Basic Knife Lanyard

One of the best uses for these holes is to attach some sort of paracord lanyard. There are a number of reasons to attach a lanyard, a lot of people do it as a way to personalize their knife, but the best reasons are safety and the ability to turn your knife into a number of useful tools.

Knife with a Paracord Lanyard

Using your paracord lanyard to make a number of different survival tools:

One of the main reasons I attach lanyards to my knives, especially the ones I take hunting and fishing, is because it gives me the ability to use that cordage to turn my knife into a machete, spear or axe type tool.

Using those mysterious little holes, in combination with the paracord from your lanyard, you can securely lash your knife to a thick branch – turning your knife into a hunting spear or an extended cutting tool.

Safety reason for attaching a lanyard

During regular use, the lanyard provides a number of safety benefits.

  • When using your knife in wet or slippery conditions, securing the cord around your wrist can help keep your hand from running across the blade if it accidentally slips off the handle.
  • Attaching the cord to your sheath can provide extra security when carrying your knife out on the water or when climbing. If the blade comes loose, the cordage will keep it from falling or sinking.
  • Adding a fluorescent piece of cordage can provide extra visibility, and allow you to find a knife that’s been dropped or lost.
  • They can prevent heavy choppers from flying out of your hand when clearing brush.

There are a number of different ways to tie a knife lanyard, some more creative and fashionable than actually useful. These two videos will give you a good idea of how to tie basic knife lanyards.

Shirts of Liberty

OFFGRID Survival book



  1. The basic lanyard tutorial on the video is very well done. After watching it
    I was able to make one for my Spyderco Dragonfly.
    Thank you.

  2. Even for Germans a very fine video. Good explanation, looks great on my Ontario RAT5, though i did it not with paracord but with a leather string. Thumbs up!

  3. Thanks for this great tip. I looked at a variety of “how to” video’s and this style of lanyard is exactly what I was looking for. It’s a classic!

  4. Could u give me information on how to make the knife lanyard that is on the knife in the picture above..

  5. How can I attach a lanyard securely to my KA-BAR USMC knife that has no hole and cannot be drilled? I appreciate your insight and guidance!

  6. NICE!!! Thanks to this simple tutorial I was able to add a good lanyard to my Bradford Guardian 4 that just came in the mail..after I seen how quick and easy it was to do,I also put lanyards on my ESEE 3,ESEE 6,Bark River,Gerber StrongArm,Gerber Prodigy,Schrade SCHLM56,aka-Bar Becker BK2 and my Gerber machete…now most of my fixed blade knives

  7. Great video, even if articulating the method was tricky, your clear directions were very easy to follow. My first attempt wasn’t pretty, but I hadn’t even planned on actually making something! Super exciting! Thanks!!

  8. U said you can use the cordage to turn your knife into a machete, axe or spear. Well you explained how you turn the knife into a spear but not how u use a lanyard to turn the knife into a machete or axe can you please elaborate on that.

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