Why Man Vs Wild is Dangerous – Water

Water Contamination

One of the biggest problems with the TV Show Man Vs Wild is host Bear Grylls lack of concern for making sure his water is actually drinkable. Drinking from untreated water sources can cause many different diseases including Campylobacter, cholera, amoebic dysentery, Giardia (beaver fever) and Cryptosporidia.

For your health and safety you should boil stream water for at least 1 minute or make sure it’s chemically treated before drinking it.  You can also use a wilderness water filter.  Treating your water can mean the difference between life and death.

Man Vs Wild Crazy Water Advice

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  1. I knew that bear was faking alot of the things. I just wish that he would not of done some stupid things like going into caves and then passing through a mountain. That’s pretty stupid. Its ok to look inside . Thats enough. I wish he would repeat and spend time teaching more about knots. There are so many wonderful knots that have been forgotten. I know its not just upto him. There are many others behind the scenes and a schedule to meet. I wish he would of spent more time with wild foods. All he had to do is get bunch of books on wild foods and get his team to find them so he could eat them for us. lol.

  2. Why should he teach people about knots, you can learn hundreds of knots from websites and books. Also you can learn about herbs from survival camps and books as well, or join the military. The show tells you that they set up certain conditions so that Bear Grylls can show survival skills. You also have to think of the producers and network want to protect the star of the show and must follow health and safety procedures so it’s no wonder that he has a medical team with him. It would be retarded not to protect their investment. Also if you watch health and fitness experts you can drink your own urine, there was actually a woman on Oprah that did a show about fitness and the whole time she was drinking her own urine. It’s not something you can do consistently.

  3. Drinking an unknown source of water can be dangerous, however, if you are dehydrated drinking that water now and dealing with Giardia a week or two later is a better idea. Drinking your own urine is NOT advisable in any situation. It has everything your body just spent fluid and energy to get rid of. Distill it first.

  4. Drinking your own water when you are fully hydrated is not a problem, drinking it when you are dehydrated is a massive problem though, an absolute no no.

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