MY MEDIC: MyFAK Large Medical First Aid Bag Review

We’ve spent a lot of time looking for a first aid kit that was actually worth adding to our preparedness gear; most kits are completely useless during an actual medical emergency or serious first aid situation. Luckily, a couple months back we found out about MY Medic, about a company that sells a series of medical professional grade first-aid kits and medical go bags.

MyFAK Large Medical First Aid Bag

My Medic MyFAK Large | First Aid Kit

The MyFAK Large Medical First Aid Bag is far beyond anything you are going to find at your local big box store. The bag features medical gear for everything from minor injuries to equipment to treat life threatening emergencies. From tourniquets, Quickclot and Chest Seal to splints and specialty devices the MyFAK Large has a huge assortment of gear to help you treat a wide range of medical emergencies.

QuickClot and Chest Seal

As for the gear, we were really impressed. Usually when you but one of these kits it contains a bunch of crap you could have pulled off the shelf at the dollar store, but with the MyFAK we found everything inside was professional grade gear which is extremely hard to find in one of these pre-built kits.

Medical Gear Bag Unzipped

On top of the gear, we really liked the bag and how easy it is to quickly access the equipment you need when seconds can mean the difference between life and death.

Medical Gear Bag
Medical Gear Bag Pouches

The MOLLE ready loops are great for adding extra gear and we really liked the back panel – it comes with two straps made for attaching the bag to any MOLLE receiver. It also features a tear-away back panel with a hidden Shoulder strap for when you need to quickly grab and go!

Back MOLLE Panel.

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Disclaimer: The only warning we would give with this bag or anything sold by MyMedic is that there are a lot of supplies included that require training to be able to use them effectively. This isn’t a band-aid is going to fix it kind of bag, we seriously recommend that if you are going to buy a professional grade bag you at the very least get some sort of training so you know how to use the gear when you need it.

We also recommend picking up a wilderness first aid book like Mountaineering First Aid. Mountaineering First Aid is chock-full of information on accident response and first aid care. Plus, it’s pocket-sized, meaning you can easily fit it in your first aid kit and bring it with you. If you ever find yourself needing to deal with an injury, the checklists and instructions on correctly handling common outdoor injuries it contains could easily save your life.

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  1. I’ll reply again since my last one wasn’t approved. This sells on Amazon for 375.00, everything that is in the bag can be bought separately for far less.

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