this story fails to show you is the overflowing feces on the floors, toilets overflowing with feces, trash everywhere, homes, RV etc in such poor repair and so disgustingly filthy any decent person wound not enter without a steril body suit and gas mask. Children so dirty, mal nourished and in many cases affected by their so called parents drug use. Or the frequent theft of other peoples utilities.

    These are the reasons code enforcement types and law enforcement usually come into contact with people living like this, not to mention the vast numbers of them being on some form of probation or parole. This is not insinuating all off gridders are like this of course. Many off gridders live very healthy happy lives, but others live in squaller which can be a threat to public health, enviormental health and good common sense.

    The other thing to think about is these people are not being targeted for living off the grid, as there is no law anywhere I can find which states off grid living in any state is illegal that is as long as you pay your Taxes). They are being targeted because their living conditions or living standard are so poor it has been deemed a detriment to themselves, their children and the environment they live on. Not to mention the trespassing / squatting on property belonging to others, and or building / parking your trash heap of hepatitis infested fire trap of a home along with all the other desert rat trap homes right next to a neighbor who has to deal with your unsanitary conditions and safety code violations threatening his home property and family.

    There is a living standard in the law which requires (access) to basic utilities.
    1 water: city water, well water, spring water, etc. you get to pick.
    2. Heat: for winter, wood stove, fireplace, forced heating and air. Again you pick.
    3. Waist removal: city sewer, septic tank, composting toilet, or just about anything else that doesn’t involved your uncontrolled sewerage from contaminating the ground or water system.
    4. Electricity, while highly recommended is not generally a requirement, unless it is needed to facilitate you water and or heat and for most people it does. Even then it can be : city power, solar, wind, hydroelectric, generators etc.

    The key word is Poor. Their just poor, and I for one do not judge them for that, because there was a time in my life prior to becoming law enforcement, where I was a homeless man, who happened to be poor as a door mouse. I feel for the poor because I know how much it sucks to feel your will to live and your pride seep from your body as you try to keep warm. I was lucky enough to fix my situation, let’s hope these men women and children can do the same.

    Bless all preppers, all off gridders for we will have the knowledge and fortitude to continue on in case (insert disaster here) ever befalls this world and this great nation.

    And people please quit bagging on the government, because it does no good. The Gov isn’t set up to help us out of every jam, nor were they intended to help us from anything other than protecting us from foreign and domestic enimies of this nation. Every other thing the government provides, student loans, aid relief, disaster releaf, welfare, list goes on and on, is all a bonus. In fact great men who founded this country and it’s ideals fought against providing these types of services to the citizens because they believed the citizenry needed to be self reliant and not dependent on their governing body for basic life.

    It is our fault as citizens if we feel the government has become too intrusive, because we allowed it to happen out of our own greed, and we’re to lazy to remain self sufficient.
    The government is not broken, we the people are, the government has spent the better part of two centuries trying to make the people happy, and we keep wanting more. When does it stop?

    Just my thoughts on the matter.

    • Wil says:

      Amen…..thank you for the intelligent, and common sense comment. God bless you Onestar 14.

    • Joe C. says:

      My takeaway: we need to change these laws that require people who are living in rural areas to meet all these “quality of life” standards that you listed.

    • MK says:

      To alleviate poverty, How about providing people with a decent minimum wage, decent unemployment and veteran benefits and help finding them employment, decent schooling in the first place, including vocational education. Most of all, affordable high quality state – provided health care. Re the latter, the greatest cause of bankruptcy in the US is because of medical bills. To many of you, this would be ‘socialist’ or ‘communist’, but this is quite normal for most other western nations. The trouble with Americans is that you have been brainwashed by the greedy and by the corporates, who have no concept of a decent democratic society or ‘the commons’, or even of the long term good. They only ever think about making more and more money and ever increasing profits. They pay minimal tax. Americans, especially those of the south and Tea Party orientation, love to think of themselves as Christian people and yet their over- obsession with individuality and individual rights means that they are conned into voting for politicians who have no concern for the poor or underprivileged or fairness in the system. Those politicians are financially supported by the elites and corporates, who,through the mass media and advertising, spread fear, materialism and self centeredness. Not that other western countries don’t have problems or greedy individuals or organizations, but they are generally much better places to live, work and raise families than the US in its present state.

    • Hologrammar says:

      Nice thought, but oversimplified. I have yet to find a county that doesn’t force you to have a sewer or septic hookup. Composting toilets are sometimes allowed, but you still have to hook up to these expensive services.

      Also, why should anyone be forced to install heating, even in a cold area? If you build a home out of the right materials (e.g. earthbags, maybe even with extra scoria insulation) or build your home partially underground, there is no need for heating at all. Even if does get cold, it should be within my rights to be cold if I so choose. Rocket stoves are an extremely safe, efficient way to heat anything, and yet building departments, because they don’t know what they are, are afraid of them and won’t allow you to use them.

      Same with running water. Setting up traditional plumbing can get expensive. If I want to run out to a well and pump water every times I want it, that should be my right. A bucket and a sponge is all you need to clean yourself from head to toe.

  30. Joe C. says:

    People who want to live off the land and who really believe in freedom to the fullest need to JOIN TOGETHER and COMMUNICATE. Just something as simple as having meetings, volunteering to teach each other tips and lessons gained from our different experiences.

    We can defend our freedoms: we should start meeting and forming a community of like-minded individuals, maybe eventually we can get lobbyists who can go represent our interests in DC.

    • Wil says:

      Yeah….thats what we need…meetings,and lobbyists in DC. Oh…and change the laws. Right. here is a novel idea for you cup of Joe…How about obeying the law?…PRETTY SIMPLE HUH!…Who in the government is going to bother you,find you, or care;…if you are living simply and following the law. You can live off-grid-legally….Cite a statute that says differently…Swat teams, etc..only show up when laws are broken…there is more to the story in the video. Paranoid fringe weirdos predicting the doomsday need a reality check. Start by obeying laws. Off-grid means only to be disconnected to a power grid. It is legal. Everything else here is speculation, uninformed, juvenile, and out of touch with reality. Not one blogger has cited a law saying where or how it is illegal to live off the grid. Not one. Show me the law. Show me the money. Put up or shut up. You can’t poop all over the ground….there are health laws….you have to have water. Heat is easy….It is not illegal to NOT have AC!…The entire premis of this blog site is out of touch with reality, fueled by paranoia, and an isolated case/video that isn’t showing all side of the truth. Come on. What does it take?…or more importantly…WTF!…I am waiting…reading…ready.

      • EllieMae says:

        I have a Travco RV which is a class A motorhome. Fully self-contained and green. The water from the large fresh water tank which is used by the kitchen sink, bathroom sink and shower drain into a grey tank and this is the water used to flush the toilet instead of wasting fresh water for flushing. This even larger tank (black tank) is pumped out about every month and is always well below 1/2 full. It has ac, heat, a frig and a hot water heater all of which will run off DC power or the 6000 watt generator. I am on my own, paid for, land and I’m being threatened with a fine or up to a year in jail if I continue to live in this RV. So it would seem You Are Wrong and might want to do some research.

      • EllieMae says:

        I forgot to mention that I’m on over 6 acres of mostly wooded rural land well outside any city limits, is free of trash, and a well maintained yard.

  31. RFB says:

    He went looking for America…..

    ….and couldn’t find it.

    “It’s difficult to be free when your bought and sold in the market place”

    “Well it doesn’t make them running scared”

    “No…it makes them dangerous”


    • Wil says:

      What the phuk is this? Are you kidding me…”NEEK NEEK NEEK”…WTF!…Diagnosis:AFU. Report to the nearest ER.

  32. Steve says:

    Those were some of my neighbors pictured and it is actually much worse than what you have read about. Ranch owners come under attack all the time by Los Angeles County NAT. NAT, comes in around 5:30AM and does a swat style raid and goes after homeowners for anything and everything; right down to the number of chickens roaming the ranch and what kind of vehicles you can have on your land.

    They leave little old ladies out in the winter cold for hours and then leave with the house ripped up and huge fines they know the owner could never pay; then they seize the property.

    You would think that living out in the middle of nowhere you would be left alone, not in LA County!

  33. Blake Wood says:

    I was extatic to find this page. I had no ideas that there were so many people out there that felt the same way as I do. There is far too much goverment for us to really live. The fines, the fees, the permits. There is so much nonsense. I could write for days about how much BS there is in our country. My girlfriend got a ticket a few months back because my 11 year old dog still has his balls. Apparently you need to have a permit both for having a dog and for their balls. This is just a small example of what we’redealing with.

    In short, I’m fed up. I’m ready for a change. I’m ready for a battle, war or peaceful demonstrations.

    Either way, something has to change.

    We live in a connected world. We can communicate. We can organize. Locally, nationally, worldwide… We have that power. Why aren’t we using it?!?!

    • Deb says:

      We ARE using ‘inter-connectedness’, Blake. Amazingly enough, Egypt actually started some of the first Occupy Wall Street protests. Our people over here have been in contact with their “organizers’ for quite a while. But Americans are ‘soft’ compared to the Egyptians, who have had to deal with violence and government oppression all their lives. Peaceful American protesters have been maced, shot and beaten. The riot police have alot of big bad weapons and they know how to use them. Most us folks just want to live a peaceful life and be left alone. I’d hate to have to spend all my time training to shoot a high powered gun…I don’t want to kill anyone. I don’t want my own limbs blown off, either. I think the most effective way of fighting is with your money. Don’t give it to them! That’s one of the main reasons they are trying to snuff out all the self efficient folks…we don’t NEED the government!

  34. Aguarose says:

    Hey I have been searching for a community of people that want to go out in live off the earth, growing gathering, and hunting all the food and medicine. or already have a community out somewhere where they own the land. Where can I find these type of communities?

  35. A PISSED OFF VETERAN!!!!! says:

    I’m ready to stand up!!!! I have been ever since I got back in January 2010 from and 2009 deployment. I realized that I was nothing but a pawn in a big corrupt game of money and power. I realized that I was helping to kill my own fellow soldiers.
    I just received a letter from the IRS on Monday the 27th 2012 stating that they need information from me because the stupid fucking Department of Defense can’t send them a simple little letter stating that I was in fact deployed in 2009. So now I gotta dig out my DD214 and send it to them. Plus I’ve been paying off part of my sign on bonus for almost a year now even tho it states in my contract that I earned every little bit that I got. I tried to straiten it out but all they do is feed me a bunch of Bullshit saying I needed to meet some other requirement to that’s not stated in my contract.

  36. one that's doin' it... says:

    The only difference between doing it and not doing it is…doing it.

    We’ve been off grid since 1984, built our house with native materials…grow, hunt, fish, gather about 80% of our food, trade for the rest. We still have and foster community, treat others well and lend helping hands. We aren’t friggin’ islands…and the county sheriff knows I’ve got his back.

  37. Bettina Lynn-Mulle says:

    What is ironic is that these county inspectors can enforce “aesthetic” codes meanwhile coal and oil companies are tearing up the earth and oceans and destroying the environment and they go uncensored and unrestricted.

  38. I remember says:

    I have seen this kind of nonsense before and i guarantee that they are being systematically forced to relocate because the city officials are in cahoots with developers who want that land for their own development purposes. What they DONT want is media exposure. They dont want their constituents to know what they are doing because they are dealing under the table and they could lose everything. So to help out those folks, the city must be forced to pay for their land and relocation at a good price for the potential future market value and make sure there is plenty of media exposure on the proceedings. Their goal is to get the land virtually for nothing and make a huge profit on it. The citizens goal is to play their game only do it one better.

  39. Austin says:

    start a petitions its is the governing body of the area that adopted National Zoning Laws ,so how the live in new York is under the same law as the middle of the desert… well what works in New York don’t work in the desert and visa versa and from town ship to town ship and state to state, that is why there shouldn’t be a National Regulation or law for any thing if you don’t like it there is very little escape this type of thig should never happened if you don’t like one town or counties laws you are free to move to a different town or county if it is a State law you don’t like then you could move to a state that is more liberal or conservative but when it is national there is no escape from legislation that you don’t agree with “You Will Conform Or else ”

  40. Deb says:

    Yes, this is true. I have relatives who live near these folks, and the places are way out in the middle of No-where. They wren’t bothering ANYONE. What BS. I think the government is testing and training local authorities in the art of harassment and control of American citizens. They know these “desert rats” have no friends, family, or communities to rise up and come to their defense. So the “authorities” will learn the feeling of success in their bullying of the American people. Sort of like how dog fighters and cock fighters do. They steal a gentle dog and force it to try to defend itself against their fighter dogs (same thing with cock fighting) and the fighter dog can kill the gentle dog easily. The fighter learns the feeling of winning and can’t wait to kill it’s next victim. Eventually, the fighter dog is ready and eager for greater challenges. In this case…bigger communities of people who will give them more of a fight…which they are certainly ready for.
    I am sick to death over this

  41. Kacey66 says:

    The people who don’t know what is going on are too afraid to face what is coming at us. That is what the illuminati, AKA 1%, AKA insiders, always known as the assholes of the world want. Now their plans are so close to completion they don’t care. There was an audio recording of one of them boasting about the culling, the mass murder of 90% of the population and that they can’t be stopped. What gets me, is that governments, including ours is going along with it in the name of protecting the earth from the overpopulation. But they have been planning this and trying to accomplish it since the early 1900s if not before.

  42. Morri says:

    >>>”I am from the south and I do not want the goverment to own me. The people in the north are the ones that will starve when big daddy says so. As I told my yankee husband he will never starve because I can hunt,kill skin,cook meat and this also goes for my garden.”<<

    Oh my. I don't know why all southerners seem to think that us Yanks only know how to sit around reading the NYT and sipping Latte while our nail polish dries. lol

    I hate to disappoint you, but all the Yanks I know not only have your 'skill set", but also have the education and technological know-how to do a great many other things, which would come in mighty handy should the need arise.

    Considering that the North is full of forests, game, mountains, caves, clean water, farmland, ocean, natural fuels and foods, I can assure you that a great number of us would not be starving. ;) I know it might mess with your preconceptions a little bit, but I have attended embassy events in Washington DC, poured my own lead rounds, am quite skilled in bow use, trapping, animal lore, horsemanship, alternative power sources, etc etc. I can ALSO read the NYT and sip a latte. We are the sons and daughters of the original settlers and revolutionaries, in addition to the descendants of the forebears that kicked the South's colelective arses. Don't make the common mistake of mistaking kindness for weakness. You'll be skinning a mangy rabbit for dinner & sweating to death in the summer humidity on your peeling porch while we'll have wind-powered running water, herds of animals, crops, cave sanctuaries, numerous levels of security -and most all the comforts of home.

    Heh. (You knew someone had to say it.)

  43. coldcoff33 says:

    No offense to these good people, but from what i’ve seen all my life you have to either not give a crap about freedom or be out of your mind to live in California..

  44. Mary Pevehouse says:

    Ask the president for help. Contact your congressman and ask him to help.There is a fine line between upholding the laws and harrassing citizens of this country. People that have found a way to survive without harm to any other persons should not be pushed around by any government. The officials there are creating homelessness instead of helping to stop it.

    • wil says:

      Wow….a hail mary…”Ask the president for help”.
      WTF….are you kidding me ? Ha Ha Ha…LOL…Hello. Which president are you referring to ?…There is a fine line between naive and stupid.

      • wils bully says:

        f off wil the intel troll….the system is built for you not to be able to escape it…everything we fight about is exactly what they want…us being good slaves and fighting about all THEIR rubish..which includes new age,gov politics,racism,religion etc etc…all of which are control nodes…moving to a sustainable life style is about the closest you will get to freedom except for going full tribal type living roaming like the natives on untracked land which is to rough a lifestyle for most. Back out of the system… youtube “the dream of life 5d” these people were physically threatened for backing completely out of the state in austrailia..I mean giving up there dl’s and all documents and being a free people..they had 12 death threats and one was shot at…ITS NO F’IN JOKE wil!!!!!!!

  45. Dan says:

    Wow, all I was looking for was info about living off the grid and came across this page. The dialog is evidence that my thoughts about government and it’s power to divide this country and it’s people are solid and hold a lot of water. In my sixty eight years I have lived in a few countries and numerous states. I have seen much discourse and hate. The governments around the world are winning and will realize their goal of making slaves of everyone. If you doubt me, check out UN agenda 21, which by the way, is supported by the current administration. In closing, I would suggest, all should channel this energy into constructive rather than destructive conversation.

  46. Enter your name... says:

    Rolla missouri.. cita law to accupy a building you must have the powerhooked up and on but you can choose not to use it .I know i just wont roundup with the city hall about it

  47. aileen potter says:

    Decades ago, while pursuing my Botany Degree, I had a wonderful book that I lent to someone, who never gave it back shame on him. It was a book describing every type of moss, bush, tree, flower, root that was edible, in the northeast of the U.S. and it was amazing that practically every thing is edible. Knowing this, how to build a shelter and start a fire, I believe is important as general knowledge, something kids should know, not to be afraid of getting one’s hands dirty. I live on a saltwater marsh, so I have even more plentiful resources. Let the mega-wealthy live where they desire, if money becomes obsolete, I’ll make a salad from weeds, eat veggies that I grow, dig clams, fish and survive. The prospect of a comet hitting our planet is a greater risk than most people realize.

  48. Dave says:

    You live in a fascist police state, get used to it or leave while you still can.

  49. no job says:

    I understand and appreciate these people. Leave them alone and let them live the life they want, in the house they want. Freedom without government control should be our number one priority. You better stand up for these people. You’re next..

  50. NormaJean says:

    Wow, where I live, I have been forced to live off the grid, because I refuse to go so deep into dept that I would never get out. I actually enjoy living the old way. I never get bored, there is always something to be done.

  51. Andy says:

    I have read every comment on the Page down to the bottom and with All the Ranting and Raving and other Strategies that have been laid out and Argued about,,, NOT ONE of you ” OFF THE GRID ” supporters,, Have Realized One ABSOLUTELY OBVIOUS FACT,, Being Unbelievably OVERLOOKED in your Plan…. And that is the Simple FACT that you are on the “INTERNET” which is my friends,,,, THE GRID…. UNDERSTAND ??? How do you intend to be OFF THE GRID and SWIMMING THROUGH IT in all your SHINY WELL LIGHT HERE I AM ADVERTISING BILLBOARD SPLENDOR ??? REALLY ??? OFF THE GRID MEANS ,,, OFF THE GRID. Without exception PERIOD >>> Sheesh !!

  52. Robert says:

    These idiots who are killing children and shooting up theaters,should be a little more constructive and kill and shoot up these idiots who bother people that aren,t doing any harm to others. People such as Mr.antonovich ,and other so called elected officials . These are the ones who are making it hard to live life as we choose. They will always find ways to make you leave your home, you fix one thing ,they find something else more expensive for you to change. Just wait until the start putting in whatever it is they want on the land and start tearing that down.

  53. Raymond says:

    A major error in thinking appears to be very common. The GOVERNMENT is your neighbors. Each and every one of these stupid or brilliant things the GOVERNMENT does is a decision made by an INDIVIDUAL person. When people think that the government’s LAW has power they fail to recognize that these laws are meaningless until someONE chooses to act according to the law or punish someone else for not acting according to their law. The way to stop the GOVERNMENT

  54. tired of others trying to control what I do! says:

    I stumbled across this sight looking for why I am being kicked of my own land because I am tenting on it for the summer. Full disclosere my house was foreclosed on but the adjoining property is mine that I am tenting on.
    jimminy rickets what going on folks?

    Bookmarked this page as I want to help.
    As for me ? I don’t know
    A person just can not live with out someone tugging on someone elsess way of living.

    I don’t like the word wish as it pertains an empty gesture.
    With that , I look foreword to see positive outcome on your respects and contact for tryanything I can do for you.

  55. JJM says:

    We the people will not fail. Those who choose to do the bidding of the government are no better than the puppets of a Nazi regime. They made their choice.

    Well. We made our choice as well. And I for one would KILL anyone who tries to take it away. The only way the government can promote its agneda is through the actions of individuals. And I certainly hope they think its worth it when they come to my land to take something and end up with a bullet in their head. I would bury his ass 25 feet underground and nobody would find him.

    Case in point. The government does anything and all they want to scare you, force you to give up what you have. Treat them like the cancer they are. Tell the world about it. Be ready to film those who bother you and put them on the Internet for all to see. Take names. Make them the embarassment they have become. And most of all, be ready to literally fight for what you have.

    We don’t need the power companies. We don’t need the water companies. And the list gets long. I for one am well versed in how to live in the 1800s. I know how homes were designed for combat the weather elements without need for electricity or fossil fuels. Grow your food. Make your supplies. Live in peace. Become wiser. And best of all, be fully convinced that those who love money suck and want you to work for them to make more of it! Tell them to F off and go about your life. Educate others about what is going on.


  56. bob denver says:

    You really shouldn’t use that title for this article. It is deceptive. California has always been outside the law. Just because they do whatever they want there doesn’t mean its the same everywher else. Yeah. There are whatever number of cities or states where its typical for local officials to harrass and annoy Off The Gridders. But it isn’t illegal to do so. You need to change your title.

  57. living off the grid says:

    I almost never comment, however i did some searching and wound up here Is living off the Grid
    now a crime?. And I do have a couple of questions for you if it’s allright. Is it only me or does it look like a few of the responses appear like coming from brain dead visitors? :-P And, if you are writing on other social sites, I’d like to follow everything fresh you
    have to post. Could you make a list of the complete urls
    of your community pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or
    linkedin profile?

  58. Some dude says:

    the government sadly doesn’t know what the word PRIVATE means (facepalm)

  59. al resauit says:

    in nj it’s call imminent domain they just come to your home and tell you to leave so they expand a road or put in new power lines or anything thay want!

  60. Olen says:

    If the county has been charging for ‘residential’ taxes, then they may be subject to litigation due to presently declaring the properties as not residential. I live in a different State and witnessed a successful use of this strategy. It may be possible to sue retroactively plus interest. This can add up quickly and is surely worth exploring. Also search for old agricultural laws, sometimes owning a couple livestock animals can change things as old farm laws may allow a number of things. Example, some counties in some States have old laws never removed from the books allowing farm help to stay on site 24/7, or even to reroute water sources, etc. Just some suggestions I have seen implemented elsewhere.

  61. Joe says:

    I’ve heard some utility companies are actually paying citizens with solar etc for power back to them…

  62. Rhett says:

    I wish the Syrian Government will intervene. Or even the UN…

  63. James says:

    Can I hear you say A G E N D A 2 1 ?

  64. Mark Veil says:

    I would suggest inviting large numbers of visitor residents –especially those who have had their properties taken away. Have them stay, fix up the premises, so that they look more conventional. Make and sell survival videos. Also, I agree with Discerning above, but do not give up your property so easily; do survival instruction, yes. Have you looked up wesites with the SPECIAL SEGREGATED WORD –GANGSTALKING. It means state attacks using state of the art electronics and unlimited military resources ie employees and materials against innocent citizens. There is also illegal covert sedation, kidnapping and surgery.

  65. Jeremy says:

    History repeats itself, our human nature ensures that to happen. You have to think about how the majority influences events in history. The majority always rules. There are ignorant people in the world, lots of them, I am only stating a fact. The corrupt have used the ignorant as their own tool for supremacy. History teaches us this, so does the present. There is no formula for a answer to today’s problems. They are ever evolving, but the signs of the times do look very familiar don’t they. Now, there are GOOD people out there, but few. These people try to take a stand. have you seen them? No. Why is that? Read between the lines people. The thing that makes those in power fear the most at night is loosing power, and control. How do you control the majority? You turn up the heat very slowly, let them get used to it, then more. A tried a true method for the ages. Am I making sense? People… we were free once. How do you measure freedom? Ask a revolutionary. How can you fight the majority, AND fight the corrupt? If you are looking for answers to today’s problems you need not look any further than your fellow neighbor, but placing blame and pointing fingers puts all back even more. I’m not saying I have the answers, I am saying I may have the right questions. I think that is a hell of a step in the right direction towards shifting the balance of ignorance, shifting the majority. You have to also think several steps ahead, go ahead and try to live off the grid and see how long before some official steps into your life. Doing what you want (freedom) is not wrong, I’m not saying so at all. It is our birth right. Just be informed, and plan ahead. I don’t want see the need for people to make martyrs of themselves, I want to see people wise up and shift the majority before it’s too late.

  66. Jonathan says:

    I hope this is of some use to you and you will read carefully. Every time you have someone entering your property, it is a business transaction. You can accept their terms if you wish or you can set your own!! If you set terms and conditions on your entrances to your property (via SIGNS) and DECLARE them when people come on your property such as “All rights reserved” and “Any and each violation of my rights will incur financial penalties of (state your terms in $1m) and personal penalties of $1m. These terms and conditions are final and non negotiable. Entering the property deems acceptance of these terms.”

    You might just see a change in them, because they are personally and the business is now liable for any violation of your rights. This is a simply stating a contract between you and the businesses, which is what they are trying to do with you.

  67. Leslie Fish says:

    Obviously LA county is planning to “develop” that land, probably by selling it to some corporation — possibly foreign. The obvious solution is for all the victims to band together, hire a good lawyer with a track record of beating govts. in court, and sue the county. It would help if they could hire a good investigator who could dig up the dirt on just whom the county is planning to sell to.

    If you want to go off the grid these days, the one link you can’t afford to break is a cell-phone and the phone number of a good lawyer.

    Other tricks I’d recommend include 1) building an underground house that the “inspectors” can’t find, 2) planting some of the ground with crops and declaring the land an “organic garden” — and hooking up with the local environmental-protection groups so you can howl “anti-environmental!” at the particular govt. office, 3) make anything that can be called “artwork”, sell the same at local arts-and-crafts fairs, link up with local artists’ groups, and then howl “anti-art!”. In any case, plan your defense in advance and keep tabs on current govt. trends through your lawyer.

  68. let freedom ring! says:

    Hi, i hope i don’t offend anyone, or get rude comments back. I am a firm believer that people who are suffering under the nations government need to come together. The goverment isn’t just torturing the people of California, it’s all over the country and it’s not just land or housing either, it’s families too. Since i was little i knew, i had a sense that the world wasn’t right, way before i even started school. As i got older my compassion and love for people grew. And now in my late 20’s i can’t begin to tell you the things I’ve seen or the traumas my family has faced. I am an old soul, returning time and time again until we fix this. In all this the encounter i had with the government and it’s hunger for my children really woke up something inside. I see the hurt in people, the fear, it comes in all shapes and sizes, but they all are equally traumatizing. A nightmare we op we wake up from while clenching our hands over our heart. A dark feeling. BUT we have a choice, minority? Everything once started as minority, it’s the courage that drives out the fear, it’s not the falling IT IS the getting back up. Come together,support and encourage eachother , wake up warriors and fight. The Government didn’t give you life, God( or what you call) did! I am young, but i have fight and i believe.

    • Bling says:


  69. Taylor Farms says:

    I live completely off the grid and very comfortable with no problems at all from the government. I even sale my electricity to the municipality.

  70. Wanting to learn says:

    Some information about me. I am 20 years old, going to school and working. My parents more or less grow up in a substistence lifestyle where they took care of themselves, but now we live in the Dallas fort worth metroplex and there is no need to depend on yourself. My parents haven’t really been able to teach me these necessary skills so my question is…. how do I learn these off the grid skills? I’ve read books, watched shows, but is there any classes people know of where i can practice these? I have this gut feeling about september 2015… something is coming. I don’t know how huge of an impact this will be and I don’t really know what. If you look at the pattern though it will be coming in a year and a half from now. I’m anxious and I want to be prepared. So anyone have any tips or know of classes in the dallas/ FT worth area?

  71. Norma I. Lujano says:

    Any green communities out there that are in place? Looking to build my off the grid home in a peaceful place. Contact me plz. contact me only if you are serious plz.

  72. james says:

    the only reason these ppl are getting jail time is simply b/c they do not own the land in which they intend to live off grid.

  73. Dave says:

    Another one of your rights is the right to confront your accuser

  74. tinyoak says:

    there is another option to completely cut yourself off from relying on government. The good old fashioned barter system among neighbors. I see it all the time in the UP of Michigan. One neighbor needs a few potatoes and another is short on milk so they trade and everyone benefits. Neighbor looking out for neighbor…we need to get back to that.

  75. craig maple says:

    I guess all of this is good if you want to go back to living without modern conveniences. the problem i see is that we can think and speak freely, but not act freely or live freely. the best, most feasible solution is first to get politicians use of 501c charities banned or made public information. stripping government bodies of the power they have accumulated. Instituting true democracy wirh available technology and reducing the roles of elected representatives. finally i believe consolidation of departments and cost reductions will be necessary.

  76. Susan says:

    I think of this every time I am researching candidates looking for the one with the most logic and the least amount of BS:

    After the 1787 Constitutional Convention, as the delegates emerged from Independence Hall, a Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

  77. Heather says:

    In my opinion, people are too scared to fight back against the gov, There are more of us than there are of them. Yet, people have become so dependant,they are scared.If only they knew.

  78. CW says:

    I agree, that if you break the law, you should not complain about the consequences. But I also know that, not all laws are enforcemed e we equally. And being that the people breaking the law are human and therefore imperfect, so are the people making the laws, and the officers enforcing them. So to blanket every situation with the same reply, without knowing, is short sited, and closed minded. This world has and is changing. This change maybe good, but not without a lot of pain, death, and destitude first!

  79. Jeanine says:

    what happened? I just read the posts now and it’s been 3 years, were you able to hold your lands?

  80. Jeanine says:

    I just read the posts now. What happened do you still have your lands and are you still living on it as you were before? any more intimidation tactics?

  81. MackDK says:

    I would love to get every poster to this thread to commit to banding together to pioneer a Resistance Survivalist Town somewhere where we choose to live in defiance of local, state, and federal edicts together, barter for everything, supply own needs for survival, live off-grid, and take care of our own. I know there are many people who want the govt off their backs and have lamented the downfall of independent living but few ever do anything about it, or they settle for what they can do for their own family. Why not be the spark to start the movement to take the country back? Do it well, and others will follow and as the old adage goes…there is strength in numbers.

  82. Freedom Fighter says:

    When are the “PEOPLE” of this country going to wake up? We are sitting on our hands and letting the government “DICTATE” to us, every move we make! This is not a dictatorship, YET, but if we don”t do something instead of talking and complaining about it, it won”t be long before it will be!

    • john jones says:

      Let’s start it not any more talk

  83. Susan says:

    I am about to be evicted from a house I lived in for 21 yrs.My parents had it built and they are selling it asap. They don’t give a crap about me.SSD is planning on giving me 600 a month to live. Whee. Live in my car is about all I can do with that. But no they will need an address. LOL I have wanted to live in a cabin in the woods for 30 yrs now.I raised 2 great kids and am now on my own about to be homeless. My stuff is packed and there is no where to go. I was always against government and bs society. Now I have to find out where the hell I am supposed to live. I don’t and never have gave a crap about technology and phones and all that crap. I just want to wake up in a cabin,go out cut firewood,shoot my dinner,and live. I LOVE building firepits and handy things. I have to find a spot NOW.Like right NOW.

  84. sacman says:

    I live off grid no power no water no gas. It impossible to be self sufficient without money at the beginning. You need solar panels and batteries enough to run your functions of life. You still need some form of currency to get you go just not as much as common society. I make gift baskets live comfortably for about 300 month I grow some vegetables and because of the weather I have propane on hand mostly use wood stove. I also have Internet wi fi and that is st I’ll a bill that cost money. So until there are some major changes in the economics of the world were still going to be looking at dollar bill for survival. Just try to take some gold to the store for groceries. B.t.w our community has a bartering system for homemade items fruits vegetables soap e.t.c.

  85. C P says:

    What aspects of off grid living are illegal in Madison County, TN? Is off grid living illegal in Mexico? How can we fight the government? If people want to go off grid, there shouldn’t be any laws against it. The government has NO right to do that!

    • paul says:

      The gov.wants your tax money,the utilty companys want your money,they give the gov.big,big donations to make laws to keep you paying.we all know that!freedom whats that?communism,,,,yep.need to put a stop to it,i think im voting for trump!

  86. len says:

    Just wish I could walk off into the woods somewhere and live using only my survival witts ! Society’s gotton out of control and they keep pushing you into the ground!

  87. adrian says:

    Hello everyone…where can i buy cheap good land with water? I HATE California and want to move out of here asap. thx

  88. David Carlson says:

    Question: Ever wonder why digital electric meters are still big and clunky when every thing else has miniaturized?

    Answer: So Big Brother can accommodate solid-state wall-penetrating radar on the homes of persons of interest–The better to see you with my dear.

  89. Lord Humungus says:

    Does anyone really want to live off the grid unless they’re fed up with mankind? The solution is high-paying jobs, affordable health insurance, and enough disposable income left over to have a sex life.

  90. Karen says:

    No More A Land Of The Free. No distinctions between right and wrong anymore. The abatement teams should go to jail for violating these people’s rights. Notice how they wouldn’t even answer a simple question at the town meeting, this alone proves they just don’t want to admit their lack of values and respect of humanity, and what used to be the American way. Highly upsetting to me. I often dream we the people create such a revolution to end this type of political disregard, and actually win! Yeah, in my dreams.

  91. Dilly Crostiginae says:

    This is not only happening in the Peoples Republik of California, but also in Virginia and probably other states. In Michigan it is illegal to grow a vegetable garden in your front yard yet Sharia law has been passed in one community.


    And here:

  92. Keith says:

    It is pure manipulation and fear tactics, they expect you to be compliant of all laws and regulation, but they can lie and break any law they want to get the job done. It really all comes down to control, the Gov clearly wants us to be dependent on them and not self reliant.

  93. faith says:

    washh up

  94. Robert says:

    I beleive that anyone who wants , should be allowed to live off grid. The energy corporations should not be allowed to force anyone , including political figures in any state , to force people to hookup and/or use utilities. I see nothing wronge with living off grid.

  95. Jennifer Livingston says:

    Someone needs to get all the “off the grid” community together along with freedom rallies to go in front of the Supreme Court and let them know WE THE PEOPLE who are suppose to be a free nation are being treated like we live in a communist dictatorship. We need to also subpoena town and state records to find out how much $$ they are getting in kickbacks to keep people on the grid. Until America steps up (together) it will happen to all of us.
    Also why aren’t the Amish and other OFF Grid Communities being targeted, or are they next?

  96. Concern Vet says:

    Leave these people alone, we should be rallying and showing the world what the animals in government attack simple people. Instead we only see spoiled rich kids complaining about privilege.. It’s disgusting

  97. All off griders should be force at gun point to plug back into the grid; off gridding rejects the truth of the governing alien presence.

  98. our homeworld at the pinnacle of civilization visited earth to extract many numbers of you to bring to our world to teach the ways of galactic science and advanced civilization. Unfortunately, our civilization collapsed because of our curiosity with your species which we now call the garbage pit of the outer rim and under perpetual quarantine. Many of us now rule your planet.

  99. Rachel says:

    Off grid. No gummint. Take back our land…

    All via COMPUTER, and no one sees the discrepancies?


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