How to build an igloo – 1922 Eskimos

I stumbled upon this old video from a 1922 documentary of an Eskimo family. It shows the process they used to build their shelters, and gives you a look into their lifestyle.

Here’s a more recent video for those who are really interested in the subject. It really is amazing that they can make these shelters in under 30 minutes.

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  1. I’ve helped build a dozen igloos over the years as a Boy Scout volunteer. We use plexiglass block cutters, shovels and plastic sleds to move the blocks. I’m not sure how fast we could build one, because the kids generally have to take time out for snowball fights. I really enjoyed the 1922 video.

  2. Learned this in our Advanced SERE ( Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape ) training at the Northern Warfare School in AK. We had native Taġiuġmiut tribe – i love the way WHITE MEN have destroyed Indigenous culture of American Natives – Eskimo is a term, widely considered to be pejorative, for the indigenous peoples who have traditionally inhabited the circumpolar region from eastern Siberia (Russia), across Alaska (United States), Canada, and Greenland. Ignorant, uneducated, arrogant White Rednecks/hillbullies. Bad karma will catch up and bite you in the ass!

    • I bet you don’t even realize how racist/supremacist you’re being with your remarks. Well let me help you out. There is no act, good or bad, that can be correlated and tied to any populous categorized by their skin color or by any other identifying factor. You and your leftist school of thought sound like a little kid that didn’t get what they wanted, kicking and screaming, playing the race card. You seem to infer that a bunch of white guys cleared the arctic of the culture native eskimo’s once had? How exactly do you destroy Eskimo culture? Force them not to eat fish and poop in the snow? I’d be willing to bet money, without even looking it up, that there has been no mass destruction of any culture in the arctic lands. Why? because no one wants to live there, let alone live there and berate their eskimo neighbor 50 miles to their left or right.

  3. This quality informative video is great. That sports team whose plane crashed into the snow covered mountains might have had more survivors if they knew how to build an igloo. GREAT Great GREAT terrific STUPENDOUS

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