Grocery Stores Completely Overrun: Panicked Shoppers Prepare for Northeast Blizzard

The Northeast is preparing for one of the strongest storms in the last decade; with officials warning of coming power outages and conditions that could dump over 2-3 feet of snow across the region.

The Weather Channel is saying that 28 million people are now under blizzard warnings, and an additional 11 million are under winter storm warnings. The storm, which could dump as much as 3 feet of snow across a 250-mile stretch, is expected to bring blizzard-like conditions from Maryland to Maine.

Unprepared people are scrambling to find last-minute supplies, as grocery stores across the region have been overrun by panicked shoppers. Stores throughout the Northeast have been completely cleaned out, with unprepared shoppers rushing from store to store just trying to find something to help them make it through the storm.

So many people are completely unprepared, that area grocery stores actually have lines around the block just to get into the store.


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  1. If people would prepare in the summer for whats coming in the winter the stores shelves wouldn’t be so empty, why wait until the last minute. I live in florida and i’m set if a hurricane hits us, with can foods, dry foods, water, powdered milk. it doesn’t cost alot to prepare for a few weeks, pick up one extra thing every time you go to the grocery store. Peanut butter, tuna, canned chicken, canned vegetables. buy propane burners, gel burners, plastic wear, toilet paper, plenty of water, and powdered milk, condensed milk, etc.

  2. It’s not as bad as everyone would have you think. I stopped by the store to pick up some cheese for taco night. Plenty of bread on the shelves and everything else. Yeah people grabbed a bunch of last minute items, but most New Englanders know that a storm will keep them in for a few days at most. I prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

  3. I lived through this year’s record snow in Massachusetts. two years prior during a major snow storm I lost power for 5 days. I was stocked up well but only stopped 2 days prior to pick up junk food (chocolate) and fill up the gas tank. I had my propane heater, camping gear, zillions of catholic glass candles ($1 at Dollar Tree) and I was able to take care of my 85 year old landlady till her son could make to us on the second day. only after 4 days did I go to a hotel for a hot shower as I had work the next day. but I had my emergency money to pay cash for it. I joke with coworkers that i’m ready for Armageddon. we’re in for some bad time ahead and I have to prepare the best I can on a limited budget.

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