BuiltRight Seat Bottom MOLLE Panels Review

So a couple of months ago, I was going through my truck, doing an inventory of my on-the-road preparedness gear — if you’re not regularly inspecting your survival gear and supplies you are doing yourself a huge disservice as things like batteries in flashlights and fuel in your lighters should be checked at least every 3-6 months. So in the process of replacing batteries, and making sure everything was ready to go, I realized it was taking me forever to track down my gear.

Between gear flying out of place during my daily driving to stuff that apparently fell out of the door in a parking lot, never to be seen again, I knew I needed to take my survival organization a little more serious. Once I found the pounds of cracker and cookie crumbs from my kids embedded into everything, there was no denying that my organization seriously sucked.

That’s when I went looking for a solution and found the BuiltRight MOLLE Seat Panels.

Making sure you can find your gear during an emergency.

This is a great way to start converting your daily driver into a bug out vehicle that you can count on when shit goes bad! With the BuiltRight MOLLE Seat Panels, you can discretely carry a ton of survival gear, tools, and knives, all tucked out of view, so no one knows what you’re really carrying. And in a matter of seconds you can detach it, roll it up, and shove it right into your go bag anytime you need to transfer your gear from vehicle to bag.

Before I started using these, I had gear shoved almost everywhere; stashed in my glovebox, center console, and anywhere else I could cram it in to. During an emergency, where seconds matter, gathering up all that extra gear was going to be a major pain in the ass. Luckily, most of the gear and pouches I own are already MOLLE compatible, so adding these BuiltRight under seat MOLLE panels to my gear list was really a no-brainer.

Overview: Details and Specs on the BuiltRight MOLLE Panels

Large MOLLE Organizer Panel under truck seat

They have a couple of different kits, but the one I got came with six separate panels some elastic clips and locking carabiners.  The panels are made with Denier 1000 nylon fabric with Heavy Duty ‘hook’ Velcro sewn into the back of the panels.

Here are the specs for the 6pc+ Kit.

  • 2 Large (8” x 15.5”): 10 Rows of and four columns of traditional MOLLE pattern webbing. Plus three rows of elastic to stow non-MOLLE gear.
  • 2 Medium (4” x 15.5”): 10 Rows of and two columns of traditional MOLLE pattern webbing. Plus one row of elastic to stow non-MOLLE gear.
  • 2 Small (2.5” x 9”) Tech Panel:  5 Rows in one column of traditional MOLLE pattern webbing.
  • 8 Elastic Tech Panel Clips
  • 5 Locking Carabiners

What I like about these panels, is they thought about people who want to store things that don’t have traditional MOLLE attachments. In between rows of MOLLE, there are elastic bands that make it easy to stow gear that isn’t compatible. Things like zip ties, flashlights, multitools, tactical pens, small radio antenna, kubatons, lighters, and chemlights can all be easily secured using the elastic bands.

MOLLE Panel Clip to hold gear and attachments
Gear that isn’t MOLLE compatible can be attached using their Elastic Tech Panel Clips, the locking carabiners, or via the elastic straps sewn into the panel.
Elastic Tech Panel Clips
The picture above shows a multitool pouch attached with Elastic Tech Panel Clip.
MOLLE carabiners
A look at their MOLLE carabiner attachments.

Mounting the MOLLE Organizer Panels

To be honest, when I first got them, I wasn’t sure if the Velcro would hold the wait. But mounting it under the back seat was extremely easy. The hooks snapped right to the carpet under my seat, and it holds like it’s part of the seat.

Real-World Survival Use: Our Thoughts on the BuiltRight MOLLE Panels

Overall these things rocks! I went from having crap thrown everywhere in my truck, to being organized as hell in a matter of minutes. They are also constructed better than 99% of the MOLLE products that you find on the market. I felt like I could trust it to keep my gear in place; the sewing is top notch, and it can hold quite a bit of weight.

If I could change one thing about the BuiltRight panels, I would add a couple of grommets to each corner so that in an emergency, where you had to ditch your vehicle and start hiking out, you can not only roll it up and stash the mole in your backpack, but you could instead just clip it right to the back of your Go Bag. That being said, it’s really a personal preference, and it only took me a couple of minutes to add the grommets with my grommet press.

If you stow gear in your vehicle for emergencies, the BuiltRight MOLLE seat panels are a great way to keep everything organized and in one place.
The kit can be found on the BuiltRight website or,

You can find them here on Amazon

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  1. Good article. Just last weekend, I experienced the same thing. Where is all my stuff? BTW, I found that most of my flashlights and GPS had dead or failing batteries. Performing an inventory also refreshes your memory about your supplies.

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