‘Liberty Not So Safe’: Betrayal of 2nd Amendment Rights by America’s Leading Gun Safe Company?

Liberty Safe, the go-to brand for many American gun owners, has just shot a hole through the trust many conservatives have placed in them. Today, news broke that Liberty Safe willingly handed over an access code to the FBI for a safe owned by Nathan Hughes, an Arkansas man present at the J6 protest.

On August 30, 2023, the FBI raided Nathan Hughes’ home with the Liberty Safe provided access codes in hand. Not only did they open his safe, but they allegedly turned off his security cameras and held his girlfriend at gunpoint. While the FBI had a warrant to search Hughes’ property, sources say that no court order specifically instructed Liberty Safe to provide the access code. Yet, the company that has made millions claiming to be die-hard conservative, 2nd amendment supporting patriots, rolled over and gave the codes to the FBI.

Liberty Safe’s Questionable Statement

In an official statement, Liberty Safe stated, “Liberty Safe was contacted by the FBI requesting the access code to the safe of an individual for whom they had a warrant to search their property…” The company further claimed they are “devoted to protecting the personal property and 2nd Amendment rights of our customers.”

But let’s be clear: a warrant for Hughes’ property is not a warrant for Liberty Safe to provide the access code to his safe. In doing so, they have bypassed a critical line of defense for Hughes and, by extension, for every gun owner who thought their Second Amendment rights were secure with a Liberty Safe.

So, does Liberty have the access code for every safe they sell?

Adding to the outrage is the unsettling revelation that Liberty Safe even had an access code to a customer’s safe to begin with. The entire premise of a personal safe is to provide an impenetrable layer of security. Gun owners count on the belief that they alone possess the unique combination that secures their firearms. By retaining access codes, Liberty Safe has not only compromised its customers’ security but also failed in its primary function as a safeguard of personal property. This raises questions about the fundamental integrity of the company’s products, suggesting that the so-called “safes” may not be so safe after all.

A Breach of Second Amendment Rights They Claim to Uphold?

The Second Amendment safeguards an individual’s right to keep and bear arms, and secure storage is a significant part of gun ownership. By submitting to the FBI’s “request” without demanding a specific court order, Liberty Safe has effectively compromised the Second Amendment rights of its customers and potentially all gun owners.

Conservative gun owners are voicing their outrage on social media. Many are questioning the legality of Liberty Safe’s compliance with the FBI’s request, calling it a betrayal that deserves a boycott similar to the one facing Bud Light for its controversial partnership earlier this year. Critics rightly point out that Liberty Safe was under no legal obligation to hand over the code without a specific court order. Their willingness to comply with a mere “request” has thus proven shocking and unacceptable to their conservative customer base.

Reevaluating Trust in Liberty Safe

Trust is hard to earn but easy to lose. For many, Liberty Safe has permanently lost that trust. The company must answer for why they chose to give up an access code to a private citizen’s gun safe without a direct court order, essentially helping the federal goon squad and endangering the Second Amendment rights they claim to defend.

This betrayal should serve as a warning for gun owners everywhere. Your rights are only as secure as the companies and institutions that claim to protect them. In this case, Liberty Safe failed to guard not just the safe but the fundamental rights and trust of American gun owners.

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  1. As for me…if I have a safe i will only use it as a misdirection… my guns & ammo will be strategically placed in locations hidden & unavailable to be found. How you say?
    I have my ways. Inside my safe will be a device that sets off a small confetti burst & a sign will be inside that says ” F U C @
    y o u !!! ASS holes…..

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