Fear and how it affects Survival

Fear itself is not necessarily a bad thing. The Fight or Flight response is what kept early man safe, and it can do the same for you in a survival situation….


Learning how to control your anxiety is an extremely important aspect of being prepared. Remember, even the strongest of man cannot run from fear, but learning how to use it can greatly increase your chances of survival.

So what can you do to control anxiety?

  • Face Your Fears – The worst thing you can do is to pretend that you have no fears. By ignoring them now, you run the risk of letting them control you during a stressful situation. If you allow fear and anxiety to get the best of you, it hampers your ability to make good judgments and sound decisions. This is why you need to learn techniques to help manage your fears and calm yourself in any situation.
  • Train – People who are prepared and know what to expect during an emergency situation are less likely to succumb to fear. Most survival situations can be can be overcome by practicing the basics of survival. The more you train, the better you will be able to respond both physically and mentally to a stressful SHTF situation.
  • Study –   In a survival situation, how much you know will probably determine how you respond to the given situation. Knowledge is the key to survival, it’s also the key to mastering your anxieties and fears.
  • Practice Relaxation Techniques – Learning how to relax in a stressful situation is extremely important and is a critical factor in determining the outcome of your situation. Deep breathing techniques, Yoga, and other relaxation techniques are valuable skills that you should try to learn.
  • Faith – Many survivalists, POW’s and military have attributed their survival to faith. Faith can get you through some of the toughest situations that life can throw at you. A number of people carry Waterproof Bibles in their  survival kits, bug out bags, or hiking backpacks. In a moment of crisis it can be just the thing you need to calm your mind and give you hope.
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  1. rational thought comes from a complex mind in any given situation….taken for granted as one of the human species….I can comprehend that aspect…but your on a rock spinning through a void of airless vacuum at a extremely high velocity with no certainty of whats next….really now…HOW MUCH FAITH DO YOU HAVE…..GOD will always help me prep……..

  2. As someone who is Agnostic, and doesnt read the bible, nor am I religious, I think its a good idea to have a bible. Even if you are a non believer it can be helpful if you are with people who are, or een just to read and help calm your nerves. Book of Eli anyone? =)

  3. He isn’t pushing religion on anyone here, just mentioning an option for something that helps people. I’m not a member of any organized religion, but the bible has good lessons in it. For some people, it represents hope. If you’re in a crisis situation, hope may make all the difference. Good topic. Fear is a good motivator. It pushes people to do things like, prep, plan, think ahead. Left uncontrolled though, fear turns into panic. Fear is good, normal, healthy. Panic is destructive, demotivating, unproductive. I’m prone to panic attacks myself. Its common with people who have a very creative mind. The creative mind is always working, which is both good and bad. The good, is that you are better able to adapt, think of creative solutions. But then your mind is always running, sometimes focused on completely unreal “what if” ideas. For those of us with a hyperactive mind, its a blessing and a curse. Trying to control it is a daily battle for me.

  4. I know that different people have different beliefs. However, in a SHTF situation, your life is going to come down to you, your knowledge, and your preps. Ask all the “God fearing people” who live in the mid-west how God is looking out for them, with tornadoes tearing through the region every single day!? If it comes down to it, God may be looking out for your immortal soul, but your ass is toast if you rely on him down here. If that weren’t the case, then all you folks who have faith in him wouldn’t bother prepping, because “God is looking out for me.” Yeah, give that a try. Let me know how it turns out. I have faith in myself, my own self-reliance, and my own abilities. Yes, there are aspects of my survival that would depend on other people, but I only put my survival in the hands of people that I know will be able to help with it. Sorry guys, but God isn’t one of them. I may turn to him once things get bleak, but for the time being, we’re on our own folks.

    • I worked with the terminally ill for several years and was in combat situations so feel qualified to respond. Pls read the book “When Bad Things Happen To Good People”. After reading it,then respond to the article.

    • God helps those who help themselves. See, God is the ultimate prepper teacher!
      The bible idea is great . If you are a believer you will derive intense comfort from it. If you are a non-believer it may just save your life by providing you with fire starting tinder.

  5. This article is not about religion.Everyone is complaining about religion and no one even cares about the article.

  6. Why can’t atheists just shut the heck up about it?

    I believe in … wait … nobody cares what I believe, so I’ll just keep that to myself.

    Maybe atheists could try that once in a while. It’s called consideration of others.

    • lol. What a stupid comment from you. Why don’t you bible thumping idiots stfu. That to, is consideration of others. You’re another one trying to shove your fantasy value system on others. If you really want to know who Jesus was, read the article called, Criticism of Jesus, it’s on Wikipedia.

  7. I think religion is the cause of all man’s problems, therefore, I do not feel any safer reading the bible. I read an article about who Jesus really was, the article is titled, Criticism of Jesus. You’ll find it on Wikipedia. No wonder I’m leary about it all. If Jesus is god dam powerful then why the hell doesn’t he wave his hand over the world and get rid of this pandemic? Why is he allowing the rich to murder the poor or why is he allowing innocent people to be murdered?

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