Food & Water

Carrying and Storing Water

October 29, 2009 Robert Richardson 3

Water is the key to life, having a way to carry and store water is the key to your survival. Check out the following list of common water containers and find the ones that fit your needs. […]

Food & Water

Civilian vs Military MRE

December 25, 2008 Robert Richardson 61

While a lot of preppers like to get their hands on MRE from the U.S. military, there are a couple of reasons why buying civilian MRE may be a better idea. Where to buy them, and what to look for. […]

Figure-Four Deadfall
Fishing Hunting & Trapping

Using Traps & Snares

December 6, 2008 Robert Richardson 8

When your in a survival situation and you don’t have the luxury of using a gun, trapping or snaring wild animals is an excellent alternative. Find out how to use traps and snares to catch food during an emergency. […]

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