Preparedness: Preparing for Emergencies and Disasters

5 tips to survive a worse case SHTF scenario.

November 14, 2011 Robert Richardson 16

Survival is all about knowledge, training and preparation. If you do all of those things on a regular basis, chances are pretty good you’ll survive even a worst case SHTF event. Fail to prepare and all I can say is Good Luck, we tried to warn you! […]

Bug Out

Survival Training

November 8, 2011 Robert Richardson 67

You’ve got your guns.
Your pantry is stocked full of food.
You’ve got so much gear, your bags are ready to explode.

But are you really prepared to survive? […]

Cooking Survival Foods
Food & Water

Survival Food – Feeding your family when the SHTF

November 7, 2011 Robert Richardson 42

A year’s supply of commercial survival food can cost thousands of dollars for a single person. Now add up all the members in your family and most people would be hard pressed to find that kind of money just laying around the house. Find out how you can stock up at a fraction of the cost…. […]

family trapped during disaster
Preparedness: Preparing for Emergencies and Disasters

3 Excuses People use to get out of Prepping.

People often put of preparedness until it’s way to late. In some cases it’s laziness, in others it’s because of family, friends or even the media who have made them feel foolish for wanting to be prepared. Over the years I’ve heard thousands of different excuses as to why people aren’t prepping, but when a disaster hits what are those excuses worth? Will they feed your family? […]