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During a long-term wilderness survival situation, conditions like scurvy can become a serious concern, especially if the food you’re eating is primarily made up of wild meats. At one time, scurvy was a huge medical problem, especially for sailors, arctic explorers, and passengers and crew on long-distance voyages. Scurvy is a deadly condition that comes about from a deficiency of vitamin C; that’s why it’s so important to supplement your diet with this vitamin during a survival situation.

Since you’re probably not going to come across a drug store out in the wilderness, one way to supplement your Vitamin C intake is with pine needles.

Making Pine Needle Tea in the Wilderness.

Pine Needle Tea Over a Fire

During the old days of arctic and oceanic exploration, many people succumbed to scurvy because of the lack of Vitamin C in their diets. A great way to obtain Vitamin C in the wilderness is by using pine needles to brew a hot and tasty tea. Pine Needles are packed full of Vitamin C, and can be a great way to pick up your mood on a cold night out in the wilderness.

The process of making Pine Needle Tea is extremely simple.

  • Grab a handful of pine needles and wash them thoroughly.
  • Chop the brown ends off and then ruff up the needles in your hand to let out the oils.
  • Place them in a cup of hot water, and let it steep for 10-15 minutes.

Safety note: Yew, Norfolk Island Pine, and Ponderous Pine Needles should be avoided, since they are considered unsafe for human consumption.

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