Survival kit Items – PHOTOS

It may seem like a weird thing to keep in your survival kit, but a photo can be a lifesaver during a crisis situation. Having a simple photo has helped a countless number of people survive, even in the face of unbelievably horrific conditions, simply by giving them hope and something to live for.


Motivation is a powerful thing. I’ve talked to a number of people who’ve survived some pretty nasty ordeals. One thing that I often hear from them is how they credit thinking of their loved ones with keeping them going.

Having a small photo in your kit of someone you love will give you the motivation you need to survive. Whenever you start to feel a little bit hopeless, pull out the picture of your kids, family, or loved ones and you’ll have an added boost of mental energy. It might just be that kick in the ass you need to survive.

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  1. very good idea! i look at photos of my little monkey on my phone all the time….never thought to print them out and actually have a paper copy! such a simple thing and yet totally overlooked!!

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