Simple cheap solar homesteading

This is a cool little video that we found about living life off the grid. It contains some great information on how to find cheap land, build a cheap home and use solar power to cut your monthly utility bills.  It’s a good introduction to what’s possible, and can be a great start for those who are new to the lifestyle.

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  1. Nice video. Cozy place you got there.
    I do have a question though. You mentioned that there is no utilities run to the land, but there really seems to be a marked power pole with a meter base and maybe telephone D-mark. Did it used to have utilities to it?
    thanks man, great post.

    • thats great, as soon as i am financially capable, i am buying a small house, and starting my quest for off the grid living.
      does anyone know about the videos ‘power4patriots’
      is it worth the money to spend, they are selling the whole pack for 27.00

  2. Very interesting video. My husband and I are interested in building an off-the-grid home in the near future. After being slaves to consumer debt and student loans for two decades, we are ready for financial freedom that only comes when you are a debtor to no one and commit to living BELOW your means. Great work and thanks for the inspiration!

  3. @zedek

    My brother had a trailer on this property with power but the pole is no longer connected to the grid. No transformer. It now has my wind turbine on top.

  4. Thank-you for your time and the video I’m a single mother of three whom has always felt as if I was born in the wrong centry. I want my own place like you have so badly and your site has given me so many good ideas and information. The only other question I have would be what kinds of things have you tried that doesn’t work. Have you made.any mistakes I could learn from?

  5. I am 19 years old and am so happy I found this website and this video when I did. I still live with my parents and me and my boyfriend are wanting our own place now. This would be a much better investment than paying rent in an apartment. We can save up some money buy a small lot of land and start out like this and be perfectly comfortable happy and like you said free! I cant tell you how blessed I am to have found this at a young age. I have a part time job and make work 20 hrs a week, my bf works full time. I have benefits and a 401K already set up, if we lived this way and saved our money the possibilities are endless. Thank you<3

  6. Love the information. Why did you decide to go with propane? What would be the disadvantage of using a wood stove to heat and cook. Do the solar panels provide enough electricity to run a small window a/c unit? Again, thanks for the great video.

    • This video isn’t actually us it’s a video of some other folks that we have come across.

      I actually prefer the wood stove over using propane as i think it provides a number of advantages.

        • Depends on the size of the stove and a number of other factors. But your right a wood stove, especially in small cabins, can really make things hot but opening up a window can balance things out. You just have to get used to the fact that it’s not a modern furnace where you can set a constant temperature.

        • My grandparent’s old home has building called a summer kitchen that was used in the summers for cooking before the house had any modern utilities run to it. (The old outhouse is also still standing.) You could always consider setting up a small shed for the same purpose or do a lot of outside grilling in the summer.

  7. I have fallen in love with the idea of living off the grid. I am 16 and the idea of getting a “proper job” and “growing up” have started to look more and more like a waste my life. This has helped inspire me, I can’t wait.

  8. I have been wanting to do this for so long now. I appreciate your video and it has inspired me. I’m 52 my kids are grown and I am trying to sell my house. I’ve been looking at properties in the Northeast and since I’m not a carpenter I’ve been considering just buying a shed and insulating it. I am ready to stop living the conventional life and free myself from the stress of a very materialistic world. Thanks again for your information, it was very helpful. Peace.

  9. What about property taxes? Or does where you live not have property taxes (tell me where that is please). I have been trying to get off the grid but I live in Kansas and haven’t figured out how to get away from that part

  10. You are lucky to have a small piece of land that is surrounded by not much. Small piece of land usually means close neighbors and noise. Your tranquility depends on your neighbors, unless you have large enough property to buffer yourself.

  11. I live in Wisconsin. How cold can that 350W solar system defeat? $3,000 for a 350W solar power that can survive sub-zero temps??? Can the solar power or a pellet stove keep water pipes from freezing?

  12. What about property taxes? Does that apply to homesteading? I live in the city and have a “homestead” on my house which supposedly gives me cheaper annual property tax…. Which is false when compared to my neighbors.

    • Florida has homestead takes a chunk off property tax and limiter raising assessments, but in the built up and incorporated areas the city’s and fire districts are going around the rules by taxing utilities, and placing fees we have trash, fire (in court) and storm water fees without homestead our taxes would be like up north punitive

  13. NH has no property taxes and is a live free or die state. NH is one state that will never lay down to our govt’s tyranny. You know what is about to hit the fan soon- get ready-now.

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