Yeti 6000X: Goal Zero Introduces their highest capacity power station to date

YETI 6000X

This year at SHOT Shows digital event, Goal Zero introduced their highest capacity portable power station to date. Equipped with 6000 watt-hours of lithium power, the Yeti 6000X will run just about any power-hungry device and appliances that you can throw at it.

The unit starts to puts Goal Zero in competition with larger units like the Tesla Powerwall or other fixed backup power supplies; but where the YETI 6000X scores some major points is it gives you the ability to remove it from your home and bring it with you in your RV, Van or Bugout Vehicles.

Power RV’s, trailers, off-grid events, work sites, essential circuits in your home, and more.

Goal Zero says they designed the system with new features and bigger storage capacities that are ideal for powering vans, cabins, tailgates, base camps, and essential circuits in your home.

The Yeti 6000X gives your 6,000 wHr of lithium-ion batteries, and includes a wide range of powering options with seven versatile ports, including

  • Two industry-leading 120V AC Inverter (2000W, 3500W surge) AC ports
  • (2x) 2.4A USB-A Port,
  • 60W USB-C PD Port (Input/Output)
  • 18W USB-C Port
  • 6mm 12V Ports
  • 12V Car Port
  • 12V High Power Port

At 106 pounds, The YETI 6000X is the largest unit in their line. It measures in at 15.3″ Wide by 10.1″ Deep and 17″ high. Because of the size and weight the unit comes stock with a roll cart for easier transportation.

You can check out the Goal Zero YETI 6000X on Amazon

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