Home Security Gear: The Door Wedge

A door stop is now part of your home security plan? Hell yes it is… Listen, Urban Survival isn’t about looking cool or tactical, it’s about being prepared for real-life threats. It’s also about being smart enough to use common everyday items to help protect yourself from threats.

A door wedge used as a security device

One item that you might want to think about adding to your stockpile of supplies, or taking with you when traveling, is a good old fashion door wedge.

These cheap little wedges can come in extremely handy during an emergency situation. Shoving one of these little bad boys under the door can help give you extra time to react during a home invasion or attack. They’re also a great addition to a bug out bag because they can be used to provide added security when seeking temporary shelter in a building, public bathroom, or hotel room. They can also be used to wedge doors open during an evacuation.

While any door wedge will help buy you time, there are a number of companies who sell door jams specifically for security purposes. Jamming one of these wedges under the door can help you keep unwanted people out.

The Super Door Stop Alarm

Door Stop Alarm

With the addition of a very loud alarm, this little door wedge not only stops the bad guy from coming in but alerts you to the danger as well. They are great for traveling, and can give you an added layer of security while out on the road. You can find them for under $20 on Amazon.

The Wedge-It

The Wedge-it Door Stop

This is one of our favorites. Made of LEXAN plastic, with rubber contact points for added strength and stickiness, the Wedge-It is carried by a lot of first responders because of its solid design. It’s small enough to fit in any bug out bag and has a hole to hook one or more on a carabineer. At only $10 they are a cheap way to add an extra layer of security.

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  1. Somehow I thought I was a tad paranoid (even nutty) to bring something like this in my previous travel..

    Then I read your post here! :-)

    I made one of such door stopper these ways:

    1. Buy two hard rubber door wedge stopper (some door have higher gap below, so need two small wedges or one big one).
    2. Drill a little hole through the thin ends of the wedges.
    3. Put a key ring holder through the hole.
    4. Attach a lanyard through the ring.
    5. Throw “travel door security stopper” into luggage!


  2. Basic carpentry tools could prove valuable as well. Not only good to make your own “door” with, but modify materials into equipment,and build better, stronger shelter.

  3. good idea, here are a couple of other ideas as well. If it is your home you are in drill a couple small holes 5/16 or 3/8 into or through floor one about 1 1/2 inches and one aobut 2 1/2 inches. a heavy duty screwdriver can be insrted into hole to keep the door from opening second hole is to check for a friendly if you dont have peep hole. Another is to use a brace at door knob most entrie are made at this point snd even usind a wedge or screwdrive will allow door to be forced if used alone.

  4. a door wedge is a great idea but most doors will break if kicked once or twice i say keep the 9mm close at hand i even have one in the bathroom

  5. @ sherman
    humm 2 thing I hope you have good rounds Hydro-shocks for FMJ don’t evan slow some one down and is the 9mm in the bathroom so you can put it to your bum when it dont want to move or need to slow it down?

    • LOL Desmond can take 2 9mm to the chest followed by 1 to the head and not only keep shooting, but it wont even slow him down.. Me and him should team up, I can hold my breathe for like 3 min lol deuche I use JHP anyways =p

  6. I would tie this to my line that trips the standing floor lamp where I have altered with hollowed it out filling it with gun powder..put this will be only my last resort. I might just use a 2×4 or a chair is a better choice. with persistence in a short span of time someone will get in with a stopper, but we can make up our own minds…just advice.

    • For the same reason a furniture mover might – to prop open a self closing door while you maneuver a desk or a stretcher through it.

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