5 OFFGRID Trailers: Bugout Trailers that will Go Anywhere

Over the next couple of months, we are going to be looking at a number of different options for building your own bug out trailer, but to get things started I wanted to share how we got some of our inspiration.

Offgrid camping bugout trailer

Off The Grid Trailers: The Ultimate Portable Bug Out Shelters

We are starting a series on building the perfect bugout vehicle. During our research, I came across a number of commercial off-road solutions that I really liked. They range from barebones trailers to luxury traveling bunkers; while some are a bit excessive, and on the expensive side, they did help us come up with plans for our own bugout trailer.

These little trailers can help beef up your bugout plans; not only do they allow you to carry extra gear, but in a pinch they can be used as makeshift bugout shelters. They are tough, reliable, and can be hauled anywhere your tow vehicle can go.

BushRanger 200 XT Off Road Trailer

BushRanger 200 XT

The BushRanger 200 XT Off Road Trailer by Kakadu Camping is a 4′ x 7′ steel box trailer with an independent axle-less suspension system that gives you a softer ride even while driving off -road. It gives you approximately 200 square feet of living space including the main bed, tent, and awning. The BushRanger 200 XT retails for $8,995.

BushRanger 200 XT Off Road Trailer

You can find out more about the BushRanger at kakaducamping.com

The HEO T3 Trailer

HEO T3 Off-Road Travel Trailer

At a base weight of only 550lbs, the HEO T3 can be pulled by almost any vehicle. The trailer is constructed with Mig Welded 6063-T6 tubular aluminum and covered with covered with ACM, aluminum composite material. That means not only is this trailer light, it’s also guaranteed not to rot or rust.

Heo Trailer

The trailer sleeps up to 3 people and the base model retails for $7,495. More info can be found on the HEO website.

Commander Travel Trailers by Conqueror Campers

Commander Travel Trailer by Conqueror Campers

While you can’t get these outside of Australia, if you plan on building your own off the grid trailer the Commander Travel Trailer is a good place to start.

Commander Travel Trailer with popout units

This thing is awesome! The Commander features slideout sections for the bathroom, kitchen, storage, and water.

Inside the Commander Travel Trailer

The sleeping are is inside the trailer, and several tent configurations can be set up to depending on what you are looking to do. You can check out more of their trailers at conqueroraustralia.com.au

The Jayco Jay Sport Baja Edition

Jayco Jay Sport Baja Edition

If you are looking for something that looks a little bit more traditional or something that can fit up to 8 people, the Jay Sport Baja Edition is the way to go. The Baja comes equipped with 15-inch mud tires and an extra 5 inches of ground clearance.

Inside the Popup Jayco Trailer

When fully popped up some of these units are over 25 feet in length, but when collapsed they can fit in almost any garage. Fully loaded with all the options the trailers $12,107. You can check them out at jayco.com

Base Camp Trailers

Base Camp Trailer

Base Camp Trailers, built by Mobilight International In Salt Lake City Utah, are built with preppers in mind. They are fabricated with a steel tube frame and 16ga sheet steel body and they come with a ton of add-on options for preppers.

Base Camp Trailer Tent

Add-on options include built-in rooftop gun boxes, solar panels packages, and fresh water storage tanks. The base models start at $4,950. You can find out more info at thebasecamptrailer.com

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  1. Not a camping trailer to be sure, but a purpose-built survival trailer that has a useful purpose when not on the road: the survival mule http://www.survivalmule.com/

    It’s a steel set of shelving that can be converted to a fully road-ready trailer in minutes. Kind of neat.

    • Cool idea, but I could build better for about $500.US.Thats with very little actual fabrication. In my opinion it’s steeply overpriced.

      • Yep I agree, those with the knowledge and the skill could easily build one for a fraction of the cost. Hopefully, the article gives some people the motivation to do just that, I’m trying to put together an article of people who have made them at home, I’ve got a couple submissions so far that are pretty darn cool!

        • good point.. Cool pics with good ideas. Been having thoughts in the direction of my small rv with extra accoutrements and supplies stored inside. This would be to extend the “staying” ability for my wife and I plus family and friends that might caravan with us.
          But eric is right, the less expensive DIY approach is the way to go.

      • Wow….lived in bear country most of my life, this whole idea scares the crap out of me. Definately horrible designs that are not survivable.

  2. Too many FUD buzzwords in the description, like they’re trying to scare me into buying it.

    And for that price? No thanks.

  3. Purchased a 48′ trailer to make into a work, live, and storage bug out trailer. Little excessive but for $2.5k CAD all in couldn’t pass it up. Working out details and plans now

  4. Impressed with the quality of Uev-490 off road machines and the durability and mobility ! Definitely recommend for those who are looking for a great campers.

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