Quote of the Week – State of Emergency

We the People

It is precisely in times of national emergencies that civil liberties must be defended and protected most forcefully. If not, then governments will be given incentives to constantly create crises, or perceptions of crises, and declaring “official states of emergency” in order to grab more and more power and money and destroy more and more liberty and prosperity.

The Supreme Court

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  1. There are three types of people in this world.
    There are those who make things happen, there are those who watch things happen and then there are those who wonder “what the hell just happened?”. What are you?

  2. The fedaral court has indited the president of the united states on many charges including muder treason and high treason all carry the death penaltie

  3. Here in Colorado we’re all got a eyebrow up. National guard removing folks from there home’s that have running water sewer and power, and putting them in shelters.Roads gone railway’s gone. They already have the upper hand with this disaster. Power is gone in lot of hills.

  4. Great quote,hard to believe it came from the supreme court.had to be long ago,anyone know when ? or how long ago maybe when we had patriots.
    who built this country ?? who died ? who shed blood for the freedoms the sheeple are now giving up ?
    This is our Land,and our parks an our country,we need educate the masses.

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