The Merrell Moab Ventilator Mid

To begin with I have to admit I might be a little bias when it comes to Merrells. I’ve been wearing the same pair of Merrell Shoes for the last couple of years, and in my opinion they are pretty much the best show on the market. Whenever I’m considering purchasing a new pair of hiking shoes, Merrells are usually on the top of my list.

I wanted to take a look at the Merrell Ventilator Mids because I do a lot of southwest hiking in some pretty hot and nasty conditions. After wearing them for the last couple of months, I couldn’t be happier with my choice. While I usually prefer a lower hiking shoe, because of the heat, the Ventilator Mids did a great job keeping my feet cool and I really liked the extra support they provided.

Now when it comes to fit, the Moab has to be one of the most comfortable hiking boots that I’ve ever worn out on the trail. After just one outing, they felt like I had been wearing them for months; I really didn’t have to worry much about breaking them in, which is great because I hate buying boots that take months to break in.

My Thoughts on the Boot:

  1. These boots feel more like a hiking shoe and they’re surprisingly light compared to other boots at this price point.
  2. Minimal break-in period, making them pretty much ready to use right out of the box.

My Experience with the Boot:

  1. They’ve held up really well hiking in the Deserts, and I really like the support they provide while bouldering through the canyons.
  2. Very good ankle support!
  3. Perfect for the wide variety of conditions in the desert.

Things you should know about the Moab Ventilator:

  1. Features Vibram Multi-Sport outsole. (These soles are great. I have them on a pair of Merrells that I’ve been wearing for years, and after years of abuse they are just now starting to wear out. )
  2. Breathable Mesh Panels to help cool your feet. This is a must in hot desert conditions.

You can find them at Amazon or through the link below:

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  1. Thanks for the review. I am getting a pair to test them out on the Superior Hiking Trail. It is no desert, but my feet need to breath and the price it right.

  2. Yeah, I actually have these. On sale at Gander Mtn. for like $49?. It’s possible they’re a quarter-size or so too small, but they didn’t have a larger size and I bought them anyhow. Fit is dicey — heel seems to be un-level (insides feel higher than outsides), and they make my feet WET AND COLD — not dry and cold as I’d expect. VERY POOR VENTILATION, no insulation whatsoever (which is fine). Not real happy with them… but they look pretty cool. :-)

    • Thanks for the update Doug, We reviewed these over two years ago and when I wore them I loved them, I was in them for about 6 months or so and never had a problem. I’ll try to get my hands on the newer ones and see if the quality has changed.

      Right now I wear the Merrel Chameleon which so far have held up pretty well out on the trails.

  3. I have several Survival Sites that I belong to, I love yours because of all the information that you give away. Please start emailing me and I will pass on to my Prep. Friends.


  4. Question, were they the water proof ones Doug. Merrell typically offers all brands in both options and the waterproof versions are in fact heavier and don’t breath as well for obvious reasons. I put on my first pair years back and haven’t bothered looking at other brands since.

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