THE WaterBOB: Emergency Water Storage

I came across a really cool invention for emergency water storage, called the WaterBOB. The WaterBOB is an emergency water storage system that holds up to 100 gallons of fresh drinking water. The device uses your bathtub as a makeshift container, and is great for emergency situations where you need stock up on a last minute supply of water.

WaterBOB in a Tub

The WaterBOB is made with heavy duty food grade plastic, and is meant to keep your water fresh and clean. It protects your emergency water supplies from dirt, bacteria and debris, and is far better than just filling your tub and hoping for the best.

This is great for people who are vulnerable to hurricanes or other disasters that can disrupt the water supply. While I highly advice always having an emergency supply of water, this can be a great option to supplement your supply once you know trouble is coming.

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  1. Is the weight to much for an upstairs tub? I have not found anyone address this concern. Please respond by my email if you can.

  2. I have no idea – but think about taking a bath – how much water do you add & how much do you weight. Or the weight of someone larger.
    When I weighted 140, I filled the tub 3/4 full. (As I got older with knee problems I stopped bathing.) but I do take showers!

    Just an idea.

    • So if this Waterbob will hold 100 pounds – & the fact that tubs held me at 140 lbs + the water – I do feel that the WaterBob filled with 100 lbs of water should be ok in an upstairs tub.

  3. big difference between 100 pounds and 100 gallons. 100 gallons is 836 pounds. I still wouldn’t sweat it in an emergency unless the integrity of the structure has been compromised.

    • Exactly . The structure was built to hold the tub , the water and at least one standard human being . In fact , due to liability issues , the structure was over built to begin with . So if you havent suffered structural failure or compromise …yer good to go .

  4. Thanks for sharing the information about waterBOB… Really before read of this article I don’t have any knowledge about waterBOB… This is the best way to reserve water in any survival situation.

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