Could you Survive?

Most people spend a majority of their time away from home, yet very few prep for survival outside the home. To be able to survive means preparing for every possible situation.

Here’s the scenario…..  Disaster hits; you’re 30 miles from home and the roads have become completely cut off. There’s no hope of being able to get back to your main preps.

Could you survive with what’s in your pocket?

Let’s face it, no matter how prepared you think you are, there’s going to be times when you become separated from your gear. That’s why I suggest always having an Every Day Carry Kit. If you haven’t heard of an EDC, it’s basically a small kit with everything you need to survive in an emergency situation. It’s something that you can, and should,  carry with you at all times.

What do you carry with you when you’re away from home?

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  1. A multitool, lighter, and a cell phone (although the last one may do nothing if things really went wrong)

  2. Minimum on my person is always my multi-tool, flashlight, pocket knife, and cell phone.
    I usually also have a lighter and a couple meters of shoelace or rope.
    Never really thought of these for survival – they’re everyday useful tools.

  3. 2 Meter Radio, Knife, lighters, small survival kit ( the ultimate survival kit that you reccomended a few months back) and my own homemade kit

  4. I always have a bug out bag with me in my vehicle, my office and my house. I also always carry a multitool in my pocket, a small flashlight and a firestick

  5. Multi-tool and fire starter (ferro rod + magnesium stick + super striker) carried on my belt, tucked into the multi-tool pouch – I also have a Leatherman micro on my key-chain… it’s got scissors and tweezers at least. :-)

    I also carry my blackberry, but that will be a single-use sling stone if the SHTF.

    I’ve got a few items stashed in my car (ponchos, emergency blanket, first aid kit, LED flashlight), but I don’t carry these on my person – the BOB is in the bedroom closet and I have my other preps in the pantry, garage, laundry room, and elsewhere in the house – loadable as needed.

  6. I have a small laptop bag that is filled with survival supplies that I carry with me all the times.

    Whats in it? Flashlight, knife/multitol first aid gear, lighters binoculars cell phone small solar charger extra batteries, chemical heat pads, bandannas, small water filter, and various other goodies

  7. I carry the Maxpedition Lunada with me everywhere I go. Aside from being my EDC bag (man purse) I keep a small survival kit in at all times.



    FIRE STRIKER–This is the type that comes in an aluminum tube. I have it packed in a soda bottle blank with cotton tinder.

    BASIC MEDICATIONS–Aspirin, Tylenol, and Antacids. These are also packed in a soda bottle blank with cotton.

    FOLDING RAZORKNIFE– This is all metal construction with replaceable blades.

    HIDEAWAYKNIFE–This is hidden under the front strap of my bag. Its a custom 2″ defense knife that fits around your first two fingers. This allows you to retain the knife while holding a pistol, light, or striking.

    SURVIVAL KIT–The survival kit is a 3×4″ lightweight plastic box that contains: fishing kit(small rubber lures, bobbers, hooks, sinkers and a small spool of heavy line) full first aid, tape (electric, medical, and duct), foil, suture kit, scalpel, thread and needles for cloth and leather, hacksaw blade, replacement knife blades, waterproofed matches and Fresnel lens.


    ASP BATON–Carried in a purpose designed pouch on outside of bag.

    CHAINSAW IN A CAN–That’s a brand name and its awesome!


    GLOCK 27 (.40 S&W)–Laser, night sights, drop-in 9mm barrel, and 2 mags.


    I know this sounds extreme, but I have refined packed and re-packed until perfect. This is very compact(takes up just one pocket)and light. The only real added weight comes from my Glock and ASP and I only travel without these as required.
    Overall its very manageable and Id rather be with than without.

  8. Aqua Survival Kit by Ultimate Survival Tech.

    18″ Collapsible baton

    Kershaw pocket knife

    Chisel tip Dive knife

    Leatherman multitool

    9’x12″ plastic tarp

    50′ 550 cord

    Packeted in a Camalback cloudwalker day pack

  9. Too many “unknowns” in this,terrain hostile enviroment (peoplewise)..the particular “disater” itself…etc

  10. True, Azurevirus. But that’s survival, right? You cant be prepared for everything. Just have to do your best with what you have. That’s why everything that goes in my pockets or bag has to be robust, versatile, and light. I also make sure to “pack space”. I leave plenty of room for found or improvised items.

    I notice that I was the only one that listed a firearm. Are the other posters here able to unable to carry a firearm in their state? Or is this philosophical? Just curious.

  11. Goodwin I live in NJ we don’t have to the right to carry. I do own a Uberti Cattleman 45 long colt, Beretta P4 9mm, Ruger CZ 75 9mm ,and a Mossberg 500 JIC pump. So far be it from me to break the law.

  12. when i use to have a car i would always have a bag in the trunk with a change of clothes,knife,flash light,first aid kit and a few other things.But now that i dont have a car anymore all i really carry on me is a knife,flash light,and my ruger lcr on a regular day if im going out of town or for a long drive i bring my bag.Im still pretty new to the whole survival thing and being prepared ive only been keeping a B.O.B for around a year and its always growing and im always reading my sas handbook and others to learn as much as i can.most of my friends think im nuts and dont think anything will ever happen(im only 24 and most of my friends are younger then me).also i would just like to say how much i enjoy this website and all the great info on it and from everyone who leaves there comments.

  13. Yeah Vin, Im with you. I live in Ohio. We have pretty free CCW laws here. Which is ironic considering we have a Democratic governor. In fact he has much more liberal gun policies than our former Republican with all his NRA cronies.

  14. well i am on the local search and rescue on call 24/7 and i am a first responder trained in first aid i drive a chevy suberbin with a cot in it and i have a hiking pack with all the regular stuff you would carry for overnight packing trip plus i carry a side arm so basicly i am ready to be on my own away from home in an emergancy i also could help a few others out if need be whitch is a good thing to keep in mind because safty is in number

  15. Two knives and a Leatherman, backpack, water bottle, jacket/gloves/hat, flashlight, some cash, and a phone are on my person. My car is about 600 yards away, which contains a small amount of food, clothing, and a rifle with some ammunition. I think I’d be alright for the time being.

    Oh, and Chapstick. A true essential.

  16. This is my first time visiting this website but it is a topic I am very enthusiastic about.

    In each vehicle we have the basic first aid kit, water purification tablets, (we live in MN where freshwater lakes are every where). We have 3-day supply of food, candles, radio. We also have the emergency blankets (those aluminum foil ones). We also have flares.

    This is assuming I am always with my own vehicle.

    It is an interesting question you ask because most of my preparation is based on me being home. Thankfully I am home most of the time, unless I am running errands or at work (10 hours a day gone, leaves 14 hours a day being home).

  17. I am new to this, but it seems it is in the wind to need this. I am slowly acquiring what I need to get away fast and stay away for a long time. The first thing I bought was a SOG knife, and some mylar blankets. My next buy will be a magnesium firestarter and a solar charger for my cellphone and netbook. I will buy a small axe, and a serious firstaid kit, some down clothes, and of course, seeds and dried food, water purification, and some pans for cooking. At some point I will get a gun, which makes me feel sad, but it is necessary, and I will use it if it comes to that. My daughter and I are both going to a range to learn to shoot with several different weapons. We have mapped out what our range is in the vehicle I own, how far we can get before we are unable to get gas any more, and we are reading blogs every day to refine our plans. I’d rather be unhappy and prepared than oblivious and dead.

  18. Browning Knife, Sheath knife made by Sharp, first aid kit, rope, food, Remington .270 (which i still have yet to obtain), ammo, hatchet, Poncho, blanket, and a heavy jacket

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