Stockpiling food supplies Vs. Growing your own food.

While stockpiling food is definitely important, not knowing how to grow or find your own food is a huge mistake. My philosophy is to plan for the worst and then prepare for shit to get even worse than that.

In my opinion, you need to both stockpile food and learn how to grow and hunt for it. Here’s why:

Why stockpiling food is important

Emergency food in a Pantry

1. Not having a stockpile of food and water can turn even a small-scale disaster like a storm or power outage into a potentially life threatening situation. Having food stores can help you ride out the situation from the comfort and protection of your own home.

People act stupid during disasters; the last place you want to be is in the middle of Walmart fighting over the last bottle of water.

2. In a real SHTF situation, there are going to be times when it will become impossible for you to obtain food. This could happen for a number of reasons including sickness, bad weather, or the need to lie low for a while. Having a stockpile of food in these types of situations will ensure your survival during your down times.

3. Stockpiling food for economic challenges. Having food stores isn’t all about prepping for major disasters. It’s also a great way to make it through those tough times that life can throw at you. From losing a job to other financial problems that can pop up, having a good supply of food will help take some of the sting out of an already bad situation.

4. Stockpiling food makes sense in everyday life. I know a lot of preppers who save a ton of money by stocking up on foods when they’re on sale. Look through the weekend circulars for the best opportunities to stock up on cheap food that you already eat.

Why knowing how to grow and hunt for your food is important:

Hunter out hunting with his dog

1. Sooner or later your stockpile will run out! The only way you can truly ensure your future survival is to know how to grow, hunt, and preserve your food.

2. It will extend your stockpile! We have no way of knowing how long a disaster will last. Having a way to replenish your stockpiles during a SHTF situation is essential to your survival.

3. It will make you very valuable. Should things go really bad, knowing how to grow your own food means being able to grow your own currency. The people who wasted their time watching reality T.V. are going to be very desperate. When things get bad, they will be willing to trade just about anything for your extra provisions.

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  1. I fear that when the SHTF no amount of stockpiling is going to help for anything longer than short term disaster relief. Even growing your own food in many scenerios would not be a viable option if you are having to continue to “relocate”. I personally think you better be REALLY good at identifying sources of wild fauna that are edible and provide a decent amount of nutritional and caloric value, because even if you know how to shoot a gun and clean a squirrel, if wild game is all you eat odds are you will die of scurvy (if you are limited to wild game try to go with as much poultry as possible because the meat has a wider range of nutritional value than rodents and hooved animals). Many survival books I have run across have good info regarding edible wild fauna but be weary of ones that are strictly black and white and do not offer actual color photo identification. There are berries out there that look like the edible ones from a “drawing” but will make you sick and potentially KILL YOU! One small tip if you find yourself in a wilderness situation with no food, watch what the animals are eating, it is a pretty safe bet if they can eat it so can you.

  2. what do you think about stocking up on edible seaweed/algae? most come in dry form, they are packed with tons of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein, etc. i mean it’s gotta be good for travel food and for restoring nutrients right? also there are websites that tell you how to grow your own spirulina. plus what do you think about chia seeds (used by aztec warriors and runners for endurance, energy among other things) really what i’m asking is what do you think about healthfoods that have 100’s or 1,000’s of years of proof as survival food?

  3. different guages of wire and a manual on snares and traps could mean a small but steady supply of protein.

  4. Remember Catrina? 90 percent of the population cannot survive on their own and their first actions will be to take your supplies.The police will come take your guns so you won’t hurt the people robbing you.People will descend into total anarchy at the first opportunity.In a real disaster the police withdraw to headquarters.You will be totally on your own.

  5. curtis, you need to know that the only people who could not take care of themselves after Katrina were the city dwellers who would not or could not leave.real cajuns can and will eat anything that dosen,t eat them first.a lesson to be learned by all who want to survive

  6. What if the reality TV is *about* growing your own food? Bam.

    More seriously, how do preppers deal with expiration dates? Do you only stockpile things that you’re willing to eat on a day-to-day basis (and then rotate through your stock)? Or do you just eat the cost and toss any grub that spoils?

  7. just keeping a stockpile or rotating it doesn’t matter to me. i look at it like insurance. you pay for insurance and hopefully never use it. if some of your stock goes bad or out of date that’s the price you pay for being prepared.

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