Think your cell phones can save you during an emergency?

Think your cell phones can save you during an emergency? Think again!
no cell signal

cellphoneThe San Francisco Police department and the Bay Area Rapid Transit system have admitted that they shut off all cell service to several subway stations in San Francisco. The disruption in service was an attempt to stop a planned protest by disabling the protestor’s ability to communicate on mobile phones.

Besides the fact that it’s a slap in the face to people’s first amendment rights to peacefully assemble, it’s also a very troubling safety development. What would have happened if there was a medical emergency on one of these subway platforms? Or worse yet what if there was another major earthquake?

Now I understand that they don’t want a London type situation to break out, but shutting down people ability to communicate is setting a dangerous precedent that is likely to become very common in the future.

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  1. you don’t got rights any more you got privileges this days …..AND IF YOU DO NOT BEHAVE YOU”LL GO SIT IN THE CORNER….how can one be expected to follow the rules when they change them DAILY…..

  2. sounds like germany under hitler all over again.they already control the media.whats next?brown shirts turning their parents and neighbors in for speaking their minds? not funny but that could be the next step in total control.let,s face it big brother doesn,t want anyone to not need them.and we keep electing the same good old boys to lead us. someone once said that anyone who wants the top job should be disqualified for wanting it.

  3. I’ve been living off the grid the last two months. I mean COMPLETELY OFF! I have water, shelter, and 465 acres where nobody comes, or goes to graze livestock, grow our food, and recreate (of course : ). It’s not only beautiful, but it’s a peaceful feeling to know that if/when this social order hits the skids, while many unfortunate segments of society fail to adapt, and perish… me, and my family will not only survive, but will thrive! Society WILL come crashing to a life threatening halt, (it inevitably MUST, if the status quo is maintained), for those who are not prepared there is ONLY imminent death; by starvation, being murdered for what you (think) you have, or a miserable struggle for a meager existence that is barely worth living for. OR, the alternative: Learning to live a self sustaining existence while there is still time. and for those of us who are close, or who’ve reached the bar, when the social order cracks, it’ll be a downhill ride for us, and our children. Good luck to those who are under the delusion that it aint gonna happen. Peace!

  4. While cell service can/will be halted, but smart phones are more than just a phone. They’re a mini computer. Of course, I’d avoid any Apple product like displayed in the article, but an Android phone, with interchangeable batteries, is worthy of having. It can play movies, music, it’s got a builtin gps, it’s an ebook reader, you can even get an app with an intercom over bluetooth. So while cell service wont help you, the smart phone itself can.

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