Fore Extinguishers
Survival Gear

Fire Extinguishers

November 29, 2008 Off The Grid 1

Knowing how to start a fire is a great survival skill, but the ability to put one out can save your life! Find out how to pick the right type of fire extinguisher. […]

Hiking Gear

Klean Kanteen Review

October 13, 2008 Robert Richardson 33

Find out why we liked the Klean Kanteen, and why we think it’s one of the best bottles on the market for hikers, survivalists and anyone who wants a rock solid bottle. […]

Survival Gear

Even Cheap survival gear can do the Job

August 22, 2008 Off The Grid 1

Sometimes even cheap gear can get the job done. If you’re short on cash at least stock up on the generic stuff. As you get more money you can slowly start to change out your cheap gear with the brand name stuff and you’ll still having the generic gear as a backup. […]

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