Federal Government trying to Outlaw Tiny Homes and RV Living

In yet another attempt to go after the self-reliant lifestyle, the federal government has again taken aim at the off-grid lifestyle and is attempting to ban Tiny Homes and RVs as permanent residences.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is in the process of putting the finishing touches on proposed regulations that would make living in an RV or a mobile Tiny Home illegal for most people.

The proposed regulations, entitled “FR–5877–P–01 Manufactured Home Procedural and Enforcement Regulations; Revision of Exemption for Recreational Vehicles”, will redefine the industry, and force HUD regulations on those that live the lifestyle. The new regulations are set to modify a current exemption in the Manufactured Home Procedural and Enforcement Regulations. According to the proposed docket information, RVs would be defined as “a factory build vehicular structure, not certified as a manufactured home, designed only for recreational use and not as a primary residence or for permanent occupancy.”

Mobile RV Home

This means your tiny homes will either fall under HUD regulations, forcing you to comply with HUD building codes or will be put on the exempt list, making your home illegal to use as a primary or permanent residence.

This is a huge hit for the thousands upon thousands of people who choose to give up their homes every year to live full-time in RVs and tiny homes. If this proposed regulation is adopted by HUD, most tiny homes that are built upon a mobile frame will be subjected to this regulation, and in essence, be declared RVs that are not suitable for year-round living.

The FR–5877–P–01 Manufactured Home Procedural and Enforcement Regulations; Revision of Exemption for Recreational Vehicles Summary Reads:

This proposed rule would modify the current exemption for recreational vehicles in the Manufactured Home Procedural and Enforcement Regulations.  Under the current exemption, questions have arisen regarding whether park model recreational vehicles are regulated by HUD’s manufactured home program.

These park models are being produced with patio roofs, screened in porches, and other extensions that exceed the 400 square foot maximum exemption in the current regulations. Additionally, some of these models are being marketed as suitable for year round living. HUD’s proposed rule would permit recreational vehicle manufactures to certify that a unit is exempted from HUD’s regulations. Specifically, HUD’s proposed rule would define a recreational vehicle as a factory build vehicular structure, not certified as a manufactured home, designed only for recreational use and not as a primary residence or for permanent occupancy, and built and certified in accordance with either the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1192-2015, Standard for Recreational Vehicles, or the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A119.5-15, Recreational Park Trailer Standard. In addition, to provide consumers notice regarding the manufacturing standards used to construct the unit, HUD’s rule would require that units claiming the exemption display a notice that identifies the standards used to construct the unit and states that the unit is designed only for recreational use, and not as a primary residence or permanent dwelling.

Regulated out of Existence

A tiny home next to a lake

These new HUD Regulations are no accident. In my opinion, it is part of a larger effort to control every aspect of how we live, where we live, and what we do with our so-called freedoms.

As I’ve pointed out numerous times in the past, governments at all levels, from federal to local zoning boards, are attempting to regulate us out of existence. The only reason people even started to build their tiny homes on these mobile frames was to try to get around the maze of zoning laws that forbid them from building tiny homes on their own land.

Once this HUD ruling goes into affect, these tiny mobile homes will be a thing of the past. And when that happens, most tiny homes will be a thing of the past as well, since most areas of the country ban these types of homes from being permanently constructed as primary residences.

Just look at what happened to the people of Costilla County, Colorado, a community that became a haven for those who wanted to live the Off-Grid lifestyle.

Late last year, in an attempt to stop people from living off the grid, Costilla County, Colorado banned off-gridders from camping on their own Land.

Twenty-year resident Paul Skinner summed it up at the planning commission meeting, “We are residents who have come to live off the grid. It’s all our land.” … “These are harsh economic times. We have nowhere to go.”

“We’ve been regulated out of life,” resident Robin Rutan told CPR. “I came here because I couldn’t live by the codes [in other regions]”

And that really sums up what this is all about; we are being regulated out of existence; forced to live in a way that the government says we ought to live. Our very freedoms, and constitutional guarantees of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are being torn from us as the country sits back and takes it.

From the White House using race as an excuse to change national zoning laws and define who can live in certain neighborhoods, to global corporations using eminent domain to steal homes, to the city of Seattle trying to ban single-family homes, there is a war on self-reliance brewing.

It’s becoming harder and harder for independent, freedom-minded people to live the lives that they want to live. These aren’t bad people, they are families just trying to live the American Dream; unfortunately, freedom loving Americans seem to be under attack from every direction!

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  1. Lately I feel more and more like a prisoner than a free American . can’t eat this , can’t do that , can’t go there , can’t live here WTF is going on . The only thing that keeps me strong is knowing that there still are many individuals who feel like I do and that we all are fighting for our basic human rights ! We must keep fighting , alone we we’re none existent but together we live !!

    • You really are more of a prisoner than you would like to think ! We have been tricked and lied to ! We also have citizens like “nubwaxer” (below) who speaks like a Communist and doesn’t know the difference between a Democracy (MOB rule) and our Democratic Republic. (Individual Rights)here is something for you to explore and decide if you think it is worth acting on in order to declare your Constitutional status. Stop acting as a 14th Amendment federal slave ! http://sovereigntoserf.com/category/articles/ (at least watch the passport video 28 min. )

      • We live in a constitutional republic. Not a mob republic. Constitutional republic gives us our rights by constitution to and limits government, but we have been over thrown.

        • So band together and over throw the government. it’s our constitutional right to do so. Just takes organization these millenials can’t handle constantly being glued to our phones n s***.

          • Watch Ralph Naders Radio show on U Tube! Taking back democracy! Maui residents did just that! 7 steps to taking back democracy! Get the book! Get progressives to run for County Commisioners and change the laws!

    • Thanks for the thought Ana. I agree. It’s sad. I do feel that there is a place for some regulation. I’m not a fan of my neighbor having a “right” to dump toxic waste into my well’s aquifer (in my book that’s theft of the “commons”). But there are SO many new regulations all the time that just seek to homogenize and shrink the possibilities of life. It’s sad – though I do “rebel” in small ways where I feel justified.

    • Thank you for your post I’ve been feeling like I was the only one feeling this as the town I live in keeps jacking up my taxes trying to take my home because they can profit from it my kids grew up in my house and I’m fighting to keep it in the hopes that one day my kids will want it until then I will keep doing my best at keeping it but it gets harder and harder every year the town keeps telling me what I can or cannot have on my property which I fight that as well I’ve even had cops tell me I was disturbing the peace while I was mowing my yard at 2:30 in the afternoon hope things get better thank you again

    • America has never been a place to be free. PreAmerica was free. The land was not owned or polluted. America is the start of lesser freedoms

  2. come on, we’ve had zoning laws forever that prevent people from plopping their trailers anywhere they want. they might be legal out in some rural communities but where do you get your water and how do you dispose of sewage? the rights of the many supersede your individual rights as they always have and always should.

    • You need to go back to school. We are a republic and the rights of an individual are protected despite what the majority wishes. Read the Bill of Rights.

      • The rights of the individual are not protected if said rights infringe on the liberty and pursuit of happiness of others.

      • I can deeply simpathize with those who want to live Off the Grid. However, it really bothers me to drive by an OTG dwelling and find all kinds of trash, old and rusty washers and dryers, and car parts scattered all over the place. It is a real eyesore and environmental shame that some people would be such slobs cluttering up God’s Creation. More sympathy would be had if it weren’t for all the garbage! If you want sympathy, Clean It Up!

        • But corporations can pollute and litter all they want, right?
          BP pumped millions of oil into the Gulf, the Appalachian mountains are being blown apart for coal which is releasing toxins into local water, fracing is polluting water and causing earthquakes, the Hudson River in NY is still coated with toxic sludge from GE, the Fed just dumped toxic mine water in Colorado which polluted New Mexico rivers.
          But you’re outraged because there’s scattered trash along someone’s private property? Last I checked even Denver’s water is contaminated, Albuquerque’s water is contaminated. And it’s not from people talking a dump on their property.

          • Please stick to the subject. The oil spill in the Gulf has nothing to with tiny houses

          • @fraclady

            I believe the point was that there are bigger problems than a few pieces of trash on someone’s private property – so the comment is valid IMHO

          • I distain all pollution, theirs and yours. Their bad behavior in no way excuses yours. Every time I go fishing, hunting, or just out for a walk, I pick up other peoples trash, bring it home, and put it in the garbage. So should you. Ask yourself, “What kind of place do I want to leave for my kids and grandkids?” Slobs don’t garner any sympathy, public or private. Do you want to loose your right to hunt and fish, be a Slob! Do you want to live OTG, then clean it up!

          • Although I dislike and dispose scattered pollutens of “all kind” … I must say, Amen to your reply to those who have such a strong opinion about those of us who live, or have lived off grid, tiny homes, trailers, or in otherwise what’s considered more suitable living conditions by society. Not all of us living OTG live among scattered garbage. In fact very few of us who live a lifestyle OTG do. Thank you, also for mentioning what “our government is allowing” Big Corps to do to everyone’s waterways and land! Thank you.. :)

        • I don’t see how living OTG is a predictor of trashy property. I live in Louisiana and most properties like that are on the grid. On the other hand most of my OTG friends are quite fastidious. Strikes me as a pretty broad generalization.

          • AGREE with Kid red.

            my home will be off grid but it is grandfather code (built in 1950’s) but my off grid RV (expedition camper) I intend to live in as I rent my home out.. is based on an ambulance and it far far exceeds code. Yet by this legislation I would not be able to do that… cutting off my retirement/slow life down income

        • Everywhere I camp I make an effort to leave work more than I came with. I have started my own personal negative Trace coalition. Yes, I even pick up people’s used TP that they have left behind. I thought is draw a line and not do that, it’s really disgusting, however there is so much of it. I feel it’s the least I can do to continue to be able to live off grid.

      • People put in a sewer system just as you have. Most haul their own water. Got people who live on the road due to their work can’t buy or rent a place to live so they take their home with them. My son has lived in a converted school bus for 20 yrs and it’s much nicer inside then the slum housing which is all you can get on short term rents. His girlfriend has lived off grid for 5 yrs. on her gold claims. So now she doesn’t have the right to live on her property? She has more then one claim, supposed to build housing on all of them? Why can’t the government allow people to live as they please out in the bush. Can’t afford to build a fancy house, too expensive to haul materials to. Seems like the government will want to chip you next just like a dog soon so they know where you are all the time….

    • The land of the illusion of freedom and the home of the slave… I smell establishment troll lurking around this site.

      • I am ashamed to be human for all we think about is our selves we as humans are the sole reason this world slowly dies if we continue to take and destroy and stop the things we know are damaging our planet not just slowing them down for some one else to figure out none of this maters anyway but where I have the most concern is everything else living will suffer our own fate for doing nothing but trying to survive it saddens me to know I am and will be part of what will destroy them this world is not ours to destroy we as humans disrespect live everyday we should all look at ourselves and all else that lives and dies on this planet and ask yourself who am I to decide the fate of everything on this planet it’s really sad to know that so many living things will be gone if we don’t stop our selfish ways life is a gift don’t disrespect it and when that life comes to a end we should embrace it and be thankful for the opportunity short or long to have such experience as life on such a beautiful planet as this this planet and everything on it was made to be an experience never to end if left alone look around you and see what we will destroy and all that will suffer and have no say or control of what we will take from them for our selfish ways

        • What you should be ashamed of is your lack of English composition skills. Your entire post was expressed in one sentence. You take extensive notice of the shortcomings of others while ignoring your own.

          • As long as comments are not insulting to others,I believe the focus should be on the thoughts that the poster is expressing instead of whether it is written grammatically correct.

          • All you people do is bitch and moan and pick on the other person once you realize our worlds are about to come to an end. What the hell are you gonna do when we have a catastrophe bitch because it came on the wrong day

    • Just because more people (think) or the ” many” are in agreement to live a certain way doesn’t mean u get to take away my choice on how I live or in which way I live or what u think my lifestyle should b. I have the same freedoms as the rest. I spent 8 year in the USMC to make sure I have these freedoms so I’ll continue to fight n live how I choose.! It will be best if anyone doesn’t come n try to take them away or tell me I can’t live a certain way.!!!

      • U just learned a lesson not taught by screaming yes sir! Or by talking about the mission. It is called ‘ I got my doctor to write a letter saying I had a foot problem.’ to avoid being drafted during the invasion of Vietnam, getting into a state military air unit with daddy’s help, or just saying I had ‘..more important things to do.’

        All the folks involved are rich and served as president or Vice President. Why were we in wars in countries that were no threat to all but the 1%?

        Any problem folks if so, say ‘I want to die invading Cuba, die fighting North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq or any of the many south/Central American countries we invaded or undermined democratically elected governments.

        Taking away your mobile or gun is not the issue. What is at stake is survival with dignity, equality, equity, and concern for all things.

        • If my survival is “truly” at stake? I wouldn’t give a millisecond of thought to your 4 “wishes/demands” that should accompany my survival. You pontificate & die while I seek out Gunny and figure out how to ACTUALLY survive the huge SNAFU created by your ilk and over educated idiots who can’t even wipe your own ass when the shit hits the fan.

    • Because many people have chosen to live an off-the-grid lifestyle, many newer models of tiny homes and campers have direct water feeds and composting toilets where the only tank really used and/or needing drained is gray water. If you own your own land, a gray water drainage system is not too difficult or expensive to create and an outhouse can also be built for disposing of compost. But, I think the larger issue is that many of these also come equipped with solar power and/or generator capability which means that you can live almost completely free of regulated power, disposals, and taxes paid on these utilities. I only wish I had the means and courage to make that leap and express many “kudos” to those who can.

      • I totally agree! If you look up what Agenda 20/30 is all about…it’s about herdingALL PEOPLE into dense populated and controlled cities with NO ACESS to country living or rural or park areas except for the few? This is UNITED NATIONS mandates?

    • Numwaxer, you must be a city slicker because you can live in plenty of places with well water and a septic system and still have to pay your property taxes to the local government.

    • Water from the ground, septic system for the sewage. Wind and solar for power. So Nubwaxer, how does this infringe on your rights of relying on the government to provide you with everything you need?

    • In the country we have wells for water and septic tanks for sewage. And no, my individual rights are never superseded by idiots like you. Stay in your city, grow your hydroponic food and we country people who actually feed your asses will keep our way of life and our ability to feed ourselves without turds like you.

  3. Why does the government think they can determine how I live. Big, small, tent, tree etc. Why don’t they control how big people build because of the waste of utilities and materials. Outlaw pools BC people drown. Government is out of control and it’s time to take a stand or we will lose every independent right we have fought for.

  4. What’s to stop someone from having three mobile/tiny houses and “vacationing” in each of them for four months of the year? And timesharing them with a couple of neighboring families…

  5. I’ve been reading several of your articles and responding posts, and it seems like you might have several establishment trolls/sympathizers lurking around your site here… Not pointing any fingers – nubwaxer!!! It’s too bad there’s still that pesky little thing called freedom of speech or you could get them off of here… ha ha! Again, not pointing any fingers – nubwaxer!!!

    • Unfortunately there are a huge number of people in this country that are more that willing to give up their constitutional rights in order for the government to tell them how to live and how to think.

      A lot of these people are willing to do so for the government check, others have been brainwashed into accepting it through years of teaching them to hate their country by the public school systems.

    • Free speech is about gonment not being able to abridge speech, it is not a right on any private forum. I run a number of forums, and generally try to avoid censorship, but on occasion have banned people.
      Much of the motivation for zoning is to drive property tax revenue.
      People who are self sufficient will on average pay considerably less taxes.

  6. Moving toward a collective totalitarian State with a dictatorship that tells the people every fricken little thing to do. I intend to live free whether these control freaks like it or not. When the laws become a tool of oppression as they have in America, people revolt. Just hope some flunky in the front office doesn’t get hurt when some frustrated dude decides to lash out. We have to revolt in a way that will give us the result we want, not a life sentence behind bars or shot by a trigger happy law enforcement officer.

    • How do you know that the admins on Snopes are telling the truth?. I believe that a lot of things they actually say on there are lies to keep us in the dark and since a lot of people (foolishly) trust everything that is said on there, it would be the perfect place to “debunk” a story like this one.

    • Why are people so stupid that they believe Snopes over actually reading the government proposal. You do realize Snopes is run by liberal democrats and was created to debunk anything that made liberal democrats look bad right?

      It’s a government run website meant to spread disinformation. Please Wake the hell up! Damn some people are stupid, everything in this article was the truth, READ They even link to the actual proposal.

      • I stopped trusting snopes when every time they “fact” check a conservative statement, it’s a half-truth at best even when the statement is blatantly true.

      • Snopes in by democrat operatives, a husband & wife team who run it out of their own home.. Why stupid people actually think snopes is some infallible source of truth just shows how brainwashed Americans really are!!!!!!?!!

        The couple are extreme marxists that are fund by soros like groups, the whole,purpose of the site is to push democrat propaganda.

    • If you actually read the Snopes article it really does nothing to debunk the facts in this article. All it does is cite a bunch of left-wing tiny home builders that are too stupid to realize that their government is putting them out of business.

      The facts are pretty simple, and reading the actual government proposal instead of Snopes’ interpretation might be a good start.

      If you look at what is happening, most of these Tiny Home builders and RV manufacturers were already using workarounds to basically circumvent other regulations that have been passed by other local, state and federal bureaucracies. The only reason many of these tiny homes were even built on mobile frames was to try to classify them as RVs so the owners could legally park them on their own land without having to worry about zoning regulations. Once this HUD regulation goes into place, GOOD LUCK Parking these tiny homes anywhere since living in a permanent RV on your own land is already illegal in most places in this country.

      It really is sad that people are willing to put up with this, and then believe bullshit websites like Snopes – a website that as Joe pointed out is only there to push government propaganda and make people ok with these bullshit regulations.

      If you think any of this is Constitutional then you are an example of why this government gets away with this type of crap.

      • One last thing about the so-called reliable Snopes… Besides checking out who runs the site, might also want to check out the person who wrote that article supposedly debunking these claims. Kind of hard to trust someone like Kim LaCapria, a left-winger who regularly retweets stuff from Black Lives Matters, The Obama admin, and other wacky left-wing groups as the facts!

        I’m sorry but when you have a website like Snopes that employees writers who have no investigate background experience and who have blatant bias problems, and then claim to be the source for truth, come on!

        • Rather than damning the writer, try to look into the actual facts listed.. To NOT READ the information provided is foolish at best.

          • I read the information, have you? I also know a little bit about the topic, and since most Tiny Homes are built on mobile frames they are considered RVs. The reason for this is because the manufactures are trying to get around other regulations which forced them to put them on these mobile frames so people could park them on their land legally.

            The Snopes article is Bullshit because either the writer doesn’t fully understand the topic and current regulations, or she is blatantly lying about the actual facts.

            To really understand what’s going on here you have to look at the history of these regulations. The entire Tiny Homes industry basically skirts dozens of regulations to even build their homes, which is why some of them were building them to ANSI or NFPA standards. Most local zoning boards ban these types of structures, thus the industry started building them to ANSI or NFPA (RV) standards to basically try to have some sort of legal standing. But make no mistakes, these are not traditional RVS, they are tiny homes attempting to skirt other draconian government regulations.

            In my opinion, it was actually a pretty stupid thing to do since living in an RV in most places is illegal to begin with. The industry should have been fighting the existing laws instead of skirting them, but I will save that for a future article.

            What HUD is doing here is trying to screw tiny home builders and make them commit to HUD standards. Once they do that, you basically have lost the battle since most places in this country ban these homes because they don’t meet minimum square footage standards to be considered a legal permanent homes.

            TO NOT READ THE PROPOSAL AND UNDERSTAND THE ENTIRE TOPIC, and then come attack my analysis is FOOLISH AT BEST!

          • “Finally, to ensure consumer awareness of the difference between manufactured housing and recreational vehicles and the construction standards used to build each, HUD is proposing to require that each ANSI A119.5-15 certified structure seeking an exemption include a notice to be prominently displayed in a temporary manner in the kitchen (i.e., countertop or exposed cabinet face) until the completion of the sale transaction that explains that the manufacturer certifies that the structure is a recreational vehicle designed only for recreational use, and not for use as a primary residence or for permanent occupancy. The notice shall further explain that the manufacturer certifies that the unit has been built in accordance with ANSI A119.5-15. This notice shall be placed prominently to ensure consumers are made plainly aware of the distinction between recreational vehicles that are not self-propelled and manufactured housing, reflecting the intent of the MHCC in its recommendation to draw a clear distinction between the two products.”

            This is the ONLY thing listed as a rule about what RV, and specifically park model manufactured RVs are made. This says nothing about homemade tiny houses on wheels, or that people have to PAY ATTENTION to the sticker.. https://www.federalregister.gov/articles/2016/02/09/2016-02387/manufactured-home-procedural-and-enforcement-regulations-revision-of-exemption-for-recreational That would be the letter of the law, to the letter of the law.. Not, something that was re-posted from another blog….Since the 1982 version of the law states that an RV is as follows: Built on a single chassis.
            400 square feet or less when measured at the largest horizontal projections.
            Self-propelled or permanently towable by a light duty truck.
            Designed primarily not for use as a permanent dwelling but as temporary living quarters for recreational, camping, travel, or seasonal use.
            This means.. That living in an RV has been against the letter of the law since 1982… This isn’t something new.. Not even close.. You’re complaining and saber rattling about something that has been in effect for over 30 years… so.. I have come back and I still say your take on the subject is indeed. FOOLISH AT BEST!! Otherwise.. Great blog.

          • You are basically confirming exactly what I said. And by the way, I never said any of this was new, I have been writing about this topic for years and I am more than aware of the dozens of laws and regulations that try to tell people how they can and can’t live in their own homes. What is new is this current HUD regulation which is going after TINY HOMES. Again, if it was about RVs it wouldn’t matter since like you said there are already laws on the books.

            The fact is they are trying to pin down these manufacturers and make them classify these homes as either RVs or HUD approved homes, which will basically make them illegal to live in on both fronts since most local zoning boards WILL NOT APPROVE the homes to be built on a permanent foundation. It’s about the big picture, not just this single regulation. I partially blame the industry itself for basically trying to skirt the existing laws instead of fighting to have them overturned.

            And to address the actual law on RVs, I think in most cases that is BS as well. And just because the so-called law is 30 years old doesn’t make it any less of a problem. If I want to live full-time in an RV, especially if my land is out in the middle of nowhere, what right does the government have telling me I can or can’t do it? But I will save that for another article as well since it is a somewhat different problem.

            By the way, thanks for following the site!

          • Before I come across as a total dick I have to say.. THANK You for fighting a good fight with the local assholes who are doing everything in their power to make sure that their version of the American dream, but I blame the troubles not so much on HUD, but on locals.. THe local governments are so fast to make people homeless that they will do anything to fuck with someone.. I can agree with that.. I totally agree with that.. But this case just strikes me as a distraction from the real issue.. Local nobody governments trying to ruin what is our version of the dream. And my pleasure.. I like being informed about my lifestyle of choice. (( Or upcoming dreams))

    • Nancy Pelosi said we have to pass the health-care bill in order to know what’s in the healthcare bill. They’re going to do the same thing about this crappy bill that’s going to drive people out of their retirement homes. These seniors can’t afford to live can anything but these homes.

      • The problem here is it’s not even a bill, it’s another regulation which doesn’t even have to go through congress.

        This is one of the reasons stuff like this happens; we have given un-elected government bureaucrats the power to make laws.

  7. The phrase “The land of the free” has become a thing of the past and nothing but a dream. America is becoming like France of the 16th century and the politicians are mirror images, if not perhaps even worse than the tyrants that our forefathers ran away from.

  8. Just because this legislation defines an “rv”as not being “intended” for full time living does not mean you can not live in one full time. It simply means an “rv” will not fall under the HUD regs, because the rv is not “intended” for full time living. Wow…the next thing you will post will probably start with “The sky is falling, the sky is falling…”

    • If you despise misinformation, why are you quoting a Snopes article written by a left-winger who constantly spreads Obama administration misinformation? The whole reason for the “Revision of Exemption for Recreational Vehicles” is to specifically address tiny homes and bring them back under HUD regulation. I know a little something about this topic since I have been writing about it for the last ten years, unlike the Snopes writer who is just parroting left-wing talking points.

      The fact is, if you look at what is going on in the industry, tiny homes are only classified as RVs because you cannot legally build one that is not on a mobile chassis in most areas of the country. To get around minimum square footage zoning laws regulations, tiny home builders started building them on mobile frames so they could legally park them on their land, this helped circumvent minimum sq. footage zoning laws.

      All HUD is doing is further ensuring that people cannot build these homes or live in them full-time. If this is just about RVs, HUD would not be involved.The fact is, they are trying to pressure the industry into conforming to standards that will basically make these homes illegal to build in most of the country.

      • I think you are looking at this from a very selfish perspective, please allow me to elaborate:
        -You are only talking about what is good for you based on your opinion/experience and lifestyle, these laws may interfere with what you want but may end up protecting someone else.
        -Laws regarding structural integrity are looser for RV’s because they’re intended for occasional use, homes have to be safe “indefinitely”, hence building codes.
        -Most people can’t afford cash for a house and land so they will get a mortgage, why would a bank risk their cash on some random structure that is built to NO standard?
        -Let’s assume that the gov let you build whatever size house to whatever standard you choose, what happens when you sell it? How do you justify the safety and validity of your design if it is not built to a standard?
        -Banks offer mortgages on legit homes on permanent foundations, w/o that criteria being met it is classified as undeveloped land that most banks wont touch w/o high interest, short terms and a large down payment.
        -The gov wants people in smaller homes on smaller plots of land, preferably multi unit dwellings. It’s the community that hates it because homes are priced per sq ft and small homes lower the value of homes near by, those people don’t want tiny homes.
        -Small towns, rural areas and tiny home communities don’t have these restrictions (some) so if you want your chosen lifestyle you have to live where it is allowed. Just because you like your city doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want, “Tiny Homers” need to represent the majority to get the laws changed. Until then, it just sucks for us. It’s time to get creative with co-ops, ride shares to and from rural areas, petition for special zoning permissions for specific neighborhoods etc.

        As Daniel said, this law doesn’t affect us it affects companies that build homes/RV’s. It’s basically a product labeling bill.

  9. 1) Obama has sucked up most of our freedom (maybe next President will change this back . . maybe)
    2) snopes is government run
    3) there is always a way . . those of us non-sheeple left will find that way!!!

  10. Until people go to the source everything is taken as hearsay or speculations when there is no proof. He listed a source and checking it revealed the change on RV’s and mini trailers that are designed for camping.So there’s proof here, no longer speculation.

    That being said is, this guy brought the matter to our attention if you say he is wrong then its your burden to prove it, if you wanna take his word for it thats fine to.This is real and should be considered as such.Its your job as viewers to get educated about the matter,dont take everything as is, investigate it for yourself so you can say with confidence it is. Otherwise some one can mislead you cause your not certain about it.

    I wouldn’t have known this, if i didn’t see this and look into it myself. Trying to help not fuss, divided we fall, remember that guys.


  11. How do we fight this? Lets get petitions to sign, advised senators that we do not accept this.All citizens will sign our petition, we all want our freedom.

  12. People work all thier lives. If they want to retire to staying in far off place no problem here. If you want to live in a home on wheels that’s your business. Government has no business sticking nose in here. Think they rather you be homeless

  13. People are so ready to bitch and whine about any government involvement in their lives but I see no one bitching about the real problem. The population of the U.S. when the Bill of rights was written was 5.3 million. In 2010 it was 309 million. TOO MANY PEOPLE. Too many mouths to feed. We cant all be right nor can we all have the American dream. Stop breeding for God’s sake. Prosperity is killing us.

    • It’s not the breeding that has sky rocketed our population. I suggest you make a trip to the border in Arizona or Texas if you want to educate yourself. And, have you ever driven through Iowa, North/South Dakota, Michigan, Wisconsin? There are millions of square miles without hardly a soul around. Try again buck wheat.

  14. I’m currently fighting against the New York City Board Of Education using the U.S. Department Of Justice Civil Rights Division for race discrimination against me for being “white” or of European descent committed by blacks and hispanics in the Office Of Continuing Adult Education. I call them “The Clan With The Tan” and the whites who are self hating and assist them. Anyway what does this have to do with living in an RV or mobile home? Freedom and Liberty to not be denied access and entry and to stopped, turn and fight, fight, fight, attack the local government with multiple law suits. I’m fifty and am signing up to the cheapest law school I can find not taking the bar exam and start multiple law suits against the local government or state or fed. All of you should get very mad and “take your pound of flesh” as lawyers say. I will fight these simple minded imbeciles in government who actually don’t want to get into a legal fight with any of you. You’ll see they have no balls what so ever but I’m still going to rip chunks out. Fight Dammit!! It doesn’t even matter if you think your wrong just more then often your right so Fight…

  15. The federal government may regulate alot of items we use daily, but telling us how to live and what we can and can not live in is completely illegal!! Some people either by choice or circumstance have a great way of life living in an RV! Traveling from state to state offering services in trade for a campsite has been an American dream and a way of life for many. Those few who can’t afford regular housing have no choice but to live in and RV year round. If your home is warm, safe, dry, and clean I do not see what right the government has to tell you what to or what not to live in! I for one find this a real injustice and against “my pursuit of happiness” as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America…..remember what that is! Apparently our current non-american president doesn’t!

  16. Leave people alone that choose to live in RVs they hurt no one and we should have the freedom to live in something they can move around in and some cannot afford to live in a house I believe that making it illegal to live full time in a RV violates are constitutional rights. To live as we choose

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