Survivorman Returns

It’s official, the popular Survivorman series will be making a comeback on the Discovery Science Channel.

survivorman les stroud

Les Stroud, Survivorman, announced his comeback earlier this week via twitter. The new season of Survivorman should be a good one; this time they’re increasing the time he spends alone in the wilderness to 10 full days. It should give people a better look at what it actually takes to survive alone in the wilderness.

survivorman les stroudOne interesting side note, that should be a good lesson to anyone that thinks this survival stuff is easy, he also mentioned that he was in the process of training before going back into the field after his 2 year hiatus. Preparation certainly is the key to surviving any situation.

I hope the new show highlights a little bit of what he goes through before venturing out into the wilderness, but either way I’m sure it won’t disappoint.  Out of all the survival shows on T.V. I think Survivorman comes closest to showing what it actually takes to survive in the wilderness.

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  1. Very glad to see this show come back. It so much better than those other overproduced survival t.v. shows. Now if they would just cancel man vs wild

      • I don’t feel that way. Now don’t get me wrong,I love all the survivor shows. Man vs wild,man woman wild,dual survival,and of course survivorman. But Man vs wild comes in third in my opinion. Bear just runs through his journey 100 miles per hour. If you tried to survive the way Bear does his shows,you’d be dead in a few hours. He is 100 mph the whole time. Survivorman is actually surviving,alone. Just seems more authentic to me. And Dual Survival has more excitement to it as Cody and Dave are hilarious. But I rank man woman wild last because the lovey dovey baby dolls crap gets old.

  2. While Les is great and really shows what it takes, unlike the other survival shows out there, it is Ray Mears that is really the king of the hill when it comes to this sort of thing.

    People really should check out his way of doing things. Yeah he doesn’t go out in the middle of nowhere with nothing. He goes to teach what really happens. Why put your life in danger if you don’t have to? Just teach.

  3. never saw the show, but think anyone with emergency back up can,t know what it is really like.i survived hurricane katrina in orleans and was stranded on bolivar penn. for four days after hurricane ike washed our entire town away.try to survive and care for your family with nothing, no food ,no water ,no clothing, none of your emergency kits or supplies,all washed picture starting over again at 65 with nothing and no help from our wonderful gov. if you can,t make something work then you just do without.if you can,t do without it then you WILL find a way to do it. i might add that the time you spend watching someone “survive” in front of a film crew might be better spent actualy learning or doing something that could save your life.don,t be the guy who bought all of the guns and ammo,read the books,watched gunsmoke and dirty harry ten times but never went to the target range.he will die while trying to get the safty off or at the best miss anything he tries to shoot. but what do i know, i,m just an old man who has been there and done that. just sayin

  4. sherman you should research a little more before accusing someone of trying to “survive” in front of a film crew. Les goes out on his own and records everything himself. Imagine having no food, water or emergency kits and trying to survive while caring all your camera gear around and recording yourself SURVIVING. just saying

  5. I love Survivorman and know that Les Stroud displays great knowledge and skill . I have spent many years perfecting much of the same techniques he teaches so I know these work . I am alive because of this type of learning .

  6. Excited to hear the news! As has been already pointed out, one of my favorite things about Les is that he goes out alone. It’s a different vibe when you’re all alone.

  7. I’m glad to hear that Survivorman is coming back to tv. I bought the DVDs for the first three seasons; great stuff. Much better than the rest of the survival shows out there.


  8. man vs wild is a joke,,,,hundred camera people,,hotels,,,help at a moments notice…get rid of bear. Now,,man, woman, wild,,,that is different…Great to see a real survivor man back on the small screen,,,,bear,,prepare to really be in a survival situation.

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