Fire Starting – 2 Man Hand Drill

Hand drills are a great way to start a fire in the wilderness. This 2 man method we’re showing is a modified version of the Hand drill and is far easier to use than a traditional one person hand drill.

Two-Person Fire Drill

Follow these steps to use the 2 man Hand Drill Method

  1. Make sure you have a tinder bundle prepared for when you get an ember.
  2. Cut a V-shaped notch in the board, then start a small depression with your knife tip. Set a piece of bark underneath the notch to catch your ember.
  3. Have one person apply a good amount of downward pressure to the drill while the other uses some cord (paracord, shoe lace, etc…) to quickly rotate the spindle. until the spindle tip glows red and you get an ember.
  4. Tap the board to get the ember onto piece of bark, then transfer it over to the tinder bundle and blow it until you get a flame.
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  1. Mention of the best preferred type off wood combination for easier ignition in all methods of fire starting would be very helpful.

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