The Attack on Gun Rights – Criminalizing Gun Owners as Firearm Sales Set Records in America

Times certainly have changed. While the idiots in the media would like you to believe that most Americans want stricter gun laws, the numbers show something entirely different.

firing rifleAmericans overwhelmingly oppose the idea of banning handguns and even so called “assault rifles”.   In fact, Americans are becoming more Pro-Gun than any other time in history. A recent Gallup poll showed that only 26% of Americans favored a ban on Handguns.

At one time that number was actually over 60%, so what exactly changed?

First, I think most Americans are finally waking up to the fact that the media’s portrayal of gun owners as anti-government wackos, is far from the truth. People are finally realizing that it’s not only smart to own a gun, but in my opinion it’s our patriotic duty as Americans.

In fact, it was George Washington who stated that  “Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence.”

The second thing that’s changed, is people are finally realizing that they need to be self-reliant. People are waking up to the fact that the government can barely manage their own affairs, let alone ensure our safety in a time of crisis. I think this is reflective in the record number of people purchasing firearms over the last year.

According to the FBI, Americans bought a record number of firearms over the Christmas season. In fact, more than 1.5 million background checks were requested by gun dealers in December  of 2011. That’s the highest number of background checks ever requested in a single month.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, 10.8 million firearms were sold in 2011, an increase of over 50% from ten years before.

Despite the change, lawmakers seem to be increasing their efforts to limit your right to bear arms.

rifle on table at gun range

During the last couple of weeks, a number of alarming anti-gun pieces of legislation have being pushed across the country.


Mac Salvo over at SHTFplan, ran an article a couple of days ago that described an attempt by New Jersey lawmakers to ban the sale of ammunition. In this blatant attempt to skirt the 2nd Amendment, lawmakers in New Jersey are trying to push two Anti-Gun bills, Assembly Bill 588 and Assembly Bill 1013.

This legislation would effectively allow them to ban all handgun ammunition as well as some rifle ammunition.


The Anti-Gun politicians in Chicago are proposing three bills that would criminalize law abiding citizens who own semiautomatic firearms.

House Bill 1294 will ban semi-automatic handguns, rifles and shotguns in the state and bring about the confiscation of every semiautomatic firearm.  The bill will also ban certain firearm parts as well as .50 caliber rifles.

House Bill 1599 will re-classify a number of semi-automatic handguns, rifles and shotguns as “assault weapons.” It then would increase the penalties and jail time of anyone who is in violation of  HB1294.

House Bill 1855 will turn anyone who is victimized and has a gun stolen into a potential criminal subject to investigation. The bill creates penalties for those that fail to report a missing weapon in an arbitrarily determined time-frame. That means that law enforcement would be able to investigate anyone who is victimized and reports a missing firearm. They turn you into the criminal instead of looking for the real criminals.

We need to be on guard and pay attention to what’s going on. While gun ownership is at an all-time high, the Anti-Gun politicians are shaking in their boots. I believe the next couple of years will be significant in the fight to keep lawmakers from taking away our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

We need to stay vigilant and need to keep an eye on the gun grab that’s sure to come.

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  1. Just a note from us gun owners in Arizona. No permits required here. If you are looking for a gun friendly state to move to, consider Arizona.

  2. My husband and I have been stocking up on survival stuff for a few years now. everything is protable so that we can grab and go. my fire arms are the first to go. Would never leave home with out them. and right now teaching the teenage granddaughter how to shoot. I will be damned if anyone is going to take my guns from me.

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