Why Man Vs Wild is Dangerous – Food

The Dangers of Eating Uncooked Meat

Man Vs Wild can be a very entertaining show; in fact, I usually watch it when it’s on. The main problem with the show is that people need to realize that the survival techniques shown on the series can be very dangerous in real world survival situations.

Our focus this week is on the dangers of eating food in the wild that has not been properly prepared.

Eating uncooked meat leaves you vulnerable to a huge number of bacteria and parasites including, Bacterial Gastroenteritis (food poisoning), Camphylobacter, E-coli, Listeriosis, Salmonella, Trichinosis and a host of other nasty things that can severely impact your health and chances for survival.

Dangerous Survival Practices on Man Vs Wild

Doing what is shown in this video is not only stupid; it’s extremely dangerous. Eating uncooked meat, especially when it’s found dead like in the video, can cause serious illness and possibly death. No matter what Bear Grylls does on his so-called survival show, you need to cook any meat that you find in the wild.

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  1. Apart from being for entertainment any real word learning from the show would just be intended for those at last resort who just have a pen knife for example, not for someone with a 10/22 and a bug out bag. But still fair point.


  2. This guy is a real dumbass his show is entertaining to watch but he does’t give good info to the viewer’s, like drinking your own urine and eating raw decaying meat. I don’t care if he was a special forces guy. If you want some real survival instruction watch survivor man.

    • Hey look! Hotel Grills is trying to kill himself! xD He is a complete dumbass. I would starve/dehydrate before I drink urine or eat raw decaying meat. And he has a “Survival” book out now!

  3. Bear Grylls is an IDIOT. The only reason he shows this ‘nature’ show is for ratings and entertaiment. His idea of ‘survival techniques’ can kill anyone who is idiotic enough to carry out ‘survival’. I can’t believe he has a ‘survival’ book and kit! It is not good to eat raw meat or piss or bugs etc. I still don’t know how the fuck he’s alive today!

  4. I’ve been watching bear grylls for a few weeks now, and personally admire him for his achievements in life. While I know full well the risks involved in eating raw meat/insects and drinking ground/river water, He does it on screen simply to show you that it can be done, and is risking his own health to do so. You cannot call him a phoney for that. Bear grylls is ex SAS and you are taught a certain mindset while completing your training. the SAS also stage what are known as demonstrations, to teach and educate people as much as possible. Plus he is not allowed to breach health and safety rules, which is against the law. Please remember that he is simply staging demonstrations for educational and entertainment purposes only, and is not directly telling you this is what you should do, but is just showing you the different options available in survival situations. He is a one of a kind, and I have huge respect for him. he is still producing shows to this day. You are a true inspiration mr edward Michael grylls. I thank you. #beargryllsisepic.

  5. Yeah right! Bull shit! I’ll bet he spat it out off camera, and what was all that cr*p about tearing it off with his teeth, when he has a perfectly serviceable knife that he actually uses to cut the other pieces off with, all for the camera.

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