Beekeeper working with Bee Hives

Beekeeping – The Many Benefits of Raising Bees

April 13, 2012 Robert Richardson 11

Bees play an essential role in pollination and fertilization of many crops, and can be a great way to help your vegetables, flowers, fruits and other garden plants thrive. And then of course, there’s the added benefit of being able to extract your own honey and beeswax…. […]


Raising Chickens

January 12, 2011 Robert Richardson 33

With more people turning towards organic foods and backyard gardens, raising chickens is starting to increase in popularity again. Find out what you need to know to raise your own chickens. […]

Dick Proenneke's Alaskan Cabin

Alone in the Wilderness

December 22, 2008 Off The Grid 25

Forget Man Vs Wild , when it comes to survival nothing can beat Alone in the Wilderness. Alone in the Wilderness is probably one of the best survivalist documentaries ever made. Watch a small clip…. […]

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