DHS Says Americans Need to Start Prepping for up to six months without electricity!

Power Grid

In a new report from the President’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council and published by the Department of Homeland Security, the government is urging the public to prepare for the up to six months without electricity, transportation, fuel, money, and healthcare.

DHS is warning that the electric grid is now the “prime target” of terrorists, and says Americans need to be prepared for a power outage of up to six months. The report says that “People no longer keep enough essentials within their homes, reducing their ability to sustain themselves during an extended, prolonged outage. We need to improve individual preparedness.” 

The report, titled Surviving a Catastrophic Power Outage”,  warns that an attack would likely come with little to no notice and could cause complete chaos for at least a half a year,  “Long-duration, lasting several weeks to months (at least 2 months, but more likely 6 months or more) due to physical destruction to equipment, such as transformers or transmission lines; or the severity of the event resulting in limited workforce to repair damage, or inability to create or transport replacement parts,” said the report.

The report recommends Americans have enough supplies on hand for a minimum 14 days, a number that now seems grossly inadequate considering the threat and the timeline for reestablishing essential services after an attack.

“This profound risk requires a new national focus. Significant public and private action is needed to prepare for and recover from a catastrophic outage that could leave the large parts of the nation without power for weeks or months, and cause service failures in other sectors – including water and wastewater, communications, transportation, healthcare, and financial services — that are critical to public health and safety and our national and economic security,” said the advisory council.

nuclear reactors
“99 nuclear reactors would likely melt down without electricity to cool them”

The report is the second in the last month to warn of a “profound threat” to the U.S. electric grid from terrorism and events like a solar storm or solar flare. A prior government report also recommended presidential action to protect the grid from attacks.

In that report, from the Air Force’s Air University, the military warned an EMP-style attack could wipe out the United States, democracy, and the world order. They also warned that:

  • 99 nuclear reactors would likely melt down without electricity to cool them.
  • 4.1 million would be displaced from areas around the nuclear plants as the radioactive cloud spread.
  • Military and commercial jets, such as those built by Airbus, could be degraded. “Alarmingly, aircraft designed to carry large numbers of people and sizable cargo are allowed to operate without certainty about their level of resilience.”
  • Bases would be cut off, making defense and counter-attacks impossible.
  • Civil unrest would start in “hours.”
  • Power and GPS could go dark. “An EMP would cause instantaneous and simultaneous loss of many technologies reliant on electrical power and computer circuit boards, such as cell phones and GPS devices.”
  • “Failures may include long-term loss of electrical power (due to loss of emergency generators), sewage, freshwater, banking, landlines, cellular service, vehicles.”
  • Eighteen months or more are required to replace key elements of the electric grid that would be damaged or knocked out.

What can you do to Prepare for an attack on our Power Grid?

In my book, The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide, I devote a lot of time to this specific topic because I believe, as detailed in these latest reports, our country’s emergency managers have no real contingency plans to deal with this type of event. You need to be prepared to survive an extended period without power, without access to food and water, and without essential services – hell, don’t take our word for it, the government is saying they will not be able to help you!

You need to be prepared to survive for an extended period of time without power and essential services. This means stockpiling food and water, learning the skills you need to protect yourself and your family from the chaos and violence that will inevitably happen, and in my opinion, you need to get as far away from highly populated urban centers as you can.

  • Stock up on Food & Water: During a long-term grid-down situation, food and water will be crucial to your survival and will likely be the first things to go. Our entire food infrastructure is extremely reliant on the power grid; when the power goes down you are going to see widespread panic and chaos. Stock up on long-term food and water.
  • Have cash on hand: During any type of grid down situation, your debit and credit cards are going to be useless. You need to have cash on hand to buy last minute supplies and to deal with the initial stages of the disaster.
  • Start becoming more Self-Reliant: Over the last couple of decades the world has seen an unprecedented spike in technology and access to learning. Unfortunately, we’ve also seen a growing number of people who have used this technology to tune out and lose their ability to be self-reliant. To prepare for this danger, these 32 resources and skills are all things that you should know.
  • Stock up on Firearms: During any type of long-term power outage, security is going to be a top priority. If the grid goes down for any length of time, chaos is going to quickly sweep the streets, and social unrest will be one of the top threats you face. The unprepared masses are going to be unpredictable; in all likelihood, they will become a threat to your safety.
  • Stock up on Backup Power. Solar Chargers, power generators, and portable battery backups are all things you need to invest in. For a very small amount of money, you can ensure you have the power to run things like emergency radios, ham radios, tablets, flashlights, and other emergency gear.
  • Read our article on EMP/Power Collapse Grid Survival
  • Make sure you have a way to communicate and gather intel when the grid goes down!
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    • Here we go again. Everytime you turn around, here comes chicken little running at full speed … The sky is falling, the sky is falling. Remember the Y2K bug anyone? Meh

      • I was one of the telecommunications technicians that was sent around the country updating firmware from a 2 digit year code to a four digit. Your welcome.

        • Y2K was a hoax. Those of us with Apple computers laughed at those who thought the world was going to end because a manufacturer did not keep his operating system up to date.

          • And if the sun decided to do a carrington style event while the other side of the planet was facing it, the Russian Doomsday machine would blast enough radioactive cobalt into the atmosphere to kill off all of mankind

          • Y2K was not a hoax – it was a real problem that was mitigated due to good planning and execution

          • You just got to know this is crazy enough to happen! Whoever thought of a virus affecting people all around the world with our lifestyles changed drastically, you better believe the grid could let us down. It looks like this is a warning rather than just a possibility. So let the wise in heart be warned. At least do what you can in case this happens as we cannot go back and fix something when we are living in the midst of something. Being ‘forewarned is forewarned.’

          • Did you ever think that 5G could send out enough radiation and frequencies to adversely affect the power grid?! I mean, this by itself could really do a number on our very lives. Might want to rethink this warning as being more than just a possiblity, they are warning us of a catastrophe waiting to happen. Get prepared, then if it does not happen in your lifetime, no problem, but if it does and you are not prepared all of the host of hell is going to break out! Do you really want to take that risk?

          • Exactly…the misdirection is legion. 5G is their crown jewel of complete surveillance and control. It can be used to target individuals with illnesses or death. It can also affect the general mind state of all that are under its propagation. Make us edgy, depressed, mad…..

            It’s being installed now

      • I worked for a defense department contractor in 1999. The Clinton administration issued a regulation that anyone who wished to do business with the Federal govt, must be Y2K compliant as well as our endors and their vendors (down four levels). We updated all of our computers but still had a few glitches. Mostly with programs which insisted that the following January would be 1900 instead of 2000.
        Other govt.s instituted the same or stricter regulations for updating equipment abd all private companies followed. Disaster was averted by foresight and a very expensive crash-course of up-grades.

        • Times we live in today and all that is going on in this world, not that we should be in panic mode, I feel it couldn’t hurt to prepare a little each week or what you can afford regarding the basic survival necessities as precaution. Y2K, I didn’t believe that for one second. This sadly can happen. I decided tonight it couldn’t hurt to have the basics as precaution.

      • But chicken little turned out to be right in a sense. No the sky wasn’t falling but some thing was definitely wrong Nobody paid attention to the signs and look what happened. They went full scale alien attack over one big missunderstanding lmao

      • The Y2K issue was not about the end of the world. It was about the “Just in Time” inventory system. Very little is stocked in warehouses anymore or ordered over the phone. Typical three day inventories are updated constantly via computer and network processes and they must be working properly or orders will not go through and needed deliveries will not be made. The possible downside to not having upgraded systems (which was a major national effort by all corporations) would be commerce coming to a halt until the computers were communicating proper orders and dates again. Exxon stopped all projects to finish their Y2K system fix in time. Billions in hardware upgrades were done everywhere. That was not someones overactive imagination like 12/21/2012. No fuel at the pumps or food on the shelves and the world comes to a grinding halt.

        • It was just a dress rehearsal to see the public’s reaction, and also to get all the key players in position.
          What’s coming will be planned, plotted, orchestrated, manufactured, and an attempt to further their totalitarian agenda. You can be 100% certain of that!

        • The book of revelation is Harry Potter bullshit myth . Whoever wrote that shit was on acid Things bad will happen But not for reasonsad why that damn book says so..

          • There is no harm in believing in the book(Bible) but if in the end you find out you were wrong about the harry potter BS i hope that you keep that same energy

          • Have you ever read the bible? Because for some reason it is hard for me to believe that you have. You see, if you had read the whole bible you would know that we are living Revelation right now. I suggest you get to reading! Everything that the bible says, has, or is happening in this world. OPEN YOUR EYES! THE END IS NEAR! It isnt some Harry Potter crap. Its the truth!! Its God speaking. I suggest you pray and give your life to Jesus. Or you will be another one who gets left behind. Sad! I will pray for you.

          • To say Revelation is nonsense so to speak condems the entire Bible.
            Every prophecy in the Old Testament with the exception of a few that are to come have been completed. 150 completed by the arrival and departure of Jesus.

          • You won’t be laughing or cursing when you see it happening right before your eyes. I laugh, as well as GOD when fools say and think there is no GOD and it’s not going to happen. Because we KNOW it will and you will apparently be amongst those GOD says will wish the mountains to fall on them when they realize how wrong they were and that it is too late for them. Keep denying. It’s your choice. You decide your own fate.

          • Kool,somebody that hasn’t been fucked,that book that everyone seems to live by,lol,is as good as a comic book. It was wrote by man to control man. No more and no less,man has nothing to fear then man becomes the “monster” that should be feared completely,look at the crusades,they killed for thier God cuz the enemy simply believed differently what God if he’s so great would rule by creating fear and take lives for not believing the same way. The Bible can easily be manipulated to say whatever the reader needs it to. Why would God put so much emphasis on adultry,many areas is dedicated just to having sex with another man’s wife. To many references to a man’s insecurities,a real God of alknowing and endless power wouldnt care who is screwing who’s wife, remember for those that believe in God doesn’t it refer being fruitful and multiply,for every passage there is condradicting passage. This book is equal to any book. A god that rules by fear is a man that is insecure,and isn’t alknowing or all-powerful. The Bible is a rule book for the only monsters that roam the earth. Case in point Hitler did anything he desired as a man that had nothing to fear,look what he did and wasn’t ever struck down,lighting didn’t strike nothing ever happened magically to stop him,it was his own demise that stopped him from the world being conquered and us all speaking German, God didn’t intervine on man’s behalf and stop him. So preaching about a comic book is as productive as preaching from the Bible. We need to worry about the 2 legged monsters that have the gift to mind fuck a entire nation into killing each other and believing it’s in the name of thier God. Open your eyes people we are own worst enemy and praying that it magically get better,that is as ignorate,non thinking people that make up those that are expendable,and the masses that get prayed on.

          • No acid available at that time, just God inspired men obeying their creator. All of Revelation will soon be fulfilled to the chagrin of such people as the above!

          • oh wow; i just came on and read this and this is your opinion. Wouldnt it be sad, when the time comes and all those you love who believe in the Bible and all that stuff you call nonsense is gone and you are left behind; then you are left in regret to deal with the consequences of your decision and the words you chose to use to express your self about God Word? Think about what you say, because what comes out of your mouth it becomes costly at the end.

      • Most people were not worried about Y2K; the whole concept of civilization collapsing because computer clocks were set wrong was a bit outlandish. This, however, is NOT a fanciful threat. Our grid is apparently old and in poor repair. And the repercussions for those who depend for their life on electricity and clean water are clear.

      • If you are not prepared for at least 30 days of no power you are going to die.
        Life as you know it will not for work you when your bank card doesn’t work or nobody will take it. When you have to drive 30 miles to get water and food and the gas stations are out of gas , you are going to die . There will be lines, very long lines for everything. People will be short tempered and people will kill eachother. At the very least, be prepared to kill yourself.

      • Don’t shoot the messenger. You’ll get caught short if you’re not and probably die at Walmart car park when the SHTF.

      • Don’t take chances, it’s best to have it and don’t need ot than need it and don’t have it. We need CB Radios, learn to use it, Guns and ammo , Bow and Arrows, learn to use them.

      • What you don’t think terrorist wouldn’t target our electrical grid. Well think again they would and there’s nothing wrong with being prepared. Just saying

      • Let’s refer to another story, The Boy Who Cried Wolf. But, let’s change the story up a bit. The boy (gov.) cries “wolf,” “wolf,” “wolf,” everyone at attention and ‘scared’ for the first few times… until they start questioning if there really is a wolf. Then, bam, a real wolf shows up, and no one listens, because they know longer trust the one crying “wolf.”

        • please pardon the typos: “know” should be “no”; also, instead of “(gov.),” let’s say “media.”

      • I worked over 110 hours a week on Y2K to prevent the City of Tulsa and the largest corp there, The Williams Companies, from turning into pumpkins at midnight 12311999. Finished in late November 1999. Y2K was very real. Lots has been hidden or at least not reported on. Even after Y2K deadline there were satellites and major businesses that could not function until their code was changed. All in all we were very lucky that people like myself put in such great effort to fix things before they cratered. The Y2K bug was very real.

      • “Meh”,seriously Joe? You would be wise to pay attention and to prepare for what is absolutely coming, and in several respects, is already in implementation in this nation; including but not limited to, the failure of the electric grid. In fact, much of our grid could fail, causing widespread failure due to a lack of consistent care and replacement, and/or a catastrophic event. As for me, on Y2K I had friends over for dinner in celebration of the new year, because I recognized the scare tactics as being nothing more than “scare tactics” meant to frighten people… So that when nothing happened, people would go back to sleep and likely stay asleep. It’s the “cry wolf” tactic. At that time, I had a store of goods that I had been building up and refreshing for years. I refreshed things by date, replacing them when necessary so that nothing went bad. I had been doing this for years prior to and after the so called Y2K event. I still have a supply but now my goods have a 25 year expiration date. Why do I do this? Because time has proven that unforeseen events do occur and that these events have, more times than not, been catastrophic. It is a fact that our electric grid is in bad shape (my uncle was a lineman) and that a large portion could fail at any time, and if by an outside attack, it could be a far greater failure. It is true that they are always fixing, upgrading and/or replacing areas that are most likely to fail, but they aren’t even close to replacing the lines in most areas that are currently under the most strain, or are in bad shape due to the continuous degenerative elements that slowly erodes and corrodes the system. Wise up, Joe, and get prepared because you have no idea what could happen (and does happen everyday in this world) that will leave you in a helpless state.

      • “Joe” is a stupid government liar. The sky is falling. Has no one noticed the exponential increase in atmospheric meteor explosions? Theyre coming from Planet X which is the reason for the scamdemic and toxic death shot. The day of the next false flag using the nuke they stole in 2007 and blamed on Iran, America will be nuked and invaded by Russia, China and the whole SCO. All planned by the evil criminal bastard governments and their pure evil alien masters. Execute the criminal bastards or die in WW3 very soon.

      • Times we live in today and all that is going on in this world, not that we should be in panic mode, I feel it couldn’t hurt to prepare a little each week or what you can afford regarding the basic survival necessities as precaution. Y2K, I didn’t believe that for one second. This sadly can happen. I decided tonight it couldn’t hurt to have the basics as precaution. Thank you!

    • Yeah you assholes want to scare people to sell more of your products. What a bunch of assholes you all are. You will get your payback and I hope sooner than later

      • You will too you idiot government liar, in WW3! The evil bastard government has prepared hundreds of underground cities for the coming Planet X fly-by and that is why they are killing the populations with their toxic death shot for a virus that dont exist. Execute the criminal bastards or die in WW3 very soon!

    • The DHS, the Department Of Jokeland Security, is truly the “enemy of the people. They the DHS will pull this false flag off near elections, and blame it on the white Americans. Just like they did 9/11. We will then move into to all of the DHS employees houses, and enjoy it.

    • And the PROBABLE REAL Statesmen hid themselves in “off-grid” “survival”. Survival is not life, survival is existing. Where do you think you can hide? Man has been running from this evil for thousands of years there is now nowhere else to hide.
      As the monastaries lured the spiritual men into secluded redoubts so has survivalism lured many of true statesmen into seculed “survival”

    • 99 reactors melt down? No.
      1. There is no way that I know of to generate an EMP that would cover a large area. Even a nuclear bomb – most likely source of the EMP – cannot cover more than a small region. I suppose that if somehow a bad actor were able to hit us with a BUNCH of nuclear bombs… but that probability is near zero.
      2. Most U.S. nuclear plants are designed with passive cooling, i.e., they don’t require electricity, except maybe for some of the control circuits.
      3. All U.S. nuclear plants have onsite standby diesel generators AND steam driven generators, to provide onsite power. Nothing to go offsite, so the rest of us will be in the dark. But no meltdowns.
      4. Even if one or more did melt down, there is very little or no radioactivity release. That’s what the containment buildings are for. TMI is the closest the U.S. has come – the reactor did melt down – and there was no measurable release then.
      5. Hurricane Andrew destroyed the grid around Turkey Point, and a lot of the power wires onsite. No melt down, no catastrophic loss of cooling capability.
      6. The biggest risk is the spent fuel pools. Because Jimmy Carter stopped any thought of reprocessing fuel in the U.S., and Harry Reid stopped any thought of moving spent fuel to a very secure, very safe, underground site in Nevada, every nuclear plant has to keep all of its spent fuel onsite. Without electricity, spent fuel could melt down. But it can’t explode.
      7. Spent fuel cooling pumps are extremely well protected, and are wired to receive electrical power from any handy source – the grid, steam turbine generators, diesel generators, even batteries.

      With that much error in the report in the one topic I know well, it makes me wonder about the rest of it.

  1. The number one prep on everyone’s list is to get out of debt. I agree that the EMP threat is significant. I am close to being out of commercial debt but will have a mortgage for a long time. Can someone discuss how commercial lenders will react to and compensate for such an attack?

    Many thanks for a lot of continuing good information.

      • Love it! Yes but they do people pay fake taxes because they don’t want debt. You only have to pay taxes if you claim to be a U.S. citizen. No such thing. But clean water should be your concern.

          • You have been deceived, as with most people who fail to seek the truth. The term “United States” is defined to mean federal properties/ possessions where the US Congress has exclusive legislative jurisdiction. There was no such thing (legally) as US citizenship until the 14th amendment defined it as being a dual citizenship. Prior to that there was only state citizenship.
            The 14th amendment came about after the republic was destroyed by the American Civil War; a scam war designed to overthrow the government of our founding fathers making us all slaves by deception.

      • DEBT–IF YOU ARE an American and paying attention then you may know our economy is in really deep sky-high debt. If paying off all your debt was the key to survival then we all need extra jobs and we should sell off our preps down to the last can of rice. Debt is not a great way to live, but I suspect most people carry a few grand in debt and once an SHTF takes place that chunk of change will be far from your considerations to survive.

        • We have only the recurring payments like taxes & dues. Our home is debt-free. We use a debit card. However, I would like to have a credit card for emergency use only & if we NEVER use it, it’ll be too soon for me.

    • it won’t matter. their computers will be wrecked. they won’t be able to file any legal action because the courts computers will be wrecked too

    • The same way they did after they came and stole all of our wealth from the middle class in 2007 and 2008. They say bend over and what do you have left and bend over because were taking that too. They cause the collapse we pay for it and they tax while we get screwed. LOL

  2. The author of this article is dead on accurate! Too bad others in the media don’t have this kind of knowledge.

  3. Total power outage for months would be TEN TIMES worse on the populace than a 10 Meg Nuke! We would be reduced to less than 3rd world nation status. Cave man status is closer to the result. Even having “cash on hand” will be useless after a short while. Barter will become the norm, so, have lots of small items to trade with such as .22LR ammo, whiskey, tobacco/smokes, toilet paper, bar soap, and candles. Many other such items can be easily kept for trade. My 2 cents on all around defense firearm is the always reliable 30 caliber AK-47 and 30 round banana magazine! You just cannot beat it! Online ammo is cheap right now and in stock. But 1K rounds of good steel cased Russian 7.62 x 39 ammo as the AK loves it (no soft lead tip though). Buy magazines that are military surplus from nations that used the AK as a military weapon (Poland, Germany, China, Russia, Czech, Bulgaria, etc), as opposed to usually flimsy aftermarket USA made items.

    • Wally Wally Wally …….really????
      There is no super powers attached to the AK with the exception of maybe banana magazines (got something to eat for later when things get back)
      Banana mags ……lmfao.
      Build a like minded group of people because alone you will be picked off in a New York minute!
      Regardless off how badass you think you are or stash you have to barter/beg for your life and the lives of your family in a real SHTF event.
      Buy/have the same firearms and equipment as what your military currently uses is the better way of going….think resupply…duh!
      7.62×51 is far superior to the 7.62×39…..but not for the novice, and since most western militaries still has the 7.62×51 in their inventories and the AR platform is no slouch in the same distances as the 7.62×39 …..only the proficient /professional will or can go further than 300-400 yards…..and many of us will be behind the 7.62×51 for this very reason besides going through vehicles and various other hard barriers, besides the considerable extra range ☠
      BEANS, BULLETS,BANDAIDS AND MOST IMPORTANTLY BUDDIES……the 4B’s will make things somewhat easier.
      The phrase for the solo survivalist or single family survivalist ……is VICTIM(s)

      PS: Have an AR15 or two,three on hand too, as that platform is a good one especially for the inexperienced, kids, and lighter statured individuals as the 7.62×51 is not for everybody.
      And don’t forget about having many clips for your handguns to go along with your
      ” mags.”……

      • 7.62×39 and 5.56 are street sweepers invented by armies who believe infantry is obsolete and only useful in finding the enemy so that air and artillery can take it out. They are designed to be cheap primarily. Low cost of ammo is by far the most desired element of both rounds. The 5.56 being arguably the worst military round ever put into common use when compared to contemporary rounds. High deflection, low lethality, poor suppression characteristics leave the 5.56 a very poor choice for anything larger than a rabbit. Allied marksmanship and total air superiority are the only reasons the 5.56 wasn’t replace decades ago. US and UK military commands have written multiple scathing reports on the round. Marines in Iraq dug up old M-14s out of desperation. Many US troops have picked up AKs from fallen enemy in various conflicts for their superior fire power over the 5.56. At 400 yards the 5.56 is basically reduced to a tiny hand gun round. By 500 yards it’s essentially a .25 acp with the same velocity and bullet weight as a .25 ACP at muzzle.

        The 7.62×39 is almost as poor a round. It too is useless beyond 400 yards and like the 5.56 really only effective out to 300 yards. Sure you can kill somebody at 400 yards with either weapon but it’s more of a luck shot than anything at that range. The AK you’d be lobbing it in at such a severe arc that you would just be raining rounds. The 5.56 has lost so much energy by 400 yards that even soft body armor will stop it and the chances of inflicting a lethal would are slim. The saving graces of the AK are that it’s damn near indestructible, the round has a great deal more punch inside 300 yards than a 5.56 and will make heads duck a whole lot better inside 250 yards.

        7.62×51 is a fine round but you still don’t have the range of 30.06, 7mm Mag, 7.62×54 or 6.5 CM. 7.63×51 is still infinitely better than 5.56 or 7.62×39. However 6.5 CM has probably made the 7.62×51 obsolete. 6.5 CM offers the same energy as 7.62×51 with less recoil and has more effective range than 7.62×51.

        The US military is at least moving to 6.8 however probably only something with 6.8 Grendel ballistics. The Grendel is basically the AR’s version of the 7.62×39. Essentially the same ballistics. A big improvement over 5.56. It will be like having the whomp of a 7.62×39 with the accuracy the AR platform brings.

        As for experts. There I will contest your assertion vigorously. It does not take an expert to land body shots at 500+ yards using a decent round. The US military for years would use 1,000 yards as the most basic marksmanship qualification for iron sighted Garrands. In WW I, shots of 1,000 yards by poorly trained doughboys was not that uncommon using iron sights on Springfields and Enfields converted to 30.06. The 30.06 is a flat shooting round. 1,000 yards is not that far out for a decent round. You are still not having to take into account things like the curvature of the Earth for 1,000 yard shots. Point, raise up a certain number of clicks, then do some Kentucky windage and you are dropping enemy at 1,000+ yards.

        Are you shooting sub MOA without a good bit of practice at 1,000 yards? No of course not. However if you are shooting something with some weight too it like 30.06, 7mm mag, 300 Win Mag, 7.62×54, 6.5 CM, etc you don’t have to be all that precise. When shooting BBs like the 5.56 yeah you have such a tiny kill zone that you have to deliver pin point accuracy to kill much less drop an enemy. Heavier rounds still carry a lot of energy down range and can still be pretty accurate and lethal out to 1200 yards. Even the 7.62×51 in bolt action has at least 1,000 yards of effective range and could be operated by any civilian marksman to good effect.

        300-400 yards is spray and pray in urban environments. The figure is based upon a single very flawed study done after WW II. the idea that one doesn’t need more range than that is ludicrous. It just encourages pointless firefights that kill more civilians than anything. 2 sides run into each other at point blank range. Then start spraying rounds from over and around cover not even bothering to poke their head around to see where and what they are shooting at That’s what the AK and M16 have devolved infantry conflicts into. Give one side or another a BAR or a Win .351 and the whole game changes as that cover they are using to stop the wimpy AK and M-16 rounds suddenly becomes not so secure.

        You confuse the foolhardy myth that the infantry is obsolete with the realities of battlefields since the latest proclamations the infantry is obsolete. A myth that’s been repeated for the last 1500 years. Chariots made the infantry obsolete, calvary made the infantry obsolete. Crossbows made the infantry obsolete. Firearms and cannon made the infantry obsolete. Military experts have been proclaiming the infantry as obsolete for thousands of years and yet in the end without the infantry one cannot hold ground or win wars.

  4. Looks like DHS is prepping the public for the next false flag…or the
    expected blowback over the next deep state insanity. Attack on Iran

    • Exactly. Besides, there is NO evidence that an EMP attack would work. There have never been any definitive tests or experiences. It’s all based on street lights on one block in Hawaii going out after an A Bomb test was back in the 50s

      • See the Quebec power outage in 1989 caused by a solar storm. See published articles available in internet regarding EMP and solar weather. Can’t say it hasn’t been studied or considered.

      • There just gonna flip the switch on us! Remember they made it where they owned the electric an all transportation. Yet they are dead entities how can that be?

  5. Horse manure. Nuclear power plants have diesel generators to provide plenty of electricity to run the plant and safely shut it down in the event of power loss and they have backup generators in case the primary generator fails.

    • Smart guy, reactors that take months to cool down, where is fuel going to come from. They keep enough to run essentials for up to a month on hand.
      Those are all newer electric ignition electronic monitored generators.
      Battery backups last 1 to 3 days depending on usage.

      Some plants were fitted with pumps that run off heat from the reactors, not all and they won’t operate indefinitely.

      If transportation is still functioning fuel may get through on time to all 400+ reactors public and private, research and military.

      • Not if an EMP hits. EMPs effect anything that has a computer or circuit board. So everything you just said is nothing. All cars after a certain year would stop working because their engines have computers, water wouldn’t flow because it requires electricity. Even flashlights won’t work. You might pick up a book once in awhile. It can be extremely educational

        • I have been reading up on this for years, you might want to change you diaper before you start thinking what a big boy you are.

          I talked with people at the MN Prairie Island Nuclear Power Plant to get some of my info and your wrong about everything not working after an emp, so many variables
          to consider it’s annoying.
          Where it goes off, how high, size.. location what is or is not shielded.

    • The temporary control of water cooling systems is 72 Hours…. You need approx. 140 Hours…. Depending on the latent heat load.

      • all these statements… blahblah

        “some” facilities have been refit with mechanical water circulation pumps that can operate long term so long as there is residual heat and pressure.
        No electricity needed for that.
        I don’t know how many have that type of backup though.

  6. We’ve been preparing for a grid-down event or events since 2008/2009 when the markets crashed. We have done a lot of things in order to survive to include purchasing and moving to a small farm/ranch with 12 acres away from populated cities. We’re focusing on renewable energy and backup power right now among other things. Our priorities are:
    Health & Medical, Food, Water, Security, Power and Communications.
    As the situation worsens, Security will become number 1 to include banning together with our neighbors…you know the drill.
    Be safe out there.

    Thanks to this Web site. It is one of the best out there for basic prepping and survival.

    • Colron, nice reply. Just wanted to say hello. I like your plans. I would like to know you. I have been prepping for 10 years. Have more than truck load of prepping survival stuff in storage. Bad thing, I have no place to go. I live just WNW of Chicago and one of the worst places to be when SHTF. I need a bug out location. I am retired Navy. I’m age 63. My kids on their own far from me. Any reply would be appreciated.
      Thank you,

      • Hi Mark,
        If I were you, WHEN SHTF I would get a tent, and live out in the woods, away from the people as much as possible. This is gonna happen. We all feel it. We gotta go out where there is no civilization and bunker down, stay back and wait it out. Let the crazies kill them self off.

        • Yea, north of Jackson maybe and even then, I don’t wanna be there when the prisoners escape from the prison. Maybe up in the U.P. but then you gotta fight everyone on the bridge

          • I forget about the prisons, outta sight outta mind.
            Huge problem.
            Those people have nothing, when they get out..
            They will need everything.

  7. Interesting, I didn’t even know. I’m a single mother with a special needs child. How would I prepare? What would I do? Who do I go to?Hmm.. Time to think outside the box

    • Hello. Jane, the first thing I would do is to but food and water or food grade containers and bleach. 1/8 tsp of bleach will purify a gallon of water. Then I would buy the necessities for your child that they use on a daily basis. Then, candles, a grill and charcoal if you have an electric stove since that won’t work in an outage. Canned meat is a good way to not have to cook and other canned proteins (peanut butter), canned veggies and fruits, boxes and boxes of crackers. These are simple and basic food sources. I’d say get a generator but you can live without one if you buy the proper canned foods. Powered milk is a good idea and one large can of hot chocolate mix for a cheer up day. Living without power will get boring and a cup of chocolate milk will brighten up anyone’s day. Sometimes it’s the simple things that are important. Toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, floss, benadryl, Nyquil, aspirin, rubbing alcohol and peroxide with all sorts of cotton balls, and bandaids of various sizes. Not sure how anyone would sock up on prescriptions… Hope that helps with a start.

      • Crackers go stale quickly and bleach loses its strength after a while. It takes longer but peanut butter gets to tasting old too. Take this into account when buying or you will just have stuff you can’t eat after a while.

    • Ms Jane, something you can do right now that won’t cost you anything is to fill all of the empty containers that have lids with water and store them. If there is an EMP there won’t be any running water for long if it all. Whatever water you store would not only be for drinking but for flushing a toilet, washing, or maybe even putting out a fire. Date them with a marker so that you know what ones are the freshest for drinking.

      • Be sure to rotate your stock and replenish products when you can as finances allow.
        Stock all basic needs/essentials and security/defenses first then worry about extras later.
        Study basic survival training and teach your children to survive on their own as if you got separated or perished to give them a fighting chance. They may not want to do it, and it may not be easy because you may not have the skills yourself… but if you love them, you will do this.

        …and, if the day never comes, that you required this knowledge, you will have had fun learning, and working together toward a common goal to help save each other.
        I believe that is something we all pray for. That we never have to use and rely on allof the skills that we acquire to survive.
        Pray for Peace, but Prepare for War!

    • What about the ones that need medication to live and the hospitals and nursing homes or even the sick at home ….how do u stock up on medicine?

    • I know this may be scary for u amd for myself and others but at this time we just gotta have faith in God he will take care of his children he said he aould never leave us just trust and have faith

    • Ma’am, you’re in an unenviable position. Small towns are better than cities, but even they will be family first. Get nursing training or advanced EMT training.
      We live in a rural subdivision & are not allowed to have personal wells, but our son has a place by a reservoir & has a well. Problem is it’s half an hour or more by car. Living in the High Mtn Desert & getting old (& for myself, ill) is no fun. I fight to just get basics of freeze dried & canned food. & one doesn’t live long without water.
      A fellow got lost & stuck on the border between NV & UT. Within 3 days of running out of water, knowing he wouldn’t be found in time, he killed himself.
      Too many places require a satellite phone; the mtns are dead areas for cell phone use, all too often.
      His body was found, but it took quite awhile.

  8. Honestly, this attack/threat can come from three sources maybe four. The nuclear reactors will be O.K. as others have stated. We need to worry about each other. Society will begin to collapse within hours as stated. If people band together we can not only maximize our output of food, water, and security but, we can have scavenging parties and have little communities. With these communities the average damage, losses, and problems will be limited

    • True story…a couple of years ago the pressure regulator on the large water main (that services my local area of 100+ homes) broke and was immediately shut off to avoid further damage. Within literally ONE SINGLE HOUR nearly all my neighbors down the street in both directions were outside yelling and commiserating. One guy came out with hamburger on his hands (he was preparing bbq burgers) and complained “how am I supposed to wash my hands now?” Somebody was the first to discover that it was the water company’s equipment, and even though they were on top of things as fast as possible, it nevertheless took almost a week to get the water back on, and almost a month for full pressure and supply. Everyone was freaking out about not being able to flush their toilets, cook, or shower. I myself always have a minimum of two weeks’ drinking water, plus totes full of potable water with spigots for washing, etc., but I never said a word and quietly disappeared back into my house as the Grey Man. I clandestinely drove my truck down to the community pool later that evening and filled up some 5-gal buckets with water for flushing our toilets. Nobody else seemed to think of it, and nobody seemed prepared for more than a couple of days (that one guy with the hamburger meat was the most clueless). In this limited scenario, my neighbors were at least able to buy drinking water from the local supermarket and take showers at their gyms or relatives’ houses, but imagine if it were a widespread catastrophe such as an earthquake or cyber attack?

      My wife was finally happy to have a husband who is prepared, and it was a sobering reminder on a smaller scale of just how quickly people around you will become unhinged.

      • “Guesty” has what may probably the best point aside from basic survival. Most people will never read this “survival stuff,” ever. Most of the ones that have “read” it will toss it out of their frame of reference (and understandably so, it’s hard to stomach). When it really does happen…

        Most people will not be very friendly, and fairly quickly, once a feeling of desperation overtakes them. Stay vigilant.

  9. No the nuclear plants won’t be alright, if we’re attacked by some other country or power hit by an emp from the sun the power plants relay on the power going them to all the homes and businesses. Stop the flow of electricity. You shut down the plants.

    • It will not only shut down the nucular powerplants but they will meltdown. If it stops running and they have no way to cool the rods it will melt down. One of my first preps for emp or grid down preps were iosat tablets. I would like to add…everyone needs to read Lights Out by Ted Koppel.

  10. when the power goes down- most will panic after the second day even if atomic power plants are able to shut down safely, the masses of people will be dangerous. probably best to be a gray man for the first month. will loose a great deal of the population by then. cash won’t do much for you other than tinder for fire making. banks cc co.s whats that?

    • One of the greatest issues for the nuclear plant is the amount of spent fuel stored on site that requires cooling via electrically driven water pumps. If the pumps stop, the water will evaporate in short order, once gone the heat generated will melt the ceramic and release radioactive contaminants into the atmosphere. If the power is out, there will be little to no warning and since you can’t smell, taste or see it, you will just be exposed. To my knowledge there isn’t a single nuclear power plant in the US with sufficient energy reserves to keep such pumps running for weeks let alone months. In addition, most plants being grandfathered in regarding updated regs have horrific amounts of spent fuel stored on-site in pools requiring active pumps. Essentialy we still have no good place to send this spent fuel so it just piles up on-site. I suggest stocking up on cheap potassium iodide tablets and a Geiger counter if you live down wind of any nuke plant as should a disaster hit, the tablets are life savers and they will likely be hard to obtain. Let’s all pray such an event never comes to pass but let’s all prepare to survive should such an unfortunate act of God or person bring it to pass. As I told a friend, I have no reason to expect my house to catch fire but I still pay 1500 per year in fire insurance and have smoke alarms in every room…..for such an event, some insurance is prudent but blowing ones salary every month on preps is likely Silly. With aging nuke plants and too many with motives to do our nation harm, reasonable preparedness measures are prudent to ensure food, water and shelter.

      • No one has ever been able to explain to me why these plants–which produce electricity and are located directly next to water sources, are unable to route power to their cooling pumps, and must rely on a diesel generator requiring stored fuel. It’s like a diesel fuel tanker truck with a full load in the tanker trailer running out of fuel in the saddle tanks. Reroute it any carry on.

        I understand the problem may be that the electric pumps themselves may be damaged and become inoperable because of an EMP event. However, a grid down scenario should not be allowed by lack of design foresight to cause a lack of pumping and cooling ability.

  11. Hi Guys, What is the best way to flush the toilet in the event of this happening. That is a grave concern for me. Hope that isn’t a dumb question. I’m gonna start by catching rainwater on my balcony.

    • Just take a couple gallons of water in a bucket and pour it into the toilet bowl. It won’t overflow. It will flush everything down.

    • Pour water directly into the bowl. Try it today so you will know. Now for the bad news. With the power out, the sewage system also is out. In just minutes, the pipes will be full, with no way to empty them. Lower apartments may flood with water backing up through their toilets and shower drains.

    • Fill the toilet tank with water, flush as usual. The tank will not refill, so the process will continue, as needed. It takes about 2 gallons of water to fill tank.

    • This is when you want to move to the south. You’ll be safe here. Toilet problems is the last thing we’re worried about. We sht in the woods while we hunt and wipe with leaves. Living in the woods would feel natural.

    • I store 200 gallons of water and use the toilet as many times as I can and then pour enough water into the toilet bowl to make it flush. Needless to say you can only use the toilet once you are doing a #2 prior to flushing, otherwise it can be used numerous times (10-20) if doing just #1’s. As a matter of fact I have my own bathroom and my wife has hers. I do Numerous #1’s even now prior to flushing to save a slight amount on my water bill.

  12. The report is fairly accurate, and Rob’s assessment is as well. Having studied Emergency and Disaster Management in a graduate program, with all of my instructors being PhD level and decades of real government experience, I can say with a fair amount of confidence that you are on your own, for a significant amount of time, if the grid goes down. And if the grid is down due to an EMP or CME, be prepared for a modern live action rendition of the apocalypse movie genre -no exaggeration. The resin for this is the vast loss of both infrastructure and reliable information. Have a plan. Be prepared.

  13. This will never happen since they don’t want to jeropdize there 5g and Their ability to track people down with phones and other devices. This grid threat is a distraction to get people to not see what really going on. This is just a propaganda for Democrats to be distracted. This grid outage has been a threat sincee after 9/11.

  14. Not really worried about it, when it come and happens life will go on as it did during the BS Y2K Crap. Fear not young Jedi, be strong and knowledge will bring you into the light.

  15. I can see both sides of the argument, if it will or won’t happen… either way being prepared is the best plan. A very smart man by the name of bill cooper wrote a book titled ‘ behold a pale horse’ . The audio book version is on you tube read by bill himself. Every one should listen to or read it.

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