Survival Skills – How to start a fire

Fire; since the dawn of man it’s played a vital role in our existence. From providing warmth and fending off wild beasts, to cooking food and providing comfort during those cold, dark, moonless wilderness nights, fire still plays a vital role in our survival – especially for those who still have that primal need to venture out into the wilderness.

A Campfire

Sitting next to the fire while camping out in the wilderness is a feeling that really can’t be put into words. For a lot of us it seems to tap into some sort of primal instinct that inspires us to almost become one with nature. There’s just something about fire that satisfies some deep down desire that we often forget is even there. Sadly, our modern way of living has disconnected us from our past.

These days, the skills that were once second nature to our ancestors have become something that most people take for granted. While knowing how to start a fire may not be as important to today’s modern man, I think it’s something that everyone should know how to do.

In a wilderness survival situation, knowing how to build and maintain a fire is probably one of the most important survival skills you can have.

Fire Making is one of the oldest skills known to man, its importance can never be underestimated.

Guy starting a wilderness fire

Knowing how to start a fire means:

  • Staying warm in even the coldest environments
  • The ability to boil untreated water.
  • The ability to dry wet clothes.
  • Being able to keep insects and some animals away.
  • Being able to signal for rescue.
  • Having the ability to cook Food.
  • Comfort.

Primitive methods of Starting a Fire:

You should always have at least two methods of starting a fire with you at all times.


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  1. i think you should post more ways to build a fire in the desert because people may not know how to build a fire or have no material like the old Indians do email me baqck when you have more ways to build a fire

  2. Have you ever used alcohol to start a fire???? Bioethanol is inexpensive and a great way to start a fire in a hurry, or boil water without harmful exhaust…. just curious.

    • Recently picked up a huge pack of CVS alcohol pads – great fire starters! For their weight they burn hot and for at least thirty seconds each. They also have the great advantage of cleaning a wound or sterilizing equipment.

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