Portable Tiny Homes: Mobile Bugout Shelters and OffGrid Living Solutions

I’ve talked about tiny homes in the past; I think they are a great budget friendly solution for those looking to go off-grid, or those simply looking to avoid high rental costs, excessive mortgage payments, and soaring energy bills.

College kid converts Bus into Mobile Off-grid Home for $5,600

A Bus that is a mobile home on wheels

Nineteen-year-old Jonathan Von Reusner was looking for a cheap living solution while away at college. Instead of wasting his money on an expensive campus apartment, or racking up even more student loan debt to afford a dorm room, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

After finding an old bus on craigslist, Jonathon decided to convert it into a mobile home. Between the bus, which cost him $2,600, and the money he spent converting it and adding solar power to the roof, he spent right around $5,600.

Converted Full-size School Bus becomes completely livable off-grid solution.

An offgrid home made from a converted school bus

For around $12,000 a couple converted an old school bus into their home; complete with solar panels, a composting toilet, and everything they needed to live free of the grid.

Check out this documentary from fair trades on how they converted the large school bus into a 100% off-grid mobile living solution.

Rusty old van to cozy home in 5 months!

I came across Mike Hudson’s blog, VanDog Traveler, awhile back. He’s been living the vagabond (van-dweller) lifestyle for over a year in his custom off-grid camper. Here are some pictures of his converted van home that he uses to live and travel throughout Europe.

a Custom built Van Dweller home

Offgrid home inside a van

A look at Mike Hudson living and traveling in his van…

Shirts of Liberty

OFFGRID Survival book



  1. For Jonathan’s project, great job! My only concerns would be the college/city and any long-term parking issues and security. Colleges are full of punks-ass losers and I can see some trashing his home.

  2. there 1000’s of people living in cars & Vans. I have a van livable,in a moments notice, grab some food & water I’m ready,I keep clothes in it all the time,tp,porty potty,blankets on the back seat/bed. (2)battery’s.I keep it tagged,& inspected & full of Gas.

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