Firestarting – Starting a fire with Dryer Lint and a Spark

When it comes to starting a fire, there are literally hundreds of different methods and techniques. The more you are able to master, the better your chances of survival become when faced with a wilderness survival situation.

Fire started from using Dryerlint

Today we’ll be looking at how to start a fire with dryer lint and a spark.

In an urban setting this can be a good way to start a fire, but it also applies to the wilderness as well. By picking at the lint from your socks, or gathering anything that may be trapped in the corner of your pockets, you can accomplish the same goal.

Items used in the Video:

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  1. One of the items I have found that is a very useful is Hand Sanitizer. Most people look at it and do not all that it has to offer other then killing germs for there hands. It is great to have for wounds as an antiseptic and you also have a very flammable fuel source. Combined with lint and petroleum jelly it will start a fire with one strike. Hope this is helpful to some.

  2. Here is a sure quick fire starter. Use a smoke alarm battery and some steel wool. Shred out a little steel wool and ground your battery out in it turning it red hot to ignite your dryer lint or toilet tussue( I prefer toilet tissue). Placed under some fine tinder you have a blaze going in seconds.

    Some people carry mirrors for signaling devises. Something else that works without the danger of a broken mirror is the backs of these big shiney belt buckles most of us wear.

  3. Cotton balls & petroleum jelly / vaseline works very well… same concept. Always start small with kindling. Pencil lead sized, followed by pencil sized and move on up. If you’re trying to stay concealed, consider digging a small hole to build your fire in, but don’t forget fires need to O2.

  4. Thank you for sharing this info, and all the tips and advice!! And thanks for sharing news worthy stories, such as Fukashima. Sad that millions of Americans will never even realize they should be preparing for a crisis because you won’t find it on ANY of the major networks. Crazy… I appreciate your service..

  5. This is a great tip, I always keep a bag of dryer lint in my go bags. Another fantastic thing I do is keep about 15 cotton balls moistened with baby oil (though any light oil works great) in a baggie. These things light with the slightest spark, and burn hot for about 5 minutes each! The more options you have, the better your chances are!

    • I’m gonna try baby oil and dryer lint to see if that is useful. Mostly because they are readily available. Then I’ll post my findings

  6. Thank you all for sharing the most important survival tool..knowledge. It weighs nothing and can can do about anything you need. Remember the one thing that people don’t do when lost in (terrain) that would likely have saved their lives; stopand think. Assess the situation (assets, conditions, goals,needs not wants, and goals). Granola can be made easily, weighs little, and can help you overcome stress or mental shock. I learned to eat (after a car crash, or anything unnerving) from psych 102. I apologize if this is considered hijacking thread. I’m new to online but accustomed to survival as a fireman (cwvfd) a former servicemember,and life happenings.

  7. dryer lint is b.s. Nobody has 100 percent cotton in the dryer. Man made material mixed in with cotton clothes DOES NOT LIGHT!

  8. I get dryer lint, put it in the single one time use coffee pod and then pour candle wax all over it. You can attach a wick or match stick when forming. Will burn 20-30 minutes.

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