Raising Chickens

January 12, 2011 Robert Richardson 33

With more people turning towards organic foods and backyard gardens, raising chickens is starting to increase in popularity again. Find out what you need to know to raise your own chickens. […]

Food & Water

Carrying and Storing Water

October 29, 2009 Robert Richardson 3

Water is the key to life, having a way to carry and store water is the key to your survival. Check out the following list of common water containers and find the ones that fit your needs. […]

Food & Water

Civilian vs Military MRE

December 25, 2008 Robert Richardson 62

While a lot of preppers like to get their hands on MRE from the U.S. military, there are a couple of reasons why buying civilian MRE may be a better idea. Where to buy them, and what to look for. […]

Figure-Four Deadfall
Fishing Hunting & Trapping

Using Traps & Snares

December 6, 2008 Robert Richardson 8

When your in a survival situation and you don’t have the luxury of using a gun, trapping or snaring wild animals is an excellent alternative. Find out how to use traps and snares to catch food during an emergency. […]

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