Could you Survive?

Most people spend a majority of their time away from home, yet very few prep for survival outside the home. To be able to survive means preparing for every possible situation.

Here’s the scenario…..  Disaster hits; you’re 30 miles from home and the roads have become completely cut off. There’s no hope of being able to get back to your main preps.

Could you survive with what’s in your pocket?

Let’s face it, no matter how prepared you think you are, there’s going to be times when you become separated from your gear. That’s why I suggest always having an Every Day Carry Kit. If you haven’t heard of an EDC, it’s basically a small kit with everything you need to survive in an emergency situation. It’s something that you can, and should,  carry with you at all times.

What do you carry with you when you’re away from home?

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  1. thank you,thank you for this site. I am learning alot. I am new to all this. but I know things are really heating up,so I have been getting a little at a time. It’s time to prepare.

  2. To those who carry weapons…remember this: You can’t light it, you can’t drink it, you can’t eat it, and it won’t keep you dry. Water, Shelter, Fire, Food. Have those four things first, then worry about a firearm. The odds of actually needing one are slim if your planning and preperation are done correctly. In my experience, have at least 2 sources of each with you at all times.

    Having said that, I don’t go anywhere without my Bersa .380 at a bare minimum.

  3. The weapon is, at least in my mind, more useful for getting home the easiest. If it’s a big SHTF scenario, people are going to be panicking and some will be aggressive. The gun will keep you safer from other people. To me, safety is the biggest part of surviving for me. I can’t think of many situations in which I wouldn’t be able to get home, without having more things with me, or having no chance at survival.

  4. I’m from the UK where we can’t carry guns, just wondering if you guys consider this a dissadvantage? Considering that nobody else has guns and so we are unlikely to get shot or would you prefer to have a gun but at the same time the risk of being shot is increased as everyone else has them?
    The other thing we suffer with is strict knife laws, the only knives we are allowed to carry are not really worth carrying in the first place. Adds a whole new dimension to trying to be prepared.

  5. I had to have a smile at this……………is this dungeons and dragons ?( Remember the bag of holding? ) do you people really carry all that stuff with you when away from home? Sometimes I think I may go too heavy with a Keltec 380 , a few knives, a multi tool , lighter , and a phone or two…but I always have those things. I have many friends that should know better but carry not even knife. makes no sense. I wish y’all well.

  6. I live in NYC. So it gives you an idea about what kind of event we might have here. My main goal would be evacuate myself and another 6 members of my family 120 miles away to PA Pocono region where we have summer house.

    First major concern is getting out of the city which means using either bridges or tunnels. Maybe I am over reacting but I am afraid it might get messy when all people start pushing trough those bridges. It took me 7 hours to drive from Manhattan to Brooklyn during last blackout.

    I even considering using motorcycle in case of a bad traffic and absolute urgency to get out. My wife behind me and my daughter in between.

    Unfortunately I don’t own any firearms and do count it as weak side of my plan. I am looking into getting some crossbow as alternative.

  7. To all of those that think a gun is what you should take care of last, i.e. food, water, shelter I say it should be the 1st. I am prepped at home and in the car but to be honest if it means me and mine living I would take yours by force to have my family live. On the way out of town you all should think about the public library for info unless you know it all anyway, powergeneation, building a home, farming, etc…

  8. i carry a liner lock knife,keys to my gun lock,somrtimes fire steel but not very often,a camo bandana,a boyscout knife and multitool.

  9. all of this and that the one thing i carry is the knowledge and the sheer will to live the rest of what you need is all around you…THE MORE YOU KNOW THE LESS YOU GOT TO CARRY…

  10. All the things mentioned are great if you are driving or at home, but if you are flying, then most of these tools are useless, unless you can get your bag out of the plane’s bag bin, when you land.

  11. I carry a compass, my cell phone (with car charger), USB card, 3 forms of ID, multi-tool, a small collection of knives (swiss-army to pocket and…others) minor first aid gear, pens, notebook, rubber bands, paper clips, small sewing kit, mirror, and sunscreen and sunglasses……you’d be surprised what women really carry in those big bags of ours. (A few even have spare clothes and bottled water)

  12. You bet I could survive! I keep my Bug-Out Bag in the trunk of my car.Fully loaded with food water and shelter. It would last untill I could hike the 30 mile trek home.

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